Broncos, Knowshon Moreno return to practice

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The Broncos released a practice report on Wednesday, but it was just an estimation of what players would have done because they didn’t actually start their practice week until Thursday.

According to that estimation, running back Knowshon Moreno would have been a limited participant. According to Lindsay Jones of USA Today, Moreno was on the field taking part in practice on Thursday.

It’s a very good sign that Moreno is going to be ready to go come February 2 at the Meadowlands. Jones also reports that cornerback Tony Carter was on the field after suffering a shoulder injury in the AFC Championship Game, which fits with the team’s estimation that the would have been a full participant in Wednesday’s practice if there was a Wednesday practice.

Defensive tackle Mitch Unrein, who is nursing a knee injury, wasn’t seen at practice, which took place in frigid conditions as Denver joined much of the rest of the country in the clutches of the polar vortex. That may be colder than Super Bowl Sunday turns out to be, but it won’t hurt to get used to it just in case the mercury dips in East Rutherford.

6 responses to “Broncos, Knowshon Moreno return to practice

  1. Moreno will go no where against Seattle’s D. The Hawks face better backs than him every week in the NFC. The Seahawks are healthy. In fact, with Harvin on board they are healthier than they have been all year. The Hawks should win this in a blow out, Hawks 35 Broncos 16.

    The weather is 50 degrees and sunny in Seattle. It is not impacting their practice. They do most of it in door, anyway.

  2. not good news with unrein. he looked pretty hurt at the time. Guy’s been a great rotational player for a d-line already riddled with injuries. Ayers, Sly, and Mincey are going to have to play well

  3. I hope no one flips out on me for this but I seriously doubt he is going to be much of an impact against Seattle… Seattle has been stuffing the run as of late the only one that got away from them was Kaepernick and we all know Manning wont be doing the same thing. I think it will be a great game no matter what but my Hawks are pumped and energy is surging through them like crazy I expect them to win this one in a close bout.

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