Byrd mum about Pettine’s departure

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Some Browns players are saying plenty of good things about the arrival of coach Mike Pettine.  One Bills player is saying nothing about the corresponding departure of his defensive coordinator.

Safety Jairus Byrd, a pending free agent who played under the franchise tag in 2013, declined to answer several questions posed by Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

Here’s the exchange:

Graham:  “What was your gut reaction to hearing Pettine had gotten the Browns job?”

Byrd: “I’d really rather not answer that.”

Graham:  “You’re entering your sixth season, and the Bills will have their fifth defensive coordinator. What are your thoughts on that?”

Byrd [laughing]:  “Same as the last one. I won’t answer that one.”

Graham:  “How will Pettine’s departure impact the likelihood you’ll return to the Bills?”

Byrd [laughing harder]: “You’re oh for three.”

The Pro Bowl safety talked to Graham from Hawaii, where three other Bills defensive players are getting ready for Sunday’s nights game:  Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, and Marcell Dareus.  And Byrd was willing to talk about the fact that they talked about Pettine leaving.

“We talked among ourselves,” Byrd said regarding Pettine’s departure, “but I’m going to keep it between us the things that we said. . . .  He put guys in position to make plays.  That’s what it was about on defense.”

It’s still unknown who’ll be in position to put the guys in position to make plays moving forward.  Pettine reportedly wants to make linebackers coach Jim O’Neil the defensive coordinator in Cleveland.  The Bills could block the move, making O’Neil the coordinator in Buffalo — where he’d necessarily have more autonomy since the head coach has a background in offense.

As for Byrd, maybe he’s not saying anything because he’s hoping to spark a bit of a bidding war between the Browns and Bills for his services.  If so, that’s simply smart business by Byrd.

30 responses to “Byrd mum about Pettine’s departure

  1. The hiring of our new coach wasn’t very exciting. However, the possibility of acquiring Byrd generated a little excitement in to this Browns fan. We have the money, let’s get him.

    Go Browns!

  2. He has no loyalty to Pettine. He missed some games and when he came back he played like himself.
    He will go to highest bidder in my opinion. Maybe that is Cleveland , maybe not.

    Why this is even an article on here is beyond me. Jairus Byrd will not follow Pettine to Cleveland just because Mike Pettine went there.

    I think one of 2 things will happen. He will resign with Buffalo because they will pay what he wants, or he will leave to go to super bowl contender. You dont leave Buffalo to go to Cleveland or vice versa, unless you have no options, not a problem with Byrd

  3. I like Jarius to Cleveland, I’m all for it. Matches up well with Joe Haden and the another nobodys in the secondary.. but you know he going to ask for a lot of money so why not just resign TJ Ward to a new contract?

  4. Byrd is a terrible player to root for and frankly it is because he doesn’t care about anything but money and is terrible at hiding it.

  5. He doesn’t seemed thrilled about the bills. Not that he ever did. He’ll sign with the browns, and T.J Ward will sign with philly.

  6. so please enlighten us on what is so much better about Cleveland.

    If he leaves Buffalo, he is going to go to a contender. You are no closer to that than we are.

  7. This guy can go anywhere he wants and clearly a guy who is all about money and himself. Based on that he’s not going to the Browns just because Petine did. He’s going to stay with the Bills if he likes the pay day they offer him, or he’ll seek out another pay day elsewhere.

    Maybe he ends up in Cleveland, who knows. But if he does it was have nothing to do with Pettine and everything to do with the number of 0’s in his contract.

  8. byrd or cleve’s tj ward will sign with eagles unless they are too expensive, in which case eagles go after tenn’s bernard pollard as contingency.

  9. Byrd is easily the best safety in the NFL, has been the best for a couple years now. Unless the Bills are restricted from doing so, they better slap that franchise tag on him again and either work on locking him up longterm or deal him to the highest bidder.

    The Bills cannot let a player of this caliber walk away without getting anything in return.

  10. Reading this, I would think there was no chance of Byrd to Cleveland. If he was going to follow his coach you would have heard statements like “Im so happy for him” and “he deserved the chance to lead a team”. NOT a bunch of no comments. Are Browns fans REALLY this desperate?

  11. Come to Philly Jarius!… We have tons of cap space, a really good coach, up and coming D, and you are a better safety when you’re a sleep than Patrick Chung.

    Byrd would make a great addition to the Birds D

  12. Let me put it this way. The Eagles are doing a great job of building through the draft and getting role players but if Buffalo let’s this guy on the market – he’s going to the Eagles. Our safeties are horrible and he’s exactly what is needed. No doubt about it.

  13. Maybe this guy is a good coach, I like a DC that knows how to put players in a position to make plays. I haven’t seen that in Detroit at all over the last decade. It sounds nice.

  14. One thing is for sure….my Bills will let him get away….they almost always do let the good ones get away….

  15. The Browns are on the exact same level as the Bills are, but Buffalo has one thing accomplished that Cleveland will still have to endure, that is the first year Head Coaching blues. Pettine did very well in his first year as DC, but I’m thinking it might be a bit soon to be taking over a Head Coaching job. Only time will tell though…

  16. I know there is a lot of back and forth regarding where he will go. Everyone deep down knows he will go to the highest bidder. I would love for him to come to Green Bay but I know we wouldn’t offer the most. There always seems to be a team that will overpay a guy like this.

  17. Nobody’s ever heard of the franchise tag huh? That’s what happening with Jarius Byrd…if you want him, the Bills will accept your 1st round pick, or two 2nds and a 3rd.

    That’s the only way he leaves Buffalo.

    Book it…Doug Whaley’s too smart.

  18. No, the Browns are NOT on the same level as the Bills.

    Do the Browns have a young rookie 1st round QB? Do the Browns have the 2nd ranked running game in the NFL? Do they have more than 1 good WR?

    Do they have a top-10 defense…with 3 players having double-digit sacks?

    Buffalo’s talent is much better, hands down.

  19. People talking like he’s going to leave the Bills: news flash, they can tag him again. Secondly, the Bills have enough cap space to keep him. As for those of you who said ‘he’s only in it for the money’, are you kidding me? He’s got, at most, 8 or 9 years left to earn all he can in one of the most violent sports and you recommend he NOT pursue all the money he can now? Give me a break.

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