Eli Manning: It will be exciting to learn from Ben McAdoo


Giants quarterback Eli Manning will be working for a new offensive coordinator for the first time since Kevin Gilbride took over the job during the 2006 season and he shared some of his early impressions of Ben McAdoo on a Thursday conference call.

Manning said he’s been impressed by McAdoo’s offensive mindset during their conversations, although he said it’s still unclear how the offense will be changing for the 2014 season. Manning said he hopes there’s some blending with what the Giants did before, but said he’s excited to learn from the new coach.

“In a way it will be exciting,” Manning said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “You have to come in and you have to learn some new things. Obviously, what the changes will be — if it will be completely changed with the terminology and formations or if we’ll keep some of those things and bring in all of his concepts — I don’t know if the coaches have all figured that out yet as well.”

It will be interesting to see how Manning, coming off perhaps his worst season since his rookie year, adapts to whatever changes McAdoo installs as he reshapes the Giants offense into one the team hopes will get out of its own way more often next season.

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  1. Well it certainly couldn’t be worse for the league interception leader.

    I would hope that Eli never makes it into the HOF because even though he has 2 SB rings he is as streaky as they come and has led the league in turnovers more than once.

    Marino with no rings is still a far superior QB than Eli with his 2 rings.

  2. I don’t get it. This guy was a tight ends coach for 5 years for GB and during that time they never really had great tight end play. Then he becomes QB coach for about a year for a QB that doesn’t need one. Now he’s an off. coordinator? Why?

  3. Perhaps his worst season? There is no doubt this was, by far, his worst season.

    He gets a pass for a few reasons though; 1-he’s not a great Qb but he is a good one, and has shown many times over the years how clutch he can be….and he’s still not old yet. 2-he’s won 2 Sb’s…and yes, that counts for a lot. 3-his offensive line was epically lousy…even great Qb’s, who aren’t very mobile, would have struggled behind that line.

    Give him an NFL caliber line and he’ll put up his normal 27/15 with 4000+ yards. Not great but more than good enough.

  4. As for the HOF for Eli, even though his numbers at the end of his career will pass those of a lot of the great QB’s of the past, the era in which he played in will take a lot of the steam out of those numbers. I think Eli would have to win a 3rd SB to be assured a spot. Right now, even with 2 sb’s, its probably barely 50/50.

  5. Maybe not as exciting now that he is 33 years old, a 10 year NFL vet, and a two time SB winner as it once might have been. But hey, it’s the great Ben McAdoo, how could you not be excited? Peyton is envious, I’m sure.

  6. This year was an anomaly. The line was pathetic, Yes, that sounds like just an excuse, but Eli needs a decent line. Not asking for the best line in the league here, just an average nfl line and his numbers will return, his int’s will drop, and he will win a lot of games. Even the most mobile QB’s in the league need a decent line to get passes off. I dont know why the O line has no cohesiveness. Maybe too many injuries and guys not playing together long enough, there was a lot of shifting guys around and it seemed like every week there was a different set of starters. Eli then was trying too hard, trying to carry the offense himself. Sorry but, you need at least an Average offensive line to win games. The coaching staff and recruiters dropped the ball i think by not having the right guys on the field.

  7. “He also told me that when I throw a pass that is caught by someone in a different color uniform, that is called an ‘interception’. He said I should avoid those. Did you guys know that too? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

  8. Eli is the MANN. 2x SB MVP. Doesnt miss games.

    He will be in the HOF someday and the haters will cry about it.


  9. Years from now when Tom Brady is safely enshrined in the HOF, they’ll still be talking about how Eli beat him twice in the Superbowl.

  10. What does Eli have left? 2 or 3 more years? Can old dogs learn new tricks? If this past season is any indication of a trend, Eli’s career is on a downward death spiral.

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