Cheerleaders sue Raiders for wage violations

The Oakland Raiders know a thing or two about filing lawsuits.  And now they know a thing or two about having lawsuits filed against them.

Last year, a pair of former scouts sued the Raiders for age discrimination.  More recently, current and former cheerleaders have sued the team for wage violations.

According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit filed on Wednesday alleges that the team withholds pay from the cheerleaders until the end of the season, fails to compensate them for all hours worked, and requires them to pay for many of their own expenses.

The lawsuit specifically contends that the cheerleaders receive only $1,250 per season. The plaintiffs claim that amounts to less than $5 per hour for all time spent on the job.

11 responses to “Cheerleaders sue Raiders for wage violations

  1. It’s really sad that Tommy boy Davis is burning out the flame of the Al Davis way of life and Football. I’m ashamed to call myself a 40 year Raider fan since AL passed. This whole organization is a mockery of what used to be the Rayyyydaas!

  2. Contracted Entertainers are not covered by California Labor Law. My cousin is a Raiderette and according to her, Lacy has been disgruntled for some time now and is looking for a payout, Lacy has also been vocal about how she doesn’t plan on trying out again next year.. I wonder why ?$?

  3. that is extremely ridiculous. Without the raiderettes the game wouldn’t be as exciting. For a team worth around 500 million, you can afford to pay the laides enough to justify pursuing their dream. Glad this will brain awareness.

  4. Message to the cheerleaders: Just win baby!

    The first thing the Raiders organization needs to do is get some class. Winning football games (which the team doesn’t do very often) won’t give an organization class.

  5. Well, duh! You agree to work for salary they can work you as many hours as they want unless stipulated in a contract. Never knew a cheerleader to have any brains anyway (just listen to Talkin’ Cowboys and it proves my point).

  6. Considering how rotten the team has been for the last 10 years, I imagine there are a ton of guys in the stands who only come to watch the cheerleaders. They probably do deserve a healthy raise…

  7. I see the commitment to excrement is alive and well in Oakland.

    Just contract the Raiders or relegate them to the Arena League and be done with it.

  8. @lamesonkryan, with the moniker you have you are still at ONE clever thing you erver original at.
    Sunday Night happened… Get over it, and back into your own little blog hole.

  9. On the Raiderette Lawsuit. All of this is very interesting . From the Law’s point of view, Yeah, it’s there. But if this becomes Law… Then Discrimination because of Looks…? What happens there. That issue is there too. For one stay at home mom, to be able to stay in Penthouse. Thanks to Law, and Class Action. Pro Cheerleaders as we know it , may be a thing of the past.

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