Gaine, Dawson look to be the Dolphins G.M. finalists

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The Dolphins quickly went from planning to conduct additional first interviews of G.M. candidates to pushing directly to the second-interview phase.

And, apparently, there are only two who will be getting second interviews.

Reports from the likes of Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and Albert Breer of NFL Network indicate that Titans V.P. of player personnel Lake Dawson and Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine will be interviewed a second time.

Gaine gives the Dolphins a known quantity.  But sticking with someone who has been part of an organization with signs of real dysfunction risks a continuation of the dysfunction.

Then again, bringing in a stranger could set the stage for further problems and issues, especially if the new G.M. would want to hire a new coach and neutralize potential threats, like the one potentially presented by executive V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte, based on prior reports from the Herald regarding her alleged role in the termination of G.M. Jeff Ireland.

Promoting Gaine makes sense if the decision comes with an unmistakable message to Gaine, Aponte, and coach Joe Philbin:  You’re all in this together.  Shared accountability will make finger pointing and turf protection a waste of time, forcing everyone to cooperate or to fail collectively.

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  1. You can include Tannehill in that group. He can make them all sink or swim together. Well assuming the new GM doesn’t trade him, so all of their fates are largely tied to his throwing hand.

  2. “But sticking with someone who has been part of an organization with signs of real dysfunction risks a continuation of the dysfunction.”—–Exactly.

    Why choose the guy that was raised and groomed by the former source of dysfunction? Am I the only person this makes no sense to?

  3. Gaine has been leading the scouting this year, and knows the team and talent needs. It’d be the least sexy hiring, but the most efficient.

  4. “sticking with someone who has been part of an organization with signs of real dysfunction risks a continuation of the dysfunction.”
    But everyone the dolphins interviewed comes from an organization of dysfunction. This was always the danger of listening to the Fireland groupies. If nothing else, Ireland was fairly adept at consistently hitting on first and later round picks when he was finally given the reigns 3 years ago.
    No one they have interviewed has any history of that.

  5. Aponte is the VP for administrative purposes meaning, she deals with player contracts and team cap finances. Why is she part of the equation regarding success or failure on the field. The answer rests more on terrible office politics and a poor organizational chart structure than anything else and this is why GM are running away from the Dolphins.

    This is the reason why Gaines should get the role and just become her and Philbins’ whipping boy. Why bring a new outside GM to this disfunction. I strongly believe there should be a president and no vice presidents. Instead, treat the team like a regular business, with senior executives which is what the GM, coach, and other administrators should be. There is a belief out there that the GM will be functioning below Aponte which does not bode well after what she did.

  6. I have loved the Fins since 1982….but Ross is single handedly doing what even Wannstadt couldnt do–destroy my love for the franchise…we are the laughingstock of the league..tx Ross

  7. There is no collectively in the NFL. Someone is in charge, thats why theres only one head coach, one owner, one GM. Ross doesn’t want a strong GM for fear that his lousy head coach would be fired along with Ms Aponte, aka; Dawnhoe. Dawnhoe is the capoligst not a talent scout. Dawnhoe is the one who ratted out Ireland to Ross when Ireland was alleged to have said some not endearing things about Joes handling of the Dolphins over the last two games of the season, which they lost.
    I sit here dumb struck over the way that idiot Ross is handling the teams front office, as Mando said its become a social club and as everyone has seen, the good GM candidates have said NO. I wonder if the JETS are taking new fans?

  8. Shame on you Mr. Ross for what you have let happen to our once-proud franchise. There are really only two ways for you to fix this: 1) sell the team to competent ownership, or 2) hire a qualified NFL-caliber exec with final say to run the franchise for you. This ship is sinking fast as witnessed by the multiple rejections to what should be a coveted job. A quality GM doesn’t want to be stuck with a coach lacking leadership skills and a so-called cap expert who controls the purse strings & is aligned with said unqualified coach.

  9. It’s true – if Gaine is hired and Miami doesn’t make the playoffs next year, the whole lot is out of a job.

  10. When will the bleeding stop! Aponte has to GO! What is Ross thinking?!?!?! She’s not a football mind, this is just a job for her. We need football minds that live this stuff to turn my beloved Miami Dolphins around.

  11. Give me a break! Capologist, when did that term ever dominate the history of the NFL? Dawn Aponte is overrated and can be easily replaced. The salary cap formula and corresponding strategies can be readily acquired. Set-off language in contracts is not a new dynamic either. A true money deal maker, the kind of deal maker that worked at Goldman Sachs could learn Aponte’s job quickly.

    Joe Philbin, when viewed in a singular light, apart from Ireland, has shown very little. While Philbin was the O.C. in Green Bay, he never called the plays. He didn’t / hasn’t called the plays in Miami either. With his wealth of Green Bay experience he hired Mike Sherman to do that in Miami. Mike Sherman is reminiscent of Dan Henning. Our offensive line is a mess, and Philbin hired Turner to run that show as well. By the time we played the Jets and Bills, with a clear play-off gateway, Philbin was managing the show, sans Ireland. The remarks made by Ireland in the press box during the those games were probably dead on. The coaching was miserable.

    Would we have chosen Ryan Tannehill if Sherman wasn’t mentoring Philbin and pushing his 19 game Texas A & M QB, or would we have sought another QB solution? Tannehill has been decent, but is he really the guy?

    Sooner, or later Philbin will be gone and no one will be surprised. Why give him a third year? Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, John Fox, Chip Kelly didnt need a third year to get it right, their impact was evident in year one. Even Tony Sparano went 11 / 5 following a 1 / 15 prior season.

    The structure Ross proposes, based on input from Aponte and or Carl Peterson would be funny if it wasn’t so stupid. No other team has this structure, and they don’t have it for many good reasons. No one understands what the GM’s role is going to be, or how it will work, which is why many stellar candidates have said no thanks, but Ross moves ahead anyway, he knows best.

    Why not clean House, get a real GM, not a left over from the Bill Parcell’s era who can put together team in the tradition of winning football. We have a lot of talent, we spent 200 million last year with another 28 million in cap space this year. By the time this is over, we will most certainly be the laughing stock of the league. This coming from a long time, die hard, Dolphins fan…

  12. What a total disaster this has become. I cant remember the last time I saw an open GM position, 1 of 32 in the NFL, get rejected by so many people. That alone tells us all we need to know about what the other 31 teams think of our owner, coach and Aponte. It’s so disgusting I cant even think of words to describe it but the only thing that comes to mind is the feeling of complete hopelessness for the future.

  13. “Reports from the likes of Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and Albert Breer of NFL Network indicate that Titans V.P. of player personnel Lake Dawson and Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine (pictured) will be interviewed a second time.”

    What’s actually pictured is an empty Dolphins helmet, which I actually think is quite appropriate here.

  14. I think as DolFans we should follow in the footsteps of all the GM candidates and tell Mr. Ross “Thanks, but no Thanks, sorry not interested in your Football Team! Way too many issues, Sell the team and I’ll come back but until then I’m not wasting another penny of my hard earned money on this failing product!!!

    Really, how in the hell is Mr. Ross a billionaire??? Surely he didn’t run his private ventures as he does this Football Team. Or maybe he made his money the old fashion way, by unethical practices and he is trying the same slimmey gesture with Dolphin Fans. Fortunately football business is somewhat transparent and it becomes harder to swindle the general public… Just a few thoughts!!

  15. Stay in-house this time and hire Gaine. If the upcoming season doesn’t pan out, then fire em all. Having a GM & a HC that have to force their philosophies onto one another DOES NOT WORK.

  16. I cannot figure out if some people lack intelligence or they just say stupid things to get a reaction on a message board.

    There are several executives who have turned down Miami’s request for GM interviews because they are already in exceptional situations like a GM in waiting for the Ravens. How that suddenly turns into nobody wanting the Miami GM job is beyond me. Miami has the 4th best cap situation, no state income tax, and a QB that can win. The Apponte situation does hurt though. She just needs to go.

  17. What happened to the guy from Tampa Bay who “blew away” his interview? Not a peep about him….hmmmmm. I’m starting to think we can’t believe a word the “experts” and “insiders” have to say. The man behind the curtain everyone seems intent on ignoring (Carl Peterson) is likely the manufacturer of this debacle of misinformation and mayhem.

  18. Why announce ‘FINALISTS’??? Thats the stupidest thing they can do. Start calling them all back for #2 interviews. Make your phone calls to hire at the same time – go down the line until someone says yes. Now if Gaine or Dawson say no – now we look foolish and we have to call someone else and say YEAH YEAH you’re our finalist we swear we swear.

  19. Dawn Aponte didn’t get Ireland fired. Ireland got Ireland fired. His arrogant smart ass attitude that Aponte and Philbin found unpleasant was part of the equation but 6 years of outsmarting himself trying to outsmart others is what got him. By high and sell low – we got B Marshall knowing he was a premadonna – then we had to get rid of him for a lot less that what we gave up to get him and now he’s producing just like he did before us – sure wish Tanne had a target like that. This year he gets big name big price free agents and moves up to get an injured tweener DE/OLB – ignores the OL – ok let Long go because he’s broken down, but Vasquez was out there – made the pot bowl for Denver – Avril and Bennett get picked up relatively cheaply by Seattle and are making plays sending their te to the Super Bowl while we replace two linebackers who didn’t need replacing.

    Just stupid – can’t even believe he is a Parcell’s guy – what Parcell’s guy doesn’t believe in building from the inside out on both sides of the ball. Skill players can’t effectively use their skill with out OL and strong front 7. People keep saying it was offense that cost is but defense was great – reality offense was bottom of the league and defense was in the middle. Need to be in top 10 on both sides of the ball to be a real threat. This year’s patch work changes won’t get that done – so here we sit as fans waiting for the inevitable complete collapse that will bring wholesale change and hope again ….just pushing back the time table again. Unfortunately, despite Ross’s business savvy, I’ve seen no NFL savvy – letting Carl Peterson guide this is getting no where – and what has he ever done anyway – how many Super Bowls have his organizations won – 0

  20. All of this idiocy by the three stooges ( Ross, Aponte and Philbin) makes me long for the Richie Incognito issue.
    Compared to this circus, the Incognito- Martin brouhaha seems like serious football.

    Mr. Ross, PLEASE sell your majority interest in the team and GO AWAY!

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