Marrone congratulates Pettine, has plan for replacement


More than three weeks after the regular season ended, the Bills find themselves without a defensive coordinator, given the hiring of Mike Pettine by the Browns.

Pettine’s former boss, Doug Marrone, has wished Pettine well in his new venture, even if it puts Marrone at a distinct disadvantage.

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Mike on becoming the Browns new head coach and thank him for all of his time and efforts with our team this past season,” Marrone said, via the Bills’ website.  “He did an excellent job of improving our defense and we wish him the best.”

So what’s next for the Bills?

“We have a plan in place and we will introduce our new defensive coordinator after our final decision has been made,” Marrone said.

A popular choice in Buffalo could be former Bills head coach Wade Phillips.  The son of Bum Phillips is the last man to take the Bills to the playoffs, and Wade did very well running the defense in Houston.  It wouldn’t be the first time a former head coach returned as a coordinator; Gunther Cunningham once went back to Kansas City to run the defense after being fired as head coach.

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  1. No. No. No. Wade Phillips is not a popular choice in Buffalo. Pulling starting QB Doug Flutie from the MSM game did not endear him to the hearts of Bills fans. Nope. Not going to happen. Not now, not ever.

  2. Aren’t you forgetting the lawsuit over Wade not getting the severance payment from Ralph? I dont see any way the two of them will get together.

  3. Wade has coached every team in the league so I guess it’s time to start lapping hisself.

  4. If the Bills are smart they should just hire within instead of looking outside. Hire Donnie Henderson, he has a ton of experience, 11 years NFL and 18 years college, all on defense. He was the Defensive Coordinator for the Lions I believe in 2006 and they finished 10th overall. He was our Defensive Back coach last year and word has it, Byrd loves him. Hire him!! Don’t need someone from the outside that will change it up, keep it the way it is and promote from within.

  5. I hope Phillips lands somewhere, but I doubt it will be in Buffalo. Having the last head coach to take the franchise to the playoffs on the staff as an assistant puts a lot of extra pressure on the head man. Especially when it’s a guy who has a reputation for getting promoted to the top job.

  6. jim swartz defense would fit bflo best i think.wade is a 3-4 guy. and no,wade didn’t bench Flutie upper management did since they were paying rob johnson a boat load of cash they wanted him as the #1. not wades fault ay all.

  7. Wade Phillips? He did a nice blowing a 24 point lead at home to the colts. I’m sure he’s in demand

  8. First of all, the owner pulled Flutie, not Wade or Butler. Second, Houston couldn’t afford to keep Mario.

    I am not sure Wade is the right guy. This defense was a hybrid with respect to alignments. Wade is a 3-4. Buffalo is short on LB’s, but that doesn’t mean Wade couldn’t work with it.

    However, Buffalo has a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball and would be very attractive to a DC.

  9. I’m 42…. Didn’t Ralph and Wade go to court over Wade’s firing? Just like spending to the cap, it’s not gonna happen while Ralphies alive….

  10. Attention all apparent “personnel geniuses” chomping away at keys from their mother’s basement about Wade running a 3-4. It’s a one gap 3-4, much closer to a 4-3. But go ahead and power your Xbox on, pop in Madden, and keep educating all of us with your vast knowledge.

  11. Pepper Johnson would be an interesting candidate to keep in mind. He’s done a solid job as a Linebackers coach, especially considering all of the injuries the Patriots suffered last season. He’s looking for a promotion and Buffalo would be a great fit.

  12. Promote Jim Oneil from LB coach to DC and bring in pepper Johnson to be the new LB coach..oniel has helped run this style defense with pettine since 2009 he can pick up and run with it and pep is an amazing Lb coach with DC potential they would be great together..

  13. And it doesn’t mean Buffalo can’t get some linebackers for Wade. I mean, it is the offseason with free agency and the draft coming up…in which the Bills are widely expected to take Mack or Mosley.

    Mario did play standing up this year…and the trio of Lawson, Alonso and Bradham are pretty darn good as well.

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