Charles Godfrey has $125,000 worth of watches stolen

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Injured Panthers safety Charles Godfrey has had plenty of time on his hands, but his wallet’s now $125,000 lighter.

According to Cleve Wootson of the Charlotte Observer, police are looking for $125,000 worth of watches stolen from Godfrey’s uptown Charlotte home.

According to the police report, the luxury watches (one valued at $50,000, the other at $75,000) were scheduled to be delivered by FedEx, the company showed they were delivered, but Godfrey never saw them.

Godfrey missed most of the year with a torn Achilles suffered in Week Two. The Panthers used a crop of spare parts including Mike Mitchell and Quintin Mikell and undrafted rookie Robert Lester, and finished with one of the league’s top defenses.

That could mean Godfrey’s looking for more than his jewelry this offseason. He signed a five-year, $27.5 million contract extension in the 2011 post-lockout land rush of deals under former General Manager Marty Hurney. But the Panthers are “cap-challenged” now — the words of new G.M. Dave Gettleman — meaning all old deals are under scrutiny.

UPDATE 7:18 p.m. ET:  Godfrey’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, tells PFT that the police report is false, and that Godfrey has had nothing stolen.

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  1. “According to Cleve Wootson of the Charlotte Observer, police are looking for $125,000 worth of watches stolen from Godfrey’s uptown Charlotte home.”

    Have they checked DeSean Jackson’s safe?

  2. I’m sure that Bling keeps better time than a $20 Timex. Maybe I’m just a Geezer, but I don’t get the attraction of this expensive junk. All of it’s just a thief magnet. Invest your money or buy some land. Buy your folks a nice house and a car. Or do something really crazy and SAVE it.

  3. Apparently The NFL will NEVER run out of really STUPID players. How much time has passed since De Sean’s tale of STUPIDITY happened?! JEEZ, what exactly does it take for ANYTHING to sink into these NUMBSKULLS?!

  4. You’ve got to be pretty stupid to order 125K in anything and not require a signature. Who has FedEx leave something that valuable on the front porch?

  5. You would think that if you are spending that much on watches, you would spend a little extra and make sure fedex only delivers them if someone signs for them instead of leaving them on the porch. You can’t fix stupid

  6. Yeah if he saves it and invests it then one day he can place a bulk order!

    And a car for the folks?…yeah here you go, oh and check out what’s in the glove box, you are never going to guess what TIMELY surprise for you is in there, any guesses?! 🙂

  7. This ought to be an easy case to solve.
    If you see a Fed-Ex delivery driver wearing a Rolex…

  8. $125,000 in watches. This isn’t Payton Manning or one of the other hugely paid QBs, it’s a fairly talented safety.

    If everything we read is true he has a shelf life of about 6 years. Will they do a 30 30 sob story on him when he files for bankruptcy like a former famous QB named Vince?

    Don’t these guys listen to anyone or anything?

  9. Okay, I’ll fess up. I jumped to an erroneous conclusion when I made my earlier comment. In light of the story being revealed as false, I admit my comment was dumb. I offer an apology to the dude for my pre-judgment. I should know better.

  10. Blowing through $125,000.00 on a pair of watches is a wonderful way to be featured on ESPN’s next 30 for 30 feature entitled, “Broke II – the Sequel.”

  11. Good thing this was found to be false. But as a Charlotte resident, I’d like to correct some other misconceptions stated here.

    Godfrey lives in uptown Charlotte. That’s what we call the business district in the geographic cener of the city (rather than downtown) because it’s a higher elevation than the neighborhoods around it. If you’re within walking distance, you walk up the hill to get to uptown. There are several stupidly-overpriced condominium buildings in this area. A number of athletes live in them, including Jeff Gordon and Michael Jordan and Godfrey. There are no single-family houses in uptown, so there is no front porch to leave packages on. If the original story was true, it would likely have been delivered to the leasing office of the condo building, and some theif working there would see the player’s name, and sign for the package with a fake name, and never inform the player he had received a package.

    If I were a pro athlete living in uptown Charlotte, I would have all the merchandise I buy deliveed to the venue I play in instead of my condo.

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