Super Bowl week could start with another snowstorm


In a season that has had plenty of games affected by weather, it’s fitting that the entirety of Super Bowl week could be marred by Mother Nature.  Already we know it’s going to be very cold, a circumstance that hardly will be regarded as a surprise in, you know, late January.

Specific forecasts for Super Sunday have yet to emerge, but at least one company that makes its money predicting the weather thinks that another snowstorm could be headed to the New York/New Jersey area on Monday, January 27.

Via Alex Sosnowski of, a train of Alberta Clipper storms that started a couple of weeks ago will continue into next week.  Currently, targets Monday for the arrival of the next system in the New York area.

And there there’s this, at the bottom of the article:  “Yet another clipper storm may take a similar path a day or two prior to the big game at East Rutherford, N.J.”

In contrast, the long-term forecasts at and aren’t predicting snow for the area on Monday. currently projects a high temperature of 34 for Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1.

It would take a blizzard of significant, life-threatening proportions to move the game from Sunday, February 2.  As we saw a few weeks back at Lambeau Field, bitter cold and dangerously low wind chills won’t result in a postponement.

Regardless, the NFL wins because any discussion about Super Bowl weather continues to be discussion about the Super Bowl, which results in more attention and interest in a game that already will set the all-time record for TV viewership.

As it seems to do every year.