Dan Quinn doesn’t regret Super Bowl appearance keeping him from head coaching job

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The success of reaching the Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks appears to have had the inadvertent benefit of keeping both coordinators with the team for at least another season.

Both offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn were sought after by multiple teams for interviews in the past several weeks as teams looked to fill their head coaching vacancies. However, Seattle’s run to the Super Bowl forced teams interested in Bevell and Quinn to wait, and wait, and wait some more. But with the Cleveland Browns’ hiring of Mike Pettine on Thursday, all head coaching vacancies have now been filled. Both Bevell and Quinn likely will remain with the Seahawks following next week’s Super Bowl appearance.

Quinn was especially a hot commodity the past few weeks. He was perhaps the top target of the Browns, Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans but all three teams felt they couldn’t wait for Seattle’s season to end. The trio of teams elected to hire Pettine, Mike Zimmer and Ken Whisenhunt, respectively.

“I had a good visit with (Cleveland) and a lot of respect certainly for their organization and Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam,” Quinn said Thursday. “I also had a good visit with the guys at Minnesota and both of those guys have hired some great coaches. It was a great experience to go through and even more importantly having the support of John Schneider and Pete Carroll to have a chance to be so supportive of that.”

It’s a bit ironic that the ultimate success of getting a team to a Super Bowl could have a negative effect on coordinators hopeful of earning a head coaching job of their own. But Quinn said there is no frustration over his success leading Seattle’s top-ranked defense kept him earning a job elsewhere.

“None. No, certainly not,” Quinn said. “I couldn’t be more fired up to be a part of this and moving forward here keeping the focus on our team, which it is. So none at all.”

His task now is just finding a way to slow down Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense.

“There are some terrific offenses out there that the high scoring offenses that we see in a week in and week out basis. There are some really talented and featured players. It’s a real challenge for us each week and sometimes it’s different types of people. It might be a running back, or a quarterback, or a tight end, or their feature receiver. These guys have a number of them so we certainly have our hands full,” Quinn said.

14 responses to “Dan Quinn doesn’t regret Super Bowl appearance keeping him from head coaching job

  1. It is not difficult to stop Denver. All Quinn needs to do is send Kam Chancellor on the blitz one time. If Kam hits Peyton Manning just once it will be game over. ESPN can interview Peyton after the game from his hospital bed.

  2. Its Peyton Manning’s legacy on the line. Win the Super Bowl again but with a new team, which no man has ever done, or lose it twice and fall in line with other great QBs, but not the best.

  3. Maybe it’s time for the NFL to consider new rules that would bar ANY interviews for Head Coach until after the Super Bowl, so all assistants are on a level playing field as far as interviews. It might mean having to move the Senior Bowl and some of the other college football all-star games back to late February-early March and the Combine back as well, but this would eliminate situations like there were this postseason if all teams had to wait until after the Super Bowl was played before any potential new head coach could be interviewed.

  4. I am so sure that Quinn is really distraught over not getting the Cleveland gig.

    Of the coordinators that were left, Quinn is the only one worth waiting for, and the fact that none of the teams were willing to wait for potentially some of the best coordinators could be more telling as to why they needed coaches in the first place.

    All of that stated, Quinn missing this year just vaulted him to the top of next year’s class. He was the hot pick this year that got away, so that means his stock is even higher next year, case in point Jay Gruden.

  5. Dan, ride the wave, and get your ring. As a lifelong (60+ yrs) Browns fan, I’m sure there will be another opportunity in a year or two.

  6. The hiring process needs to change so coaches on teams that advance have a better chance to get jobs. Quinn got passed over for doing his job and his team winning. Something isn’t right with the process.

  7. It will probably help him in future interviews, he showed his dedication to his current team over his own ambitions of becoming a head coach.

  8. They already freeze player rosters till after Super Bowl…..freeze coaching staff hires (by all means fire though).

    The hiring system is broken. With so many teams scrambling to fill coaching positions this year, the good ones on teams still advancing are left out of a fair shot or presented with a ridiculous choice.

    Since the teams are not interested in waiting a couple weeks to begin the hiring process, maybe (and I am gonna hate myself for saying this) the League should impose a moritorium on the process till after the Super Bowl.

  9. Wow! It’s crazy that all the teams that needed a new coach were too impatient to wait for these two guys to finish their season. If i was Jerry Jones i would be at the Super Bowl and when it finished i would offer both these guys the opportunity to coach the Cowboys. Jerry should fire the whole coaching staff, hire one or both of these guys and start over. But he won’t. And that’s cool, because that means the Cowboys will continue to be a mediocre team. Geaux Saints!

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