Falcons declare themselves open for more draft day dealing

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The Falcons have proven themselves willing to make big moves in the past.

So even though their reward for a 4-12 season is the sixth pick, Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff won’t rule out going higher.

“I think anyone who is worth their position in this league as a team-builder who’s not open to considering moving back or moving up, to me, is short-selling themselves because that’s what the draft is about,” Dimitroff said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. “That’s what the activity, the exercise is about: it’s capitalizing on what is right for our organization, what is going to make our organization the best.

“If we deem on draft day that we think it’s best to move back and gain picks or move forward and land someone else, we will always consider that. I’ve said that time and again. I always want us, as an organization – me as a general manager and us as an organization – to be perceived as a group to pick up and call and make the offer and at least know that we’re open to discussion.”

There is room for maneuvering at the top of the draft, as the Browns have reportedly expressed willingness to move up from the fourth spot, and the Rams would listen to offers for the second pick.

The Falcons have well-stated needs for improvement along both lines, but in their current spot, they might not be able to guarantee a game-changer such as South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

But they could also justify using the pick on one of the top offensive tackles in the draft, which might not require a move.

Either way, the Falcons are open for business, and they don’t mind saying so.