Report: Ray Farmer pulls out of Dolphins G.M. search


The Dolphins are expected to hold a final round of interviews for their general manager vacancy over the weekend and the list of candidates for those interviews and the job is getting smaller.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reported that Browns assistant G.M. Ray Farmer has declined an opportunity to interview a second time with the Dolphins and several other reporters have since followed with the same information on Thursday afternoon. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald spoke to Farmer, who said he has yet to decide but said that an announcement of his decision would come from the Browns.

Salguero also spoke to John Wooten of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, who said he had recommended Farmer, who has been pegged as the favorite for the job by multiple accounts, interview for the job in order to alleviate his concerns about the power structure in Miami.

The Dolphins have also reportedly told Lions personnel exec Brian Xanders that he’s out of the running. Current Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine, Buccaneers director of player personnel Dennis Hickey, Steelers director of football operations Omar Khan and Titans vice president of football operations Lake Dawson are other candidates who interviewed with the Dolphins and could still wind up replacing Jeff Ireland in Miami.

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  1. rooney rule = pandering to minorities for once let their work stand on it’s own, If the body of work is good enough for such situation then such person would get hired,if not they won’t.

  2. I’m sure Farmer is more than capable , but let’s be realistic — the only reason he was considered the front runner was because Ross’ number one crony , Carl Peterson , thought Farmer should be the guy , not necessarily because of anything Farmer had done previously.

  3. If in a few years Ray Farmer is still not a general manger he won’t be able to blame the fish or use the race card, the dude should have stay in the fight for the job and prove he can be the man. Bill

  4. And then there were two. Based on an article earlier today on PFT, it was down to Farmer who pulled out, Kevin Hickey the Bucs Director of Player Personnel who couldn’t get the same job with the Buccaneers the team he was with and the Dolphins Assistant GM Brian Gaine.

    Most of the qualified candidates want no part of this circus as the job description really should be Dawn Aponte’s caddie.

  5. Thank God!

    As a Browns fan, I needed this good news. Mr. Farmer is the only one from the FO that seems to know what he’s doing. We need to keep him if there’s any hope for the future of the Browns.

  6. Former KC Chiefs boss Carl Peterson has coordinated the search and initial interviews for the Dolphins. Farmer used to work for Peterson and is considered a friend.
    Maybe Farmer was told that he was unlikely to get the GM job and has exited the field to save some face with his current employer, the Cleveland Browns.
    Good candidate for future opportunities.

  7. I don’t want hickey, or Kahn or any of those other guys. I was hoping for Xanders or Farmer. I say give the job to Gaines. Whats one more year at this point. Take a “Us against the world” mentality and prove everyone wrong.

  8. Cleveland must be not as chaotic of an organization as the Dolphins. Ray Farmer had some serious concerns about how the Dolphins were structured.

  9. So in keeping with the whiplash style of reporting this site is famous for, what you are really saying is that Farmer is Miami’s next GM.

    Got it!

  10. One can only hope that the Browns announcement about Farmer will be that he is replacing Lombardi. That is something that will get Cleveland fans happy about the new coach.

  11. Wonder if it had to do with Fins fleecing the Browns on the Bess trade? The Fins did not disclose Bess’s psyc issues. Betcha Farmer gets some perks for the Browns.

  12. ok, so lets say its a hard job, coming in and basically reseting everything. the media keeps saying on how its a bad job,blah blah blah. the new gm comes in, takes over a talented team, a qb in place, tons of cap space, this team was 8-8 and lost a few games at the last second so they could be a 10 or 11 win team. the new gm comes in, makes a few moves and could easily have a double digit playoff team and look like a genius, or the team stays around 8-8 and he has the excuse of this and that. plus not to mention im sure its a pretty heafty pay raise. not seeing the downside here.

    im pretty sure the media is painting this as worse than it really is, as usual.

  13. They should promote gaine, because if they need to clean house next year it will be easier to fire the the guy who worked for ireland.

  14. This is coming from someone in the personnel department of an NFL team right now. There’s no one more qualified and more deserving of the position than Farmer. I personally know most of the other candidates (Including Farmer) except for Khan who isn’t in personnel anyway. We all know Farmer was apart of the braintrust that helped build Atlanta and this years Chiefs (Most pro bowlers in NFL 2 years running) team. The notion of him being the front runner because of Peterson is absurd. Theres a reason he’s considered a rising star in our league, even prior to becoming a candidate in Miami. This would have been his first complete draft in Cleveland and Im sure it will be a success if he’s apart of it. He hasnt even been there a full calendar year yet.

    Why would you keep Gaine? Good guy, but he was groomed by Parcells and Ireland? Isnt that the definition of insanity? Different personality type? Yes! Same philosophy and grading system? Yes!
    Clean House! Move on. Let the new GM build the team and front office the way he sees fit! What a debacle!

  15. It almost looks like there is some shenanigans going on with Aponte. It will be Gaines in some sort of reduced capacity. Aponte has either Ross and/or Philbin wrapped around her….um…finger. A future scandal would not surprise me

  16. I have already gone on the record by predicting that Gaines will get the job. I have no idea if any of the applicants have potential to be the next great GM and therefore have no personal favorite. My original comments were based on the dysfunctional organizational chart and lines of formal communications Mr. Ross has created.

    I looked up Farmer’s resume and saw that he graduated from Duke, played football there and in the NFL before getting hurt. Mr. Farmer has had a series of support jobs within the player personnel venue. He did work for Carl Peterson in KC. If the twitter rumors are true, the once proud Dolphins have been snubbed by the insiders hand picked successor. Take that King Carl – take that Mr. World Traveler, Steven Ross!

    I never thought that I would see the day when the Miami Dolphins would be snubbed by an assistant from the Cleveland Browns! The Browns are one of the few teams that has made as poor of personnel decisions as the Dolphins. The personnel guys from the bottom feeders won’t even come aboard for a ride on the cruise ship Sun Life Stadium. We are a ship sailing in a circle with a captain who has abandoned ship!

  17. I have a question, how come we get to hear all of the people crying about race in the front office and/or head coaching ranks but we have minority candidates pulling out of the running in both?

    This year Farmer pulls out of 2nd round of interviews w/ the Dolphins for GM and Todd Bowles did the same with the Cleveland HC job.

    Whether or not they would’ve recd the job in the end is irrelevant, the point is how can teams be held culpable when the candidates refuse the interviews?

    How can you say not enough minorities are being hired when they don’t seem to want the jobs?

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