Goodell: I want Richard Sherman to present himself in a positive way


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell likes Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. And Goodell would like Sherman to think about the way he presents himself on TV.

Asked on CBS This Morning to react to Sherman’s interview after the NFC Championship Game, Goodell said he wasn’t pleased with it.

“It’s an emotional game, and you see a young man who comes off the field and he’s pumped up, and there’s so much excitement in the stadium, but no, I’m not cheering for that because he’s a great young man, he’s extremely well spoken, does great things off the field, obviously a great player on the field. I want him to present himself in the best possible way, and make sure that he’s reflecting on himself and his family in a positive way. He took away a little bit from the team. That was what he said yesterday. I thought that was a very interesting comment and I think it’s fair,” Goodell said.

Whether Goodell likes the way Sherman conducted himself or not, Sherman has been the center of attention in the media since the moment 50 million Americans watched his post-game interview. And we’re less than a week away from Sherman being the center of attention at Super Bowl Media Day.

105 responses to “Goodell: I want Richard Sherman to present himself in a positive way

  1. Not everyone is from Bronxville,NY with an NFL career wearing a suit.

    Give me a break. And stop screwing with the game before you break it completely. Want to increase revenue – allow the defense to hit people, brand label some weed since your fans are smoking it every Sunday… forget the rest.

  2. Not a Sherman fan but are you kidding me????

    Hey Rog, you aren’t “presenting yourself” very well with your $30 million dollar salary, I’m sure you will get right to fixing that as well!

  3. I want Richard Sherman to help bring the Seattle Seahawks their first S.B. Victory…….I hope both of us get what we want.

    Go Hawks!

  4. So this is the situation that Goddell decides to actually comment on? How about you know the murderers like Brent and Hernandez? Or the hundreds of players that get arrested for drugs and DUI’s?

    No instead, you take the time to speak about a guy who got a little carried away in the moment and yelled about another player who he had a beef with. Umm….okay.

    When can someone go apesh&(t on Goddell?!

  5. Well don’t stick a microphone in a players face as soon as they come of of the field. Everyone doesn’t react like a robot. It’s also cool to get so real emotion and not the mechanical bs a lot of players spew.

  6. Sherman said those comments right after the game while he was still pumped full of adrenaline, off the field he’s well spoken and doesn’t do anything stupid like get drunk and act like an ass, I’ll take those comments any day over the vanilla politically correct comments everyone else seems to now make

  7. As a longtime Seahawks fan, I love the brash, unfiltered and crazy talented player that is Richard Sherman. He especially feeds off interacting with the fans and is often the first one bounding off the team bus to sign autographs, gives lots of high fives to fans at games and spends lots of time with fans at open practices.

    While Goodell’s comments in their entirety seem reasonable, I hope that this whole experience does NOT have the effect of him having to clamp down on his colorful personality and turn him into another reserved, PR-pablum spouting player that speaks in clichés. Good Lord, don’t we have enough of those? Give me candor any day, I can handle it.

  8. “I think it might help if he had his hair neatly trimmed, longer on the top, but short on the sides. Darkish blond, no dreads or curl. Clean shaven, polo style windbreaker…nice blue eyes…that sort of thing..”.

  9. I want Goodell to preset Goodell in a positive way. The new Stepford Wives version of the NFL is eating away at a lot of people.

  10. Fine players when they act like idiots and taunt other players. Fine Sherman a 100k per and I bet he’s able to control himself pretty quick.

  11. Note to Roger Goodell

    I want you to present yourself in a better way when you give the state of the NFL speech next Friday by making sure the veterans who made this sport famous years ago are going to be cared for whenever they have serious problems in the future. I look at great veteran guys like John Brodie, Jim Otto, and thousands of others who are shells of their former self

    Roger, I think YOU have the pull to get this done…..DO IT !!

  12. The guy made a play that saved the game. You stick a camera and microphone in his face almost immediately after while he’s still jacked up, you do so for the raw emotion of the moment, and then, you’re surprised when you get exactly that? I’m not Sherman’s biggest fan but even I give him a pass on this.

  13. I am a huge niners fan. Straight up Sherman did all his ” talking ” on the field with his play and basically shutting down Crabs

    If I want to hear a eloquent speaker I will go to a Ted conference and not a football game.

    Come on people, is this really going to be all we hear about till Superbowl. He made a great play that’s it. I don’t give two jacks about whether he went to Stanford and grew up in Compton and had a tough childhood. He is a great talent that’s it, if you idolize someone like him then learn from his mistakes and move forward but don’t put him on a pedestal. IMO he aint worth it

  14. Fans: We want Goodell to stop turning football into one big fantasy football offensive scoring gambling extravaganza.

  15. Am I missing something ? Is Sherman holding a gun to the media’s head and forcing them to report on this ?

    Enough already ! Let’s talk about the match up and what a crappy decision Goodell made on having the Superbowl outside in NY.

  16. If Richard Sherman doesn’t show up to the Super Bowl as RICHARD SHERMAN, and he shows up as some sort of neutered and cowed version of himself, which is what the PC Main Stream media wants from him, he, and the rest of the Seahawks will be cut up in front of a world wide audience. Better to be yourself and do what you do, and get what you want, and apologize later IF you have to. That’s a principal in business, and it works in this instance. Don’t ask for permission to be yourself. Just do it, and if anyone is offended, beg forgiveness later. It’s easier.

    If we could roll back the covers on most of the people that are just “so offended” by his comments (he isn’t profane), we’d likely find some horribly hypocritical people with much scarier skeletons in their closet.

    I’m not necessarily a fan of his, but I think he’s good at what he does, and I can’t stand to see the media hack job being done on him and the makeout session they are giving Peyton Manning.

    The Seahawks are up against a lot more than the Broncos. There is huge money on the table here. All of the footage being filmed of Peyton Manning in the build up to the Super Bowl will be useless if the Broncos lose. I highly doubt the NFL wants their all time statistical leader to lose this game. It’s all about producing content, and it goes beyond the games. There are a lot of documentaries and cable TV content that can be created and sold by the NFL if the Broncos win, and it’s stuff that can be aired over and over and over. I hate to say it, but they may get robbed again just like they were against Pittsburgh. The last thing I’d want to do if I was Richard Sherman is have regrets about the media manipulating me into not being the player my teammates and fans are counting on me to be.

  17. It’s fascinating to me that we want our players to be Godzilla on the field, but in a sideline interview 60 seconds after the game, we expect them to be Bambi. Then, we take the sound bite and use it to negate a man’s good character. What is wrong with our society? Are we that bored? They judgmental? That plain vanilla that we can’t handle a little boasting? Jeez!!

  18. I for one thought about any kids watching that tirade. They need good role models to look up to. I understand he does a lot of good things in the community and that’s great, but do we need kids emulating what they saw. Whats wrong with society today is we condone things like this. They actually glorified him for it, they kept shoving a microphone in his face.

  19. I’d love a Commissioner who would stop tinkering with every stinking element of the game – including days its played on.

    Focus on your own job dude.

  20. And he will do everything in his power to be sure the refs do their part just like SB XL

  21. To keep it in perspective, he was ranting about Crabtree. Crabtree is a bit of a punk himself.

  22. Nobody is telling Sherman to not be candid or passionate. They are just saying don’t use your 30 seconds in front of 50 million viewers to take personal shots at someone not there to defend himself.

    I would have had passion in that situation too. Perhaps “hell yeah – we are going to the Super Bowl!!” But that’s just me.

  23. Goodell couldn’t be happier with Sherman – his comments have people who don’t care at all about football talking about it 24/7. Any publicity is good publicity, ‘eh Roger?

  24. Hey Roger, while you are at it, why don’t you go after the idiot that scheduled regular season games in England and the Super Bowl on the frozen tundra of New York.

  25. If you are not a Seahawks fan you just can’t figure out why anyone is making Sherman’s behavior a big deal ? You are confused and puzzled. We see this kind of behavior and good sportsmanship all the time from the other 31 teams under the shield. There is nothing to see here,move along. P.S., Sherman doesn’t hold,interfere,routinely break rules,disrespect his opponents or use PEDS .

  26. Sherman turned more people into Denver fans in a few seconds than Peyton did in two years. The Seahawks have turned into the NFL’s most hated team.

  27. Richard Sherman would run circles around Roger Dickdellhead. He went off because he knew what he was doing. He is the smartest guy in the room.
    Do you know why?
    Because you are talking about it and feeding the beast !!!!!
    He dissed Crabtree and disrespected in a way nobody has ever been dissed.
    Sherman blew him up.
    I Love it !!!

  28. This is what you get when you allow reporters to stick a mic in the face of a 25-year-old 1 minute after he’s made the play of his life. Why must the reporters prowl the sidelines and the locker rooms – are the post-game pressers not sufficient? Sherman is an intelligent, well-educated young man who should not be indicted for some emotional comments. Geez, people, he wasn’t profane, there was nothing wrong with what he said. If you read about what Crabtree did to Sherman at the charity event last offseason, I am much more offended by that. Final comment is that Roger Goodell does not trump the First Amendment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion AND they have a right to express it.

  29. This is what you get when you allow reporters to stick a mic in the face of a 25-year-old 1 minute after he’s made the play of his life. Why must the reporters prowl the sidelines and the locker rooms – are the post-game pressers not sufficient? Sherman is an intelligent, well-educated young man who should not be indicted for some emotional comments. Geez, people, he wasn’t profane, there was nothing wrong with what he said. If you read about what Crabtree did to Sherman at the charity event last offseason, I am much more offended by that.
    Final comment is that Roger Goodell does not trump the First Amendment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion AND they have a right to express it.

  30. this is a simple solution, as much as i despise the cornerback, just keep the sideline reporters OFF the damn field…………………….

  31. The real problem are all of the non-football fans who tune in because someone else did, or told them to, and think its going to be a two-years old friendly experience, then bitch and complain because grown men talked like grown men, and not wimpy ten year olds. They don’t understand that an NFL game is not a carefully produced and scripted competition, like “American Gladiator”.

    The Seahawks play SMASHMOUTH football.

    The Niners play SMASHMOUTH football.

    The Vikings don’t play SMASHMOUTH football, which is why they weren’t in the playoffs.

  32. Putting all of the bravado and noise aside,
    I don’t recall a defensive player calling an offensive player mediocre in front of the microphones of a press conference and essentially giving the entire world a peek behind the curtain into the smack talk that’s thrown around on the field.

    That statement completely undermines Shermy’s own accomplishment on the last play and is a very low blow that falls outside of the norm of acceptable player behavior…as set forth both the players themselves

    Off the charts bad form

  33. Yeah who cares. Next year it won’t matter. No one is talking about last year’s Super Bowl champs (hint: “quote the raven…”)

    Let’s see how many rules are changed regarding actual football game time rather than talk about some excited dude’s post game rant.

    Huge seahawks fan here, HUGE – but those referee calls were bogus and it takes away just a bit from the win. What’s up?

  34. Have no problem if he applies that logic to other players, like Tom Brady when berates his WRs on the sideline, with the camera watching! But he won’t!!!!

  35. Dick Sherman, your 15 minutes are up.
    And in case there was any doubt about that, Peyton Manning will gladly close the door on your season, and childlike, inappropriate ranting, shortly.
    THEN, he’ll show you how to conduct a proper interview.
    Stay tuned.

  36. Translation: “Hmmm, talk surrounding Sherman seems to be dropping, and everybody is now turning their focus to the circus Pro Bowl…I should say something kind of negative about Sherman, and get the people talking about him and the Super Bowl again. I hope I look good in this power tie…”

  37. Roger, I’d like you to present the ideas that improve the league for FANS not the owners.

    I spent 3K total on my weekend in Seattle to see that game. 700 for flight, 800 for hotel, 800 for a game ticket, 400 for NFL gear, and a bunch of other odds and sodds.

    We pay for your salary and the owner’s teams.

    We’re sick of you and your moronic ideas like more playoff teams, London teams and games, and how to generate more commercials.

    Just quit already. You have stupid ideas and a lot of time to think about them.

    You stink bro.

  38. watch the NFL mic’d up video…. Sherman got a bad rap on this one.

    Crabtree is a buster!

  39. Good advice for yourself Roger… have ruined the game fixing outcomes by using bad officiating against the 49ers

  40. Sherman used no profanity or anything bad. Goodell isn’t in charge, he is an administrator working for the owner’s group. Sometimes he comes across wrong…. Like Sherman.

  41. I don’t have a problem with being excited. I don’t have a problem with talking smack.

    What I have a problem with is his behavior in the face of a woman.

    Yelling at her. And don’t try to tell me she wasn’t intimidated. When he screamed “Don’t come at me!”

    She responded “I’m not coming at you,” in a shaking voice.

    He scared hat girl.

    That is what I have a problem with. He’s a punk.

  42. God forbid someone be pumped after winning a superbowl advancement game. I am sure all of you would be calm and collected after having the game winning play in a clutch situation. But lets all avoid the part where we hear Sherman offer Crabtree a handshake and say good game. That part doesn’t matter. Such a joke. This whole thing is overblown.

  43. Good neutral statement.

    Doubt Sherman will let us down.

    And you’ve done very well in difficult times Mr. Goodell.

    The shield’s in good shape.

    Except for the’s got to be AFC vs NFC or it’s a circus….which will still get ratings but…

  44. If you want Sherman to stop than complete the pass. I like him, as a Seahawks fan I’m glad we’re the hated. It feels good, the last time we were in the Super Bowl we had a finesse offense and a small defense. I’ll take this version everyday. Brash is fun, he went to far last weekend but everything else he’s done and our team has done has been refreshing. God forbid a football team talk the talk and back it up. If your team did this you’d love it like I do.

  45. Goodell when you can’t directly say things. You should not be able to tell someone else how to act!

  46. I watched the encounter between Sherman and Crabtree WITH the mic on. Sherman walked up to Crabtree and said, “that’s game” and attempted to shake Crabtree’s hand. No response. He then repeated “that’s game” and that’s when Crabtree shoved him in the facemask. Sherman probably should have waited until the game was completely over, but Crabtree’s not known for hanging around and shaking the hands of the opposing team. Less than five minutes after that encounter, Erin Andrews shoved a mic in his face. And the world exploded in indignation! What a bunch of hypocrites!

  47. as i recall Goodell didnt say one thing when Ryan put his wife’s feet on an Internet fetish site for other men to …enjoy

    seems to me that damages the “shield” more than trash talking

  48. MISMATCH! What a poor leadership for this league.
    Looks like Goddell’s got a crush on Richard SHEMALE.

    This guy is just an above-the-average CB who happens to thrive in Carroll’s system, basically mugging opposing receivers on every play.

    This is getting more and more ridiculous.
    While NFL refs seem to look away when it comes to obvious holding/interference, they keep calling more and more ridiculous penalties for “phantom hits”…

  49. “That poor girl” LOVED Sherman’s candor and said it was awesome & so much better than the usual canned answers she gets. Erin was in Seattle for a follow-up interview with RS today; probably not something a poor little terrified girl would do.

  50. Easiest thing in the world to do is proclaim you’re the best and the TEAM just won. He is surrounded with a well playing unit and it’s one thing to think you’re the best, but another to scream it out regardless of the question.

    Cooling off period!?!?!? He does this too much! Trent Williams was ready to take his head off last year.

    When he starts to get called on all the grabbing and clutching like every other CB in the league, then well see how awesome he thinks he is.

    Belichek proved, if you hold and grab every play, they won’t call it much. If you don’t hold or grab at all and suddenly you do, hankie time! That’s why Peyton lost the AFC Champion title then won the Super Bowl……..

  51. “One man practicing good sportsmanship is far better than 50 others preaching it.”
    — Knute K. Rockne

    There was a day when respect meant something in this game. Sportsmanship is dead indeed. Probably only the older fans noticing, tho.

  52. You cannot interview a defensive player moments after he makes a play that ends the game, and not come up with an emotional response. Defense is played more emotionally than offense.

  53. If you don’t like him, beat him. This is an extremely intelligent, passionate player who graduated from Stanford with a 4.0. You can watch Sound FX on NFL Network yourself to see he tried to give Manningham credit and a handshake who chose to shove Sherman back in the facemask. And personally, I loved the choke sign to Kaepernick who lacks complete respect to all other players along with Boldin shoving people down after half the plays. 49ers got what they had coming to them. And no, I’m not a Seahawks fan.

  54. The man above me must be a 49ers fan ^^^ Sherman is the best corner in the league, and he knows it. Sorta like some of the other greatest players of our generation…

  55. He will be ‘Center of Attention’ because you and your colleagues will make him ‘Center of Attention’

  56. In a world with any kind of objectivity, Crabtree would be the one under fire for all this. He was the one who resorted to offensive behavior by shoving Shermans face.

    If all you people want to complain about how it looks for your kids… I mean, id rather kids be mimicking the yelling part than mooshin someones face.

    But hey, cant blame yall for lopsided thinking. Seems too common nowadays.

  57. Richard Sherman wants Roger Goodell to present himself in a positive way.

    Sherm’s still waiting…

  58. You guys do realize that Sherman has an ongoing feud with Crabtree? That he just prevented the game winning score against Crabtree? That after the play he went up to Crabtree and said helluva game with his hand extended only to be pushed in the face by Crabtree? Then thirty seconds later he is asked about that play, not the game, but that play against Crabtree? Of course he is going to talk about that play and Crabtree, after just being dissed by him.

  59. Richard Sherman average? Really? He has the most interceptions, rarely gets thrown to his side of the field, and rarely gets burned. I do not remember the last time someone had a big day against him.

  60. Other players have been fined for making the choke sign. But I guess he’s so happy the Hawks won and is so busy making excuses for Sherman he is ignoring the facts.

  61. rukkus1 says:
    Jan 23, 2014 10:32 PM
    In a world with any kind of objectivity, Crabtree would be the one under fire for all this. He was the one who resorted to offensive behavior by shoving Shermans face.

    There’s a big difference between on-the-field antics and giving an interview after the game.
    btw….. Sherman knew that it would tic-off Crabs if he went to shake his hand seconds after the interception. He was just goading Crabtree. Crabtree at least had the class not to rant and rave in front of the cameras after the game.

    Sherman should try intercepting the ball with his mouth. It sure is big enough.

  62. let me tell Goodell something, you should be fine, Sherman has more fans than you. Goodell you and your team is ruin The NFL

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