Mike Pettine doesn’t care if he wasn’t the Browns’ first choice


The Browns went without a head coach for three and a half weeks before they finally settled on today’s hiring of Mike Pettine, and “settled” is the operative word: It’s widely believed that the Browns arrived at Pettine only after candidates they liked better turned them down.

But Pettine says he doesn’t care about all that.

“Much has been made about the number of candidates that have been interviewed,” Pettine said. “That doesn’t factor into my thinking at all. I wasn’t going to be like, ‘Well, if I’m not the first choice then I’m not gonna take it.’ It’s been my lifelong dream to be an NFL head coach. Sometimes the cockiness of a coach, but I’ll bet on myself. I didn’t want to back away from a job because of lack of perceived security.”

The Browns, who have gone either 4-12 or 5-11 in each of the last six seasons, have been a consistently bad team, and it’s not surprising that some coaches don’t see Cleveland as a good place to land. Now Pettine’s challenge is to change perceptions, both of himself as a second choice, and of the Browns as a second-rate franchise.

54 responses to “Mike Pettine doesn’t care if he wasn’t the Browns’ first choice

  1. When you’re offered a kings ransom, of course you won’t sweat these things.

    But listen to him a year from now. Might be a different tune he sings.

  2. Poor delusional soul. I feel sorry for him. The Stooges will fire him at the drop of a hat.

  3. Another head coach to learn his trade working for the Reigning world champion Baltimore Ravens! He learned all he could from Ray Lewis before following Rexy to NY and the rest is history. There’s about 8 or so head coaches who should be paying the GOAT a % of their salary

  4. I am a Vikings fan. Would love for him to succeed. Here’s to a Minnesota v Cleveland Super Bowl. Let’s hope it is not 2080 before that happens.

  5. I remember when the Ravens hired John Harbaugh back in 2008, after Jason Garrett had turned down the job, Harbaugh joked at his introductory press conference that he was not his wife’s first choice either. The Harbaugh hire worked out perfectly fine for the Ravens. If the Browns can find a non-corpse to play quarterback, the Pettine hire might work out for them as well.

  6. I wish him the best, but the Browns ended up hiring a guy whose phone wasn’t likely to ring for a HC job anywhere else anytime soon. Exactly what they deserve after how they treated Chud after one year. Hope Pettine can teach that group a little professionalism while he teaches the players some football.

  7. I wonder? Did he already have the orange tie in his wardrobe, or did he have his wife run down to the Browns gift shop to buy one real quick?

  8. the real test isn’t how long the coaches last in cleveland the question is will they ever get another job after getting fired by cleveland!!

  9. Have you seen the track record of Browns coaches when they get fired? They get new jobs almost immediately. What idiot wouldn’t want a job where you only work for a year then get paid millions of dollars to either go somewhere else with less responsibility (Palmer, Crennel, Shurmur and Mangini) or take a lateral move to a better team (Butch Davis).

    Can someone tell me how I can get on next years list?

  10. Hope he got his contract for 5 years guaranteed salary for $5 mil a year. He was in the drivers seat with nobody else wanting the gig.

  11. As long as he changes the culture and brings winning back to the Browns, I don’t care if he was the 100th choice!

    Go Browns!!!

  12. Did Mike get any guarantees that his front office wouldn’t undermine him by replenishing the roster with YouTube sensations and developmental players?

  13. Ok, so if he is going to be the next head coach…..

    Pettine called Tebow a “great man and a great football player,” adding, “If I was ever involved in selecting members of a football team, he’d be at the top of the list.”

    hmmmmm. Are the fans in Cleveland gearing up for 2014?

  14. In life if ur not doing a good job u should be fired. Never keep somebody around any longer than is necessary. The browns cut their losses with chud. Good move. I like those stones. As the Seahawks did with mora jr after 1 yr and brought in Carroll. How did that work out?

  15. “First item of business: swap picks 4 and 26 with Houston for pick 1.”

    Been in a closet? That’s not his decision, Joe won’t allow it.

  16. as a clevelander i cant wait to stick it to all the debbie downers and 40 year old guys living in their moms basements going nothing in life but playing on the internet. GO BROWNS!

  17. HEY PETTINE hopefully one of your attys leaks like the sieve that you were as DC of the NYJ. This guy can coach defense but if the rumors in NY were true he is a real POS.

  18. Don’t ever pay attention to the “hot” candidate touted by the media. Seriously, when do those so called hot list candidates ever make good head coaches? You could go all the way back when the media constantly told us how great Norv Turner and Dave Wandstedt would be when they got a head coaching job, and we can go down the line. The so called “underwhelming” hires of Bill Belichick, John Harbaugh, Bill Cowher, and more recently Pete Carroll when he both went to USC and to Seattle have been the ones that worked out the best instead.

    All I know is that Pettine did a magnificent job this past year with that Bill defense, and the Browns have a ton of cap space, draft picks, and enough lowered expectations for this to possibly work out for them, too.

    I don’t like how they fired Chudzinsky either, but don’t blame this guy for what happened there. Give him a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  19. Well, he was the head coach of a couple of high school teams. Folks, there is a reason Jim Harbaugh has been so successful at the NFL level. This organization should be embarrassed at their inability to bring in somebody that matters.

  20. Right up there in the top three fan bases in the NFL. Brown fans are a class act.

    Hope it works out. They deserve it.

  21. Keep dreaming Cleveland, you will continue to suck. Because Buffalo has a tradition of Super Bowl Championships and winning seasons.

    Rich Kotite would of been a better pick.

    Just think, if you had built a new stadium for Art Modell( which you were going to do anyway) John Harbaugh would be your coach.


    Please amuse us with those sewer colored pants again next season.

    And the wonderful fairy logo or Elf. Steeler fans shudder in fear of that logo.

  22. Nobody else wanted the gig?

    Josh McDaniels took his name out of the running when it became apparent he wasn’t first choice.

    Gase opted out because he can spend another year learning from Peyton Manning and still be a head coach next year, not a poor career decision.

    The Browns interviewed MANY, MANY people. I like the idea that they are going to leave no stone unturned. How novel, approaching the coaching search with an open mind. How could they possibly not know the guy they were going to hire before firing the current coach?

    Anyone else ever run a business? Sometimes you gotta can somebody and worry about their replacement after. Sure beats giving us 2 years of a lousy coach like we did with Shurmur. A lot of good that did.

  23. Good luck mike..hate seeing you leave us bills fans after the turn around on defense but good luck to you

  24. the model of success has been already paved for the nfl to see. the steelers have had 3 coaches in 30 plus years.. and have been the most successful franchise in that time span. you don’t keep changing coaches every year or every other year! stick with this guy on at least a 5 yr plan. believe me as much as steeler fans love to make fun of the browns, wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the division were all competitive at the same time, and the old browns vs steelers rivalry came back?! what a wonderful world it would be!

  25. After Chudzinski’s “one and done” by Haslam and Banner, Pettine is guaranteed at least 2 years.

    The key to Pettine’s success will the support he gets from Banner and Lombardi. Will Banner get Mack and TJ Ward resigned or will the old Philly Banner show up and send the Browns stars/pro-bowlers packing while he hands out lucrative contracts to free agents?

    Banner claimed he learned from his mistakes in Philly, but so far their is no sign that he has.

    Can Banner and Lombardi produce a draft that adds the talent the team needs? What kind of support will Pettine get from the front office?

    All of this is a reflection on Jimmy Haslam and the judgement he has exercised during his first two years as owner of the Browns. Haslam’s poor judgement can be traced back to his first hire, Joe Banner.

    Banner made his mark in the NFL by managing the financial side of the Eagles…Jimmy Haslam put Banner in charge of the football side of the Browns. Joe Banner’s ability to manage the football side of the Browns speaks for itself.

    Haslam needs to cut his losses with Banner and find someone who has experience running the football side of an NFL team.

    Everyone knows it…but for some reason, Haslam hasn’t done it.

  26. What a tool Haslem is. Carrying on about Pettine’s Dad’s HS winning record. What the hell does that have to do with Mike Pettine. If hes that good, why didnt you hire his DAD. No wonder this organization is so clueless and incompetent.

    A President who owned a clothing store, a GM that only played HS football and doesnt show up to the Senior Bowl, its no wonder they go 4-12, 5-11 every year.

    I keep hearing how great of a job with the Bills D, huh? They gave up 388 points that ranked 20th in points allowed out of 32 teams, they allowed 37 points to the Browns, technically 25, because there was a pick 6, and a punt return by Benjamin, mind you Weeden led them to those 25 points, who was one of the worst QBs in the NFL last year.

    I’m officially done with the Browns, just like I am with the Indians when their owner stated, in a perfect world the goal is to wn a World Championship, but im going to run this like a business. AKA i dont give a rats ass about winning.

  27. We’ll just have to see how this plays out. (What choice do we have?)

    I wish for the best for Mike, his staff, the Browns players and us fans.

    However, I’m a big believer in karma. I’m hoping karma leaves a big plate of Chudzinski all over Jimmy whenever he finally goes to trial.

    Go Browns

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