Buccaneers round out Lovie Smith’s initial coaching staff


The Buccaneers were one of the fastest moving teams when it came to hiring a new head coach and they’ve been almost as quick about filling out Lovie Smith’s first staff in Tampa.

Leslie Frazier and Jeff Tedford were installed as defensive and offensive coordinator shortly after Smith agreed to take the Tampa job and they added a slew of other position coaches in short order. On Friday, they announced that they have hired two more coaches and declared that Smith’s staff is now complete.

Mike Phair will be an assistant defensive line coach working with Joe Cullen, who was previously added to the Tampa staff. Phair was the defensive line coach in Chicago for the last three seasons, bridging the transition from Smith to Marc Trestman and Phair’s old boss was obviously happy enough with his work in that position to bring him to Florida.

Carlos Polk has been hired as an assistant special teams coach, which means he’ll be assisting Kevin O’Dea. Polk was in the same job with the Chargers from 2010-2012 and began his coaching career after an eight-year NFL career, most of which was spent as a special teamer with San Diego.

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  1. This has been a very good start to the Bucs offseason, after a season of misery and embarrassment. These hires, from the coach to the coaching staff to the GM are refreshing and have the potential for a rapid turnaround in Tampa Bay.

    Compare how quickly the pieces fell into place with the Greg Schiano coaching hire. Schiano was hired very late in the offseason, even later than Cleveland hiring Pettine. The late hire resulted in a mostly mediocre coaching staff (Earnest Byner and Bryan Cox the exceptions) being assembled on the fly which hurt the team in the long run.

    Lovie and co. provide the Bucs with experience, credibility and a winning pedigree. All coaches have their flaws, but my goodness, at least Lovie isn’t walking in the door with a 28-48 win/loss record against the Big East.

  2. I hope there’s not a Wendy’s near One Buc Place with Joe Cullen around.

    Just had to throw that out there… Cullen, I understand is a solid coach, but that history… Ugh!

  3. pussssssssss ! I’ll let you in on a little secret , Lovie is a defensive coach. And a Damn good one. I think our defense will be just fine with Leslie or whomever as long as Lovie is calling the shots. Tedford was a well regarded and successful college coach, and now he’ll be able to show he’s going to be competitive in the NFL as well,uglyglazers. Tool !

  4. uglyglazers says:
    Jan 24, 2014 4:46 PM
    Lovie would make a great Defensive Coordinator in this league and Tedford would make a great college QB coach!

    2 4


    You must be a comic!! Unless you are just HATING
    Lovie for PERSONAL reasons. Because I saw a pretty good coach in Chicago……This is a guy that went to the SUPER BOWL with REX GROSSMAN at QB!!!! QUIT SOUNDING LIKE RED MCCOMBS!!!!

  5. What a great staff he’s put together. Always heard about Teford being an offensive college genius.

    Saw some comments about Frazier.. say what you may, but some guys aren’t the best head coaches but excellent assistant coaches at their respective expertise. I’m sure if he weren’t already an excellent co-ordinator that he was, he never would have been given his shot.

    I think these bucs can go from worst to first type deal. Great deal of talent, especially on defense. For sure they’ll be one of the most improved teams like the Chiefs this year.

    I hope that’s the case for most regime changes, but more so after Schiano!! That beautiful city deserves it.
    Imagine they bring back that QB.. lol but Glennon has looked alright

  6. Smith is going to be the face of the Bucs for a long time.

    The most fun to watch defense of yore is returning!

    -Not necessarily scheme wise, but results wise.

    Next season’s gonna be a blast.

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