Mike Pouncey thinks Pro Bowl will be “real competitive”


Last year, quarterback Peyton Manning reportedly implored Pro Bowl players to play hard at the Pro Bowl in order to save the Pro Bowl.

This year, the Pro Bowlers apparently don’t need a kick in the posterior from Peyton.  Which is a good thing, since Peyton isn’t there.

The new unconferenced fantasy draft approach presumably was aimed at creating a diversion from the fact that the players don’t play hard — in large part because they don’t have any real incentive to do so.  But it also could be lighting a fire under the Pro Bowlers.

I really think it’s gonna be competitive, honestly,” Dolphins center Mike Pouncey told Alex Marvez and Bill Polian of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday.  “Because we’re doing walk-throughs in practice and the defensive line, they’re going full speed.  They’re not even letting us block them in practice.  Everyone’s excited.  Some guys are mad because they got drafted later than other guys.  So I think it’s gonna be a real competitive game.  I know one thing, I’m gonna be going 110 percent, because I’m gonna be ready to play.”

There’s still no incentive to do it.  For players who have made it through an entire regular season (and for some, one or more postseason games) healthy enough to suit up and play, it makes no sense to risk injury in a meaningless late January game.  Pouncey, for example, surely would like to get a new contract after the season, now that he has three years of NFL service.  If Pouncey suffers a serious injury while “going 110 percent” in the Pro Bowl, he can forget about getting a new contract until he shows that he’s 100 percent again.

Or, as the case may be, 110 percent.

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  1. An incentive to play hard would be money. Half these guys will go broke in the offseason. Let the winners get paid a certain amount per month until they get back to work.

  2. We all complain that the Pro Bowl is meaningless as players don’t try.

    This year, there is at least positive noises coming from some players about treating it as a real game.

    So you guys decide to write an article REALLY driving home the point that it is not in the players best interests to give a flying f**k.

    *slow hand clap*

    You can’t have it both ways. Sure, criticise it after the event if it turns out to be as big a waste of time as ever. But articles like this are not going to help. Surely you guys can find some other angle than this slightly counterproductive approach. Go on, you are all supposed writers. Try and find an angle on the story other than the flaming obvious. Who knows, you may actually learn something about how to write a half decent piece, and we’ll have less guff like this.

  3. I hope it can be semi competitive, all offense no defense don’t for very fun games. Though I don’t think it will be very competitive since it doesn’t mean much, in the other sports at least basketball and baseball im pretty sure it decides which team is the home team. They should play the pro bowl in the middle of the year and do it like that. Or they should raise the rewards

  4. I am surprised a research firm is not conducting a study on injuries occurring at different percentage levels of trying. It sounds like a great way to waste some money.

  5. Hey Roger! You get what you pay for. Want the players to go full speed (while risking uncompensated injury)… pay them to go full speed. At least offer the winning team’s players something substantial -like $500K each. Then players would truly share in the wealth of an otherwise meaningless game generates.

  6. Florio, your right on spot. But, I sure would like to see them go 110%. It might be fun watching! Wow all the negativity.

  7. Last year I resolved to finally watch a Pro Bowl. I lasted thru the first two snaps. It was unwatchable.

    Unless the league does something like MLB did w/the All Star game, by making it have real impact on the season, the PB will remain irrelevant. Why would a player risk injury in this?

  8. Someone should have told him the Bills and Jets game were supposed to be competitive when they were fighting for the playoffs. Not the pro bowl which means absolutely nothing.

  9. A small part of me was really looking forward to this new draft format. Unfortunately I only made it through 5-10 minutes of the first 2 telecasts. I wish they kept it as a Jerry vs sanders draft and presented it in a true fan friendly way, rather than a media stand with a pretty ocean backdrop. Bringing “top-voted” players into the mix to “add hype” was a terrible idea. It came off as a football fueled, man version of “the view” with all the yapping and yammering. In no way did it have a “real life fantasy football” feel to it. Came off a lot like reality television instead.

  10. They have a better chance of getting hurt NOT going 100%, rather than playing hard.

    When you try to be to careful, you get hurt.

  11. No matter how they “draft” the teams, the fact of the matter is the players do not want to get hurt in a meaningless game. Who can blame them.

    Fact is, the game sucks! Why don’t they make being named to the Pro Bowl or a Pro Bowl player, just like being named an All Pro? The players have escalators in their contracts for personal accolades, so they keep the title of Pro Bowl player with out getting hurt & with out a stupid, meaniningless game, that NO ONE cares about.

    Except the NFL executives who will lose some coin in their pocket.

  12. Personally, I am not a fan of the Pro Bowl for one reason. Injuries. I cringe every year at the thought of one of the important pieces to my teams success getting a significant injury in the Pro Bowl. Think Robert Edwards. Sure Edwards wasnt injured in the actual game, but he was injured at the Pro Bowl and never played another meaningful down of football again

  13. I really do admire them trying something different. It is funny and entertaining.

    However, it’s not a real football game and I’ll probably not watch. I mean, I don’t care that it’s not a real football game, it’s just that I like only football and this ain’t it.

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