With blockbuster deal looming, Suh fires agents

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The Lions and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh are talking about a contract extension that could make him the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history.  They’ll now have to take a break from the process.

Per multiple league sources, Suh has fired his agents, Eugene Parker and Roosevelt Barnes.

The NFLPA’s online database of players and agents currently omits Suh, which implies strongly that he has no representation.

Per union rules, Suh can’t hire a new agent for five days, the mandatory cooling-off period that in theory could cause Suh to return to Parker.  While the union received a copy of the termination letter on Wednesday, January 22, the five-day period doesn’t begin to run until the agent receives the letter.

Suh is entering the final year of his rookie contract.  The second overall pick in the final year of the pre-rookie wage scale system, Suh has a cap charge for 2014 in excess of $22 million.

Currently in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, Suh figures to be extra popular with the agents who routinely swarm around the players’ hotel in the days leading up to the game.

56 responses to “With blockbuster deal looming, Suh fires agents

  1. Lions fans, rejoice. For those of you who dont know, Eugene Parker tells all his guys to hold out. Thats what happened with Buffalo and Jairus Byrd.

    Suh probably didnt want to hold out, so Parker told him to get another agent.

  2. I can’t shake the feeling that a firing by Suh doesn’t involve awkwardness in a conference room so much as being upside down over a freeway.

  3. Will any new contract include a clause for immediately arrest the next time he assaults someone on a football field?

  4. With Megatron and Stafford getting paid. I don’t know how much they can throw at Suh. I am sure he will have a nice pay day. They need a lot of help in other areas like secondary though.

  5. It will be interesting to hear what the reason was for the separation. The Lions really want him and they very much need to extend him in order to trim their cap number down. He has great bargaining position so it shouldn’t be too hard for both sides to consummate a deal.

    Somewhere a curve ball got tossed in and it didn’t break so well. Let’s take a look at the replay on that one, it’s important to figure out what happened.

  6. GREAT GUY!?What the heck are you smoking?This guy is by far the dirtiest player in the N.F.L.Just ask the league for the third straight year.

  7. These deals are so copy/pasted these days. Save yourself whatever % you are wasting on an agent, sign the deal yourself, then hire an agent back to get you promotions. Done and Done. But that would require these guys to have some business sense.

  8. Overrated? Yep, that’s what Deion thought in making him the #1 Pro Bowl pick and what his fellow players thought naming him, “Most Feared”.

    Overrated? Only by Couch Jockeys.

  9. Hire Drew Rosenhaus! That man will get you P-A-I-D. Nobody knows the score like Drew, Suh…

  10. There’s obviously another Agent involved, because we all know Suh didn’t write his own termination letter.

    Unless PFT obtains a copy and proves it was written in crayon, I won’t believe it.

  11. For those of you calling him overrated… have you watched line play? Man is a destroyer. DT’s aren’t exactly stat machines but the effect he has on an entire teams blocking scheme is pretty huge. He’s a big part of Ansahs successful rookie season.

  12. How can the lions even field a team with the monstrous contracts that have been paid out to Stafford, Calvin and now Suh?

  13. So I see this article and turn to my friend and say “how long before someone makes some stupid comment about Suh stomping his agents. Well I click on the comments and lo and behold it’s the very first comment. Could you be any more predictable? I don’t think so.

  14. It seems like the words “mandatory cooling off period” are particularly applicable with this guy.

  15. There’s no way he should be the highest paid defensive player in the league. Geno Atkins, a guy from the same draft class 3 rounds later signed a 5 year $55 million extension this past offseason. And he has 2 more sacks than Suh in 6 less games.

  16. There’s no way he should be the highest paid defensive player in the league. Geno Atkins, a guy from the same draft class 3 rounds later signed a 5 year $55 million extension this past offseason. And he has 2 more sacks than Suh in 6 less games.

    >>Yes because sacks are the main thing you should be looking at when judging the quality of a DT. SMH

  17. Suh continues to show hes a team player. Just like stafford and calvin. It is telling when a player signs long term a year before free agency and after a rookie deal and keeps defering money so team can sign guys. I just hope theres a driver in the contract so suh doesnt get behind the wheel of a car ever again. I dont understand why teams dont offer that as a regular part of contracts for any player with issues.

  18. Yep he’s so overrated, which is why there isn’t a single other team in the NFL that wouldn’t make room for this guy on their DLine.

  19. Suh is a great player and has tried very hard to clean up his reputation. He has done everything a Lions fan could ask after a shaky start.

    I hope the Lions lock him up for about 7 years, and the guy is known for being the greatest DT to ever play the game when it’s all over. God knows the Lions need a break

  20. With the Stafford, Suh and Calvin Johnson contracts, the Lions salary cap will be in intensive care.

  21. He may be great but they can’t afford him. You can’t win with 2 great players and 1 expensive quarterback. They better figure out the salary cap real soon or they’ll be back to 0-16.

  22. Shouldn’t his value be in relation to his performance on the field.

    He should have a clause in his contract that voids any money he makes in a game if he gets ejected.

  23. The dude seems intelligent enough, but he will probably do something dumb to get himself kicked out of the league. Maybe not the best long-term answer.

  24. geno atkins isn’t only better than suh he is also a class act where suh isn’t, if the lions pay this idiot more than geno got, they are dumber than i thought

  25. Suh’s going to work at Blockbuster? I thought they were in worse financial shape than the city of Dirtroit. I guess he doesn’t need agents for that gig.

  26. sjayem says:
    Jan 23, 2014 1:11 PM

    overhyped? maybe. overrated? i question whether you have watched him play football.

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