Eric Rivera sentenced to 57 years in prison for killing Sean Taylor


Eric Rivera, who was convicted of second-degree murder and armed burglary in the death of Washington safety Sean Taylor, has been sentenced to more than 57 years in prison.

The 23-year-old Rivera was 17 years old at the time of Taylor’s killing in November of 2007. Taylor was a 24-year-old who had already been selected to two Pro Bowls.

A Miami-Dade judge handed down Rivera’s sentence today. Rivera could have been sentenced to a maximum of life in prison.

Prosecutors say Rivera fired the fatal shot in Taylor’s killing. Three other men who are accused of being involved in the robbery at Taylor’s home are still awaiting trial.

34 responses to “Eric Rivera sentenced to 57 years in prison for killing Sean Taylor

  1. Thanks to this low-life we will always be left wondering what Sean’s career could have been…..

    RIP Sean Taylor

  2. Shoulda been life. Pathetic. Save the tears for someone else, don’t want to hear that he is only 17 at time. Pathetic use of the life God gave you.

  3. the sad thing is he will be out in 5 years maybe 10.should be sitting in chair to be executed tom.

  4. Death penalty would only apply if he went into the house with the intent to kill Sean. He and his buddies didn’t think anyone was home – it was a burglary. Either way, almost 6 decades is a long time to be sentenced. Well deserved.

  5. Still not good enough. A man should be safe inside his own home. He gets to live and a 24 year old man died because of this man’s unnecessary actions. Home invasions are barbaric and he doesn’t deserve to live. I stand firmly on the side of capital punishment when there is absolutely no doubt of who the killer is and there is no doubt here. What is sad is that it took so long.

  6. The whole situation is such a damn shame…. Sean Taylor had the potential to be one of the best ever. Boy could the Washington Redskins use a safety like him now…. But beyond football all that human potential destroyed at 24 years old is an absolute shame.

  7. Seventeen years old…Good Lord. How does someone this young become so devoid of empathy and humanity? Sean Taylor had his ENTIRE life ahead of him, and this No-Good PUNK snuffs it without blinking an eye. RIP

  8. The sentencing didn’t take six years. He was only found not guilty two months ago and the trial only lasted about a month. Supposedly Rivera was determined to fight the case to the bitter end, and he kept changing his attorney which gummed up the works a bit. This is a complex case, which requires a ton of due diligence by the DA’s office and the police. Remember, the jury spent 16 hours deliberating, indicating this wasn’t exactly an open and shut case.

    Would you rather the prosecution rush to get to court and let a murderer get off, or make sure they don’t convict an innocent? “The wheels of justice turn slowly,” but the process is in place to make sure the guilty are punished and the innocent are not. It’s imperfect, but what isn’t?

    Glad he’s going away if he’s, but I don’t know a thing about the evidence presented in court, which is all the jury can go by. 57 years “not being enough” is kind of laughable” as it’s effectively a life sentence – he’ll be 80 if/when he gets out, provided there’s no parole. And the death penalty may not be imposed for a 2nd-degree conviction, which requires proving intent along with other elements depending on the jurisdiction.

  9. It sucks but this was the best thing for his football legacy. Had he been still alive would have been out the league 5 years. Just couldnt cover, Alah Roy Williams. But if you need a punter to get punished for running ball, he was your man

  10. Hopefully some good will come from his and his rectum will provide some men happiness for years to come.

  11. So my comment questioning some of the thumbs down clicks gets eliminated but you decide to keep nflofficeadmins comment referencing the convicted felon’s rectum? Geez, what is the deal?

  12. It’s about time. R.I.P. #21 ‘Meast’ you will not be forgotten. My prayers out to the family, I hope they are at peace and can move forward with strength.

    And to the moron/troll that said Sean couldn’t cover, I think you need to go back and watch the film.

  13. Everyone knows he did it. This is not one of those neslon mendela cases where he’s really innocent. With something like this, I believe in the death penalty. When at least one person is intentionally killed or raped, they should have the same done to them and more. You kill. You die, too, it’s just that simple. From this point, I like the Saudi justice system. As Bas Rutten would say, I believe in TWO eyes for an eye.

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