Caserio making a play for a raise?


The Dolphins’ suddenly decision to interview Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio for the still-vacant G.M. position has caused some (like us) to assume that Caserio landed on the Miami radar screen only recently.

That may not be the case.

As one league source with knowledge of the Miami search process explains it to PFT, the Dolphins likely requested permission to interview Caserio from the outset of the search.  And Caserio — like several others — politely declined.  And Caserio, for some reason, recently has decided to undecline.

If that’s the case, Caserio has a reason for changing his mind.  Perhaps he wanted to be a good soldier and not create a distraction while the Patriots were still playing.  (That didn’t keep offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels from interviewing for the head-coaching job in Cleveland.)  Or perhaps Caserio isn’t being compensated the way he’d like to be, and so he’s looking for a raise from someone else.

It’s also possible that Caserio has simply decided it’s time to leave, even if leaving means staying in the AFC East and directly facing the Patriots twice per year.

Regardless, if it’s accurate that Caserio initially opted not to interview for the job, something caused him to change his mind.  And that something could result in Caserio taking over the Dolphins.

Or perhaps staying in New England with some extra dollars in his paycheck.

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  1. Belichick did say that he will be looking at everything and determining what changes the team needs to make. He should have an idea if Caserio is worth the pay raise or if not then maybe they need somebody new who would be worth a pay raise next year. Either forge forward with the right team you need to win and lock those people down, or change up the team. The Pats should be in a position to decide first if they want Caserio or not before the Dolphins can even raise the question. Maybe we will have our answer soon.

  2. … Good for Mr. Caserio … He is One of the First to see that the Patriots are Done for Good … The Super Bowl Wins are a thing of the Past … Route 1 Traffic Jams at Halftime and an Empty Stadium will be the norm for YOU Fairweather/ Bandwagon Fans … The Fat Lady has Sung !!! …

  3. The Pats have “bandwagon fans”? Sold out since 1994 and a 50,000 person wait list and oh by the way no problem selling out playoffs unlike Green Bay.

  4. .

    “the pats are the cheapest organization in sports.”

    That’s inaccurate. The Patriots are consistently in the top tier of teams in total cap spending. To make the playoffs 12 out of 13 years you have to be a salary cap hawk and they don’t pay for past performance (Welker).


  5. All the patriots trolls who think they know how the Patriots operate their organization are just jealous of their consistency and success . Petty jealousy when all 31 other NFL franchises would do anything to trade places with the Patriots and wish they had a head coach like Belichek and an owner like Robert Kraft. Troll on Haters !

  6. Hey patsdominate:
    Hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of teams (Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers, Packers, Giants) that make your Patriots trophy case look like a JOKE!

    The reality check time. EVERYONE outside of Patriots fans see the decline is not far away. Once Brady retires, Belichick will probably retire as well, and the Pats will resume their role as an average at best team. Your waiting list and sell out streak will be over.

  7. Caserio is the real deal. The Patriots are lucky to have him and should pay him like a top 5 GM. No front office salary cap last time i checked. He’s also been crossed trained, as a coach on the field as well. That duel ability is incredibly valuable, the fact that he understands both jobs from one set of eyes.

    My personal thoughts are I hope this guy is the guy to take over one day far far down the road when Belichick steps away from football.

    All and all, I think he went to Miami to spy.

  8. As poorly as the Pats have drafted the last few years I wouldn’t want any player personnel from them.

  9. Belichick does the drafting in NE. And they did play in the AFC championship game,,again this yr, if not for the missed two point conversion they might have again appeared in the SB, so their getting talent some where.

  10. I`m GLAD that Miami didn`t sign someone from a division enemy as the new GM! Having said that, I still want Ross to sell the team, though.

  11. This Caserio guy, much like many others in the recent past, had NO intention whatsoever of signing with Miami; he just wanted to be wined and dined while using the Dolphins as leverage. Ross fell for the trick AGAIN.

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