Browns delighted to keep Ray Farmer away from Dolphins


The Browns declared Thursday a double-win, as they found a coach in Mike Pettine, and were able to hold onto a key member of their personnel department as well.

With assistant general manager Ray Farmer pulling out of the Dolphins G.M. search, the Browns took a step toward stability.

“Yes, Ray is staying,” Browns president Joe Banner said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Double good day. We’ve retained an outstanding employee that we were excited when he decided a year ago to come here, and we’re really excited that he decided to stay.

I’ve been calling Ray an up-and-coming star, which probably haunted us and tipped off the rest of the league how good he was, so I’ll be more careful. He’s an up-and-coming star. He’s a high, high character, outstanding employee and a really valuable part of our team.”

Owner Jimmy Haslam said he met with Farmer Thursday morning, and was relieved to hang onto him.

“It’s a compliment to our organization that another organization wants to hire him to kind of go from the No. 2 position to the No. 1 position,” Haslam said. “I’m really excited Ray’s standing. He’s smart, he’s focused, he’ll play a key role in this draft and in free agency.”

While Farmer sticking around Cleveland might say more about the current perceived dysfunction in Miami (and roll that around in your head for a minute), it does benefit the Browns, by not disrupting a scouting system that was already in mid-stream.

17 responses to “Browns delighted to keep Ray Farmer away from Dolphins

  1. Hopefully Ol’ Jimmy put a bug in Ray’s ear that Lombardi’s oversized seat is on fire.

  2. Huge keep for the Browns. Farmer is doing a great job in the FO and will certainly by GM somewhere soon. I can only hope it’ll be in Cleveland.

    Paired with the Pettine hire, it really has been a positive week for the Browns. And we needed it.

  3. First hint that the Three Stooges are not the people they seem to be. Maybe some good news for the Browns’ fans? They sure deserve it.

  4. made right call by staying in Cleveland by next year he will have an opportunity to interview for some real franchises…

  5. I don’t understand why they employ Lombardi if they have to keep another guy on the payroll to do his job for him.

    And does Joe Banner realize what he sounds like when he speaks?

  6. As a Dolphin fan I am disappointed they could not make this hire. Mr. Farmer seems like an up and coming talent evaluator that will be a NFL GM some day very soon.

    Really makes me wonder how the Dolphins tried to shoe horn him into the organizational chart.

  7. Perceived dysfunction is correct. Sorry, but 8-8 is not as dysfunctional as the 13 other NFL teams that had worse records than Miami. But, in media circles, perception counts more than reality, and there are ample lemmings who will buy into this, as evidenced by comments on this page.

  8. LMAO at folks who think Farmer is doing a great job in Cleveland. What makes the job he’s done great? Who thinks 4-12 is great? Sycophantic sportswriters and the brainless lemmings who believe their nonsense.

  9. Lol agreed. Hes so valuable really? Banner is a putz. Stupid is as stupid does for these clueless idiots in the Browns front office. What the hell did Farmer scout last year? Their draft was horrible

  10. Are the folks who post on here actual Browns backers/fans or just followers? Or fans of other teams that are trolling. Just curious about the hate.

    “Bernie Kosar owes me Taco Bell!”

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