Browns reach a deal with Mike Pettine, have a coach now


Our long national nightmare is over.

The Cleveland Browns have a coach.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns have reached a deal with Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine to become their head coach.

That brings to a close a long and winding search to find a replacement for one-and-done Rob Chudzinski.

Pettine brings a different approach to the job, and wasn’t among the first crop of names mentioned for the job. But he flew into Cleveland today and apparently has struck a deal.

He was one of 10 candidates to interview for the job, along with (take a deep breath) Dan Quinn, Todd Bowles, Josh McDaniels, Ken Whisenhunt, Ben McAdoo, Mike Munchak, Rich Bisaccia, Dirk Koetter and Greg Schiano.

Of that group, Bowles and McDaniels took their names out of the running, and Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase declined a chance to interview.

70 responses to “Browns reach a deal with Mike Pettine, have a coach now

  1. Huzzzah!!! Huzzzahh! Huzzzah! the factory of sadness will not have to go into the 2014 season with no headcoach!(And yes, it was beginning to look that way)

  2. This dude was a decent assistant with the Ravens on a team that was dominated on D by Ray Lewis and Rex Ryan.

    He was a decent assistant on a Fets team that had Rex Ryan pushing all the levers.

    He was an ehhh DC on the Bills who ranked in the bottom third of the league on defense.

    Never been a HC anywhere outside of…high school….

    This makes him qualified to be head foreman at the Factory of Sadness. Love it!

  3. And good for the Browns for getting Pettine. The next guy on their list was Chomps, and rumor had it that even he wasn’t terribly excited about the position.

  4. Can’t begin to tell you guys how happy Niners and Seahawks fans are. We get to keep our coordinators!
    Best luck for Mike and browns fans

  5. Sweet, sounds like Dan Quinn will be with the Seahawks for another year now that all vacancies are filled.

  6. Pettine isn’t a terrible choice. In the event that there is lack of support by the fans, just keep in mind it will be more of a reflection on the bone heads who hired Pettine and not necessarily based on Pettine.

  7. First off Mike, tell the front office to shut up about drafting anything for Manziel. Tell them you are picking the qb, receiver, and running back. Take control of those draft picks. Designate your own future in Cleveland

  8. At the end of the press conference, Browns GM Mike Lombardi added that Pettine had just been fired, and that the search for their next coach was on.

  9. I can only quote Jeremy Irons as Claus von Bülow in “Reversal of Fortune” when he is told by his defense attorney that the only thing he has in his favor is that everybody hates him …. “Well, that’s a start.”

  10. This may be one of those deals where you do all the calculations incorrectly ,use all of the wrong formulas and still get the right answer. Pettine has a chance to become an outstanding coach if Banner will get out of the way , and let him do his job. As an Eagles fan, I doubt that Banner will be able to do that, because he basically spent years killing Andy Reid. But they did hire a god coach, now let’s see if he’s the right coach.

  11. Good for him, and good luck. And hey, you never know…the Ravens elited the bed with Flacco, the Steelers field like 11 guys in their 40s, and the Bengals are the Bengals. A few wins here, a few wins there, and bam! 7-9!

  12. IMO he is a downgrade, not because “who the heck is Mike Pettine,” but we lost two well respected coordinators who were both hired by other teams within a week. He has to start a coaching staff from scratch which, now that many of the good people already have jobs, is going to be a difficult task. He came in last in the game of musical chairs and all of the seats are taken. Good luck getting someone to stand up and come to an organization who has shown that they are impatient and prone to kneejerk reactions.

  13. I would have loved to see him stay another year or two and see what he could accomplish considering he was in year one of rebuilding a D. I have no idea how he will turn out but I do need to ask Cleveland fans one thing and I say this without the slightest bit of sarcasm:

    How is this move any different than last year. They didnt get the guy they wanted so the chose another guy and they settled. Well, that looks exactly like what happened this year.

  14. Lets hope he doesn’t leak a lot of information to that one lone reporter in the press room…he’s been known for that.

  15. As a Bills fan I am mourning today. This guy brought Defense back to our team. Yeah the stats didn’t look great but his Defense played way above the numbers. He’s a great coach. Cleveland is lucky to land him. I don’t know what’s tougher, being a Bills fan or a Brown’s fan.

  16. I’m not sure what to think about this hire. On the outside, it seems like a head scratcher. He only was DC 1 year while calling the plays. (Rex called them for the Jets). It seems like he was turning the Bills defense around. The Bills organization and fans seem upset to see him go. So its really hard to say what we have here. I’m hoping for the best and after the last HC only going 1 year, I’m sure Mike gets at least 2, more than likely 3. If this guy is the wrong hire, at least Jimmy will fire Lombardi and Banner. (Hopefully he has phone access from the big house) #GOBROWNS

  17. The Browns hit the jackpot the guy every team looking for a head coach started their search contacting Mike Pettine. He was the most sought after coach for every team. (Sarcasm)
    This organization is a complete joke, FYI message to Mike Pettine don’t sell your house in Buffalo or move your family to Cleveland, make the commute…in 10 months you’ll see why.

  18. The Ravens will win the division next year, but the Browns will be a better than this past season.

  19. I guess you all didn’t watch the Bills defense last year. They were 2nd in the NFL in sacks, the top 5 in INT’s, and went from one of the worst defenses in 2012 to number 10, in one season. We will see how he does. Good luck Coach P!

  20. Front office still look like the 3 stooges. No offense whatsoever for coach Pettine but in no way shape or form is this an upgrade from Chud. He’ll have my full support going forward and one has to assume he’ll have at least 2 years this time. Now the questions remain, how strong are his puppet strings and are there any decent coordinators left?

  21. Not sure why everyone is bashing this move, besides the obvious answer that everyone loves to bash the Browns. Given this complete joke of a front office I think that this is actually a pretty good hire. Ive heard nothing but good things about this guy, and its about time we hired someone who isn’t as soft as hot butter.

    And for those whining about how his defense wasn’t good in Buffalo, get your eyes checked. He took that defense from being ranked 31st to ranked 10th in one year. In a brand new system. Sounds decent to me.

    That being said, why didn’t we just give Ray Horton the job?

    And this dude better get a damn good OC.

  22. Agree with Seatownballers it’s good to keep the continuity. Although I’m sure you can agree that our OC’s wouldn’t have been missed too much lol. Bevell and Roman held both teams back at times. I believe the leash will tighten though. Can’t lie though I was kinda looking forward to Cryst steppin in for us. Well anyway good luck to the browns.

  23. Yah, I’m sure he’s a stud on defense….but so were Crennel and Mangenius. Wasn’t Ray Horton a stud on defense when he was hired last year? Why didn’t they just offer him the job?

    Besides, Mo Haslam promised us an experienced HC, a proven winner. What happened? (Smacks of those rebates)

    I wish Mike well, but will he have any say about his staff, players or play? I doubt if Larry “Knuckles” Banner lets him have any say about anything. I’m afraid that he just the next act in the Haslam Bros. Hillbilly Circus.

    Did Curly Dumbardi ever find his office?

    Gawd, it hurts to be a Browns fan!

  24. He was good in Baltimore and NYJ…but just “ehhh” in Buffalo?

    Weird. He never had 3 d-linemen with double-digit sacks in NY or Baltimore!

    He never ranked 2nd in sacks or interceptions in NY or Baltimore!

    He never had a ROY candidate in NY or Baltimore…like Kiko in Buffalo.

    He took the 31st ranked defense last year and brought them up to a top-10 unit.

    Some of you seriously have absolutely zero clue…and it shows. Do some research and stop embarrassing yourself. Lol.

  25. It seems like the Browns are trying to outdo the Cubs as far as fan misery goes. Drafting Manziel won’t help either. Good thing I’m a jets fan, at least our dysfunction is organized.

  26. I just disappointed they never called me back after I submitted my resume for the coaching position. I was the DL coach for my son’s team when he was in the Might Mites division (9-10yo), and we made it to the championship game that year. We lost that game 7-0, but we had 4 shutouts that season. I thought I was more than qualified.

    If he puts this team in the playoffs and they become contenders, Pettine becomes a god in Cleveland. Here’s hoping the FO doesn’t hamstring this guy.

    Start Hoyer next year, draft Clowney, and pick up a QB late in the first or later to learn behind Hoyer. There are so few QBs ready to go in their rookie year anyway.

  27. Much of the angst over the Browns centers around the QB situation. They were bad with Campbell, and worse with Weeden, but Hoyer didn’t look that bad. It was a small sample before he was injured, but he certainly showed some promise. It’s hard for coaches to accept the fact that some guys play better than they practice, but Hoyer might be that guy.

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