CFL also exploring elimination of extra point


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to get rid of the extra point.  The CFL possibly will be doing the same thing.

Via Mike Zwolinski of the Toronto Star, the CFL has discussed dumping the one-point PAT — and could continue to do so.

“Our rules committee discussed the idea of eliminating or altering the convert several years ago and as recently as last year,” CFL V.P. of officiating told the Star.  “We plan on continuing to explore this idea, but no change is imminent.”

The possibility of the NFL’s interest in dumping the one-point conversion spreading to the CFL gives rise to another intriguing question:  Would it trickle down to lower levels of American football?

In college and high school football, it’s far less automatic to convert the point-after kick.  But if the goal is to eliminate opportunities for contact and thus injury, college and high school governing bodies could choose to make a touchdown worth seven points, with the ability to risk one point in the hopes of picking up an eighth by going for two.

24 responses to “CFL also exploring elimination of extra point

  1. Good old America, Junior – trying to do what it can. The CFL is like watching a tallest midget contest.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the CFL make this change first. The league is all about fun & scoring and takes itself a lot less seriously than the NFL.

  3. If you’re going to let them try for 8 by running or passing, you haven’t really eliminated a possible injury have you? Stop lying to us about safety. We’re not that stupid.

  4. I dont think “elimination” of the PAT is a good idea. There are plenty of ways to make it more interesting:
    -Move it back to the 25 (43 yard kick), 40 yard kicks get missed all the time, add weather into the mix and a 2 point try would happen a lot more toward the end of the season

    -The offense consists of a holder, a snapper, and a kicker. The defense gets 3 players of their choice. All 3 defenders start the play (out of bounds) under the goal post. When the ball is snapped they can sprint toward the holder/kicker with no blockers and try to block the kick
    (there are many variables to this style extra point, eliminating the line play and focusing on just the kick/possible fake kick)

    -Make the player who scored the TD kick the extra point

    Or any combination of the above ideas. I think there are many things that could be explored before eliminating the extra point. If you are going to get rid of the PAT why not just eliminate the goal posts all together and rid the game of kicks (no kickoff, no punt, no field goal, no extra point). All drives start at the 20 (unless a team goes for it on 4th down and fails to gain a 1st)

  5. Just a few quick thoughts on this: (1) Why not give the option for a team to try a 2-point conversion from the current spot, or an extra point with the ball spotted on the 13-yard line. One unintended benefit from this would be the near elimination of excessive celebration penalties as a 15-yard penalty would result in a 45-yard extra point, or a 17-yard two point conversion; (2) the extra point should not change in high school and college. Kickers and long snappers at that level need the extra game experience that comes with attempting those kicks. Even at the highest levels of college football, extra points are far from automatic.

  6. Lol at people who diss another pro football league without any idea what it’s about. It’s football against skilled grown ups. I highly doubt those who make fun could compete in either the cfl or the nfl. Those who think they know better are ignorant. It’s a different game that requires skilled players at almost every position and not just technicians like the offensive lineman are in the nfl. They require speed, agility, and players who can move in an open field since the field is much larger than an nfl field. There are no possessional receivers in the cfl. There are no tight ends even though they do employ double tight end formations. I am a fan of both leagues and understand the differences and intricacies of both games. Ignorance never matures.

  7. Why not make it interesting with new options:

    1) Take an automatic 7 points on a TD rather then 6
    2) Try a 50 yard kick to make it 8 points (2 point conversion – a miss only resulting in 6 pts)
    3) One play from the 20 yard line for 9 points (3 point conversion – a miss only resulting in 6 pts)

  8. If the CFL has been discussing this in the rules committee for years, then technically it isn’t really trickling from the NFL to the CFL, but the other way around. This is the first year I have seen serious conversation from the NFL about it.

  9. Why not get rid of the ridiculous single point for a missed field goal or a punt through the end zone first?

  10. I don’t think “fun and scoring” is what football is all about. The extra point and two point conversion have decided games. Why take that dynamic away from the game? I’d rather see a stout defense dominate an offense than vice versa. Hard hitting and hard nose football is what makes this sport great to me. Not NBA type scores.

  11. I believe the NFL should look into dumping the position of commissioner. It would save thirty million dollars a year and quite possibly the game of professional football as we know it.

  12. As absurd as it first sounded, having either a LB or DE kick a PAT after returning an INT or fumble for a TD even from the standard 20 yards would be darn good cinema. But I wouldn’t assume Roger Bad-ell put much fore thought on how to really enhance the game after the debacle he created with making sure that all WRs and QBa are smothered in bubble wrap when they step on the field and making sure that defenses can’t even breathe on ’em
    Goodell, ripping the FUN and the “FOOT” out of the football. He should be so proud.

  13. Does this mean players would be credited with either six or seven points for a TD, depending on what their team elected to do? What does that do to the Scoring stat that the NFL tracks? If individuals continue to be credited with six points regardless of what the team decides, who gets credit for the “extra” one point?

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

  14. The CFL is looking at eliminating the extra point? With only 8 teams in the whole league, maybe they should consider more important things… Such as why is every team named the “Roughriders”?

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