Eli Manning’s playing concierge for big brother


Eli Manning is doing everything he can to help big brother Peyton next week.

But not with scouting reports.

Eli said his most important job has been ticket broker, helping Peyton line up the seats he needs for Super Bowl XVLIII so he can worry about the football.

“I tried to help him out, and try and get answers on how many tickets I could get from my teammates and players and people and try and get that done as early as possible,” Eli said, via  Jordan Raanan of NJ.com. “So once they start preparation this week, he has everything solved before you get to the city you’re playing the Super Bowl.

“I think that is kind of the biggest help I could be to him at this point. Obviously, I know his friends and family, to try to get them settled so they are not dealing with him and he has to worry about that.”

The two have experience at this game, as Peyton played concierge when Eli brought the Giants to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, and Peyton used his hometown advantage there two years ago.

And so Eli’s been hitting up co-workers, since Giants players and staff and employees were offered face value tickets for the game.

“He was very helpful in dealing with family and friends and trying to take that burden off me,” Eli said. “It’s something we kind of learned having played in a few of these. You try and get all that stuff done by this week.”

They’ll talk about the Seahawks later.

But for now, they’re making sure all the tickets are taken care of.

15 responses to “Eli Manning’s playing concierge for big brother

  1. Peyton: “Now that tickets are settled, give me your thoughts on how to beat the Seahawks.”

    Eli: “Well, I like to start off by throwing the ball right to them. Do that 3 or 4 times and you’ll have them so confused….their Defense will be scoring touchdowns, and their offense may not know what to do!”

  2. I imagine the Hawks are going to get spanked and humiliated by Peyton but that’s OK. The coach and more than a few of their players kind of need that treatment.

  3. NFL employees who are caught swelling their tix above face value are subject to immediate dismissal from the league. This rule still applies if they sell their tix to a broker. I know of a former on-field NFL referee who was fired because he scalped his tickets

  4. They’re brothers, they’ll help each other out, scrap for a while, and then give each other a hug.

  5. It’s amazing with their number of SB appearances, the brothers now have a sort of system in place for each other. Incredible and classy family.

  6. So many of you are still soooooo mad that Eli will go down as a better QB than yours because he won at least 2 rings.

    Giants fans laugh at your posts… Even a non-football fan can see he had no line to even complete a screen pass. Doesnt bother us as much as it actually bothers you!

    We can feel your anger and we love it.

  7. Spanked and humiliated by Petyon?! Aww, that’s cute. Like one of the best defenses in the last 30 years is just going to roll over and play dead. The Hawks haven’t been spanked or humiliated in over two seasons. I think you all seem to be forgetting that this isn’t some MEDIOCRE AFC defense that the Broncos are going up against. Three letters for ya…LOB, baby!

  8. To every Super Bowl player without a brother that’s an NFL player in the Super Bowl host stadium — word is that Mike Tice has volunteered to orchestrate the brokering of your Super Bowl tickets and other related swag.

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