Report: Browns expected to offer job to Mike Pettine

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Mike Pettine appears to be the leading candidate to become the next head coach of the Browns.

The Browns are expected to offer the job to Pettine and are working out a deal, according to Adam Schefter ‏and Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Pettine emerged as the apparent favorite for the Browns’ job opening after other candidates withdrew their names. Most significantly, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels took his name out of the running during the playoffs and reportedly spurned the Browns again this week when they reached out to him after New England lost the AFC Championship Game.

The 47-year-old Pettine has never been a head coach beyond the high school level, but he did a good job as defensive coordinator of the Bills last year, and as defensive coordinator of the Jets for three years before that. He may be the right man for the job in Cleveland, even though he’ll battle perceptions that he wasn’t the Browns’ first choice.

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  1. “The 47-year-old Pettine has never been a head coach beyond the high school level, but he did a good job as defensive coordinator of the Bills last year, and as defensive coordinator of the Jets for three years before that. He may be the right man for the job in Cleveland, even though he’ll battle perceptions that he wasn’t the Browns’ first choice.”

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th choice either…

  2. If they took this long only to not wait a little longer and interview other planned candidates after the SB, then that goes to show how impressive his interview must have been. If he can motivate them to give him the job then maybe he can motivate this team (which will include many new significant players) to win plenty of football games. This only won’t work out if Lombardi wrecks things, but that should be pretty hard to do with having so much draft material and salary cap room. Browns fans are at risk of having this HC getting maybe too much credit after they win the division next year, but that would be a good problem to have while being distracted by the playoffs being relevant once again.

  3. good for him and I am sure he is happy and proud to know he got the job based solely on his credentials and not the fact that nobody else wanted it. maybe he does not know that yet so don’t ruin his moment and tell him.

  4. They already had a good defense under Horton. They need offense. Dirk Koetter must be a poor interviewer.

  5. I like that Bills fans have a high opinion of him.

    The Bills’ best years are about as long ago as the Browns’ last good years, and fans have both teams have watched little good football, and whole lot of bad football, from their respective teams since the 90s. So, because of that, I will find it too bad that the Browns had to raid the Bills’ cupboard to get a coach. But not so bad that I won’t be glad to have him.

  6. And the Bills progress will halt again. No wonder why theyve shown signs of life that theyve never been able to advance upon in the last 15 years. Mediocrity train rolls on in Western NY.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of Lake Erie in Cleveland, the factory of sadness can suit up for another run.

  7. The good news is that the Brown’s will save ten’s of thousands of dollars in moving costs it would take to get a real coach in.

  8. Who ever the Browns get, I hope he demands say in the roster, otherwise Banner is going to let Mack Ward and Jackson all walk creating a huge hole up the middle of both sides of this team.

  9. The 47-year-old Pettine has never been a head coach beyond the high school level
    This looks like a puppet hiring similar to Al Davis the last 10+ years. Bring in someone who’s under-qualified, feels lucky to be there and will passively go along with every ridiculous whim of the organization.

  10. If I were a Browns fan, I would feel a lot better about this hire if they had kept Norv as OC. I could see firing Chudzinski, but I think it was a mistake letting those coordinators get away. I’m sure they were still under contract.

    Who is Pettine going to find to run that offense who is more qualified than Turner?

  11. He WASN’T the Brown’s first choice as head coach, but give him credit if he’s willing to deal with Joe Banner.

  12. Browns fans do not deserve this. It’s like that scene from Saving Private Ryan where the medics get a guy stabilized on the beach only for him to get shot through his helmet as he’s lying there. “Just give us a chance!!”

  13. The pride of CB West and North Penn. Wow, talk about a quick rise up the ladder. This guy went from an ESPN special coaching against his dad in high school to an NFL HC in 11-12 years. I hope he does well. He is a football guy for sure. Cleveland will love his passion. Biggest thing for Mike is to not miss on the OC. Bring in a quality OC and you run the def. That’s the turnaround formula. Good luck, Mike.

  14. North Penn Knights pride and joy! Way to go Mike even if you are stuck with an awful team and management. To the CB West dude props to senior but still a Knights guy. They were some damn good games back in the day CB West – North Penn.

  15. The Cleveland job is a great opportunity for a first-time head coach. If he succeeds, he’ll be a hero, and even if he fails, the blame will fall on others.

  16. HELLO !
    Cleveland here. You mean to tell me Jimmy Haslam ran off Chud and this is the best he can come up with? You have gutted our coaching staff and now we are supposed to hitch our wagon with this guy? REALLY. I am just so very disappointed in our lack of leadership from the owner, Pres, GM on down it is embarrassing. I’m jumping ship. I don’t care anymore.

  17. ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING is better than McDaniels. That dude is a little Napoleon.

    Someone that posts on this board called this 2 weeks ago, I just want to give that person (I can’t recall who it was) props.

  18. Was zimmer the first choice for Vikings? Gruden for skins? Caldwell for lions? There is NO FIRST CHOICE! it’s after the smoke clears, who gets the job!

  19. It’s amazing how many hiring experts post! I guess you were all present at the interviews. If Mike is the guy they want, have at it. We’ll never know why Chud was fired, but Jimmy felt strong enough to pay the guy $10.5M to walk. Let’s talk this time next year and see if the FO was right or those who believes everything they read.

  20. Anyone saying this is a bad hire, or that Pettine is underqualified, or that he’s a third rate candidate do not know what they’re talking about. They simply look at the Bills’s points against and think “well, he’s definitely no good.”

    This guy turned the Bills defense into one of the worst in league history into an average defense, despite a ridiculous amount of key injuries at the beginning of the year. His “shutdown” #1 corner is a second year player who missed the first 8 weeks of the season. His #2 corner is Leodis McKelvin, who this year went from being one of the worst draft picks in Bills’ history to being a very serviceable starting corner. His Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd missed 5 games. His only good linebacker was a rookie, and if you think Kiko Alonso’s DROY-type season wasn’t due to some serious help from Pettine, you’re crazy. The team finished 2nd in the league in sacks in interceptions despite all this, including 10 sacks from Jerry Hughes who coming into this year had 5 sacks in 40 games.

  21. jk. Pettine is gonna love working with that front 7 and this Browns team isnt that far away from being contenders. Coming from someone that could care less for the Browns

  22. Smh. I don’t see how he is an upgrade over Chud, nor do I see that he will be able to recruit top assistants like we had last year. Some bully, either Banner or even Haslem himself, had a kneejerk reaction and fired a good coach with great coordinators where our offense AND defense improved and we were competitive in games and now the job is toxic. It was toxic before, but at least we had someone who wanted the job, now we have a guy who was on nobody’s radar that we have to keep for 3 years so we don’t appear to have thrown everything away for nothing.

  23. Best of luck to Pettine. I hate losing him. The Bills should just hire within instead of looking outside. Hire Donnie Henderson, he has a ton of experience, 11 years NFL and 18 years college, all on defense. He was the Defensive Coordinator for the Lions I believe in 2006 and they finished 10th overall. He was our Defensive Back coach last year and word has it, Byrd loves him. Hire him!! Don’t need someone from the outside that will change it up, keep it the way it is and promote from within. Congrats to the Browns fans, hope he does well with you. We both are deserving of winning teams.

  24. WoW-I’m sorry to all Brown fans!! Its going to be a long year until they fire this guy (I already forgot his name) and hire some other dude none of us have ever heard of. YIKES

  25. Nothing against him, but if I just got a job with THAT organization…..I don’t think I’d unpack!
    Good luck!!!!

  26. News Flash!

    Cleveland hires the equipment manager from the Arena New Orleans VooDoo …. the OC for Cleveland is the head coach from the Iowa Barnstormers…the DC is from the Spokane Shock….

    Good luck to the “3 stooges”

    Cleveland….what a joke. 6 probowlers and 4 guys turn you down as the head coach…think they know something about management?

  27. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. Maybe the Browns will finally get lucky with a no name coach that turns things around. Yeah, sure!

  28. Has any coach left Cleveland with a better reputation than when they arrived?
    Every coach who takes that job thinking it’s their big break (because its the job coaches with choices dont take), leaves there looking like a failure, or at the very least, looking like they didn’t succeed as an NFL HC (which….technically, they didn’t, but should that really be considered coaching in the NFL at this point? How is it coaching, when you never stand a chance due to the organization itself?)

  29. “Pettine emerged as the apparent favorite for the Browns’ job opening after other candidates withdrew their names.”

    Wonder if that will make the team media guide.

  30. I hear all the comments about how great his dad was as a coach. Maybe the Browns should’ve hired him.

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