Carroll says Lynch, Baldwin will be ready to play


A pair of key cogs in the Seattle offense haven’t been practicing in the aftermath of the NFC title game.  But the absence of running back Marshawn Lynch (knee) and receiver Doug Baldwin (hip) from practice doesn’t mean they’ll be unable to play in Super Bowl XLVIII.

On Friday, coach Pete Carroll said that both players will be ready to go for the NFL title game.

“Just getting back from the game both guys got banged a little bit,” Carroll said, via our own Curtis Crabtree, who also works for KJR radio in Seattle.  “They’ll both be fine, probable to play and all that. But they’re more than that, they’re going to go.  They’ll be fine.”

That’s very good news for the Seahawks, given that Lynch and Baldwin accounted for more than two thirds of the total offense in the NFC championship win over the 49ers.

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  1. Bailey on Harvin. Who’s on Baldwin and Tate in three receiver sets? The Broncos won’t have the personnel to compete all game. The Broncos won’t be able to stack the box on lynch if we spread them out. Media thinks you must force Wilson to beat you with his arm. But he’ll win next week with his legs. No von Miller no hope for Broncos defense.

    One more game
    One more Win

  2. They’ll have to tie Baldwin up to keep him out of this game.

    Really happy for this guy.

    Fantasy folks don’t like him alot, but he makes plays when it counts for the Hawks.

  3. Chickenhawks can’t score enough to outduel Manning….. they barely squeaked by Kaepernick, in yer their own house

  4. Seatownballers;

    Your over confidence is baffeling, but i will give you a pass since you are probably among the massive resurgence of seahawk fans this year.

    DRC will cover harvin if he plays. Champ will cover Tate or Baldwin. Denver just has to slow down seattles running game, which they should be able to do. Denver has had a very good rush defense all year and they have very fast athletic linebackers who will be able to contain Wilson. You’re sadly mistaken if you think seattle is goong to dominate demvers defense. The past two weeks, denver has held the # 5 and # 7 ranked offenses to under 20 points. Despite all of the major injuries they are playing very well right now.

    You should be worrying about who is going to cover denvers 4 excellent receivers. Seattle has a very good defense but they havent seen an offense as capable at moving the ball and putting up points like the broncos can. You guys are going to have a fight on your hands come next Sunday.

  5. Don’t worry, “siknutty”. Pretty sure if the Chargers can march into Denver and come away with a win the Seahawks can keep the game competitive. It won’t be a shootout – the Broncos aren’t gonna go up and down the field and light up the scoreboard – not in the cold, and not against that defense.

  6. siknutty: that’s okay he has no idea about the Broncos on a previous story he said Denver hadn’t played a running QB yet this year.

    I do love his overconfidence based on a good receiver who’s played 20 plays in 18 games this year along with 3 average to below average receivers. Denver isn’t scared of the Seattle passing game they would gladly allow Wilson to sit in the pocket and attempt to pick them apart. The Denver D will look to limit the Seattle running game early while Denver scores and then force the Seahawks to have to pass the ball to get back into it.

    Which brings up another good point, lots of people love to call the Denver defense bad, say they’re awful and that they’re overmatched while pointing at stats, however the stats lie, a huge chunk of the yards and points the Broncos have given up during the season (and in both playoff games) have been in the fourth quarter when the Broncos have a big lead and want the opposition to put together long drives because they’ll gladly trade yards and points for time off the clock.

    Seattle might end up with 24 points and 300+ yards but that will be garbage time stats after the Broncos have already put up 42 points and 400+ yards.

  7. coolherc: The a Broncos have been doing it in all weather conditions (Tenn game was 11 degree windchill) against all defenses. The Seattle defense loves to line up and just beat the opposition (ex. Sherman stays one one side of the field as opposed to following a receiver) so the Broncos will use formations to exploit that, TE on Sherman’s side with a bunch formation of Welker, Thomas, Decker on the opposite side, this dictates to Seattle what they have to do. Also Manning will have no problem taking the 5 yard check down all the way down the field.

    One of the other things Seattle does to keep their pass rush going fast is constantly rotating the front four, the problem for them here is that the Broncos will be going with a fast no huddle with very few subs, if Seattle tries to make a substitution (when Denver hasn’t) Manning will snap the ball and they’ll take the free 5 yards. Again this dictates to Seattle what they can do.

    Seattle might win this game but their defense will face a challenge like they’ve never faced before, ultimately they’ll need to play the best game they’ve played all year to win, I’m not sure the same is true for a Denver.

  8. Seattle has the best secondary since the 2002 Buccaneers, and since Manning didn’t play them, it’s better than any secondary he’s ever played against. You can save all the “best offense of all time” junk too, the 2007 Patriots were easily better passing and had a superior run game to go along with it.

    Manning ends the day with 1 TD and 3 Ints, as he ends up trying too hard to make up for the Broncos Defense and Special Teams.

  9. Only 11 comments as I make this post, but already I see some very laughable stuff in here. Denver’s going to put up 42? I get that the Broncos have a great offense, but no way are the Seahawks giving up 20% of their total season points allowed in one freezing game – to anyone. Sorry, but that is just not happening. Both fanbases are very confident their team will win and that should make for a great game. I hope fans of other teams realize what a colossal matchup this is. Seattle has been #1 in DVOA the past 2 years and Denver has been #2. This year’s teams are both among the DVOA all-time top ten.
    Read beyond the sensationalistic headlines and do a little research about both these teams. This has the makings of one for the ages, folks.

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