First weather forecast is in for Super Sunday


The window of the 10-day forecasts finally has encompassed February 2.

In most years, it’s Groundhog Day.  This year, it’s also Super Sunday — with the game to be played in conditions that could be bad enough to keep Punxsutawney Phil indoors.

According to, the newly-released February 2 forecast calls for a high of 35, a low of 25, and a 30-percent chance of snow.  Also, winds will be manageable, at only eight miles per hour.

At, the high and the low are one degree higher, with a note that snow showers are “possible.”

The best news is that, for now, the forecast doesn’t include the kind of storm that could prompt the NFL to change the date or time of the game.  As NFL senior executive Eric Grubman recently explained it, the league would move the time of the game with at least 24 hours of advance notice.  The date of the game would change only with 36 hours of advance notice.  Ideally, the league would prefer 72 hours — three full days — to move the game.

The league previously has said that the contingency plans include moving the game to Saturday, February 1, Monday, February 3, or Tuesday, February 4.  The worst-case scenario would entail bumping the game to the following weekend.

In late 2010, the NFL moved a Sunday night game between the Vikings and Eagles to Tuesday night, due to a major blizzard that hit Philadelphia.  Asked at the time whether the development made the NFL regret giving a Super Bowl to New Jersey, a league spokesman declared that the NFL is the “ultimate reality show.”

For now, the chances of an ultimate degree of reality unfolding on February 2 are slim.

62 responses to “First weather forecast is in for Super Sunday

  1. I don’t understand how you can have weather as an element on every single game prior to the super bowl (non dome). Yet somehow, when it comes to the super bowl, weather shouldn’t play a factor. Let’s let everyone have to deal with something up until a point to get to a championship game, yet we’ll determine our “champion” without that something.

  2. If you have to rely on bad weather for you to have an advantage, then you probably aren’t a better football team. This game needs to be played in optimum conditions so we can see who is REALLY the better team. Too many lucky BS things can happen in bad weather.

    Reminds me of college football fans talking about an SEC team going north to play in the cold to see how they do. Why? Because you can’t beat ’em straight up when the conditions are good?

  3. This is so stupid. I want the skill of the players to determine the Championship. I want Seattle’s defense to stop Manning, not a windy day with snow and low visibility.

    I want to see if Denver can stop Lynch, not whether or not they can handle a handoff with a slick football.

    Bad weather reduces the emphasis on football skills and shifts it to “who can hold on to a slick football, and which team wore the better cleats”. This is terrible.

  4. all year long they play in the elements and now people are crying,why dont every stadium turn into a dome and we will then be able talk about an indoor superbowl.people are stupid.

  5. They don’t know anything…..even in the most predictible areas of this country, 48 hour forecasts are barely accurate.

    But, hey don’t let me get in the way of people losing their marbles over every mundane detail surrounding the game.

  6. I have been told that on that day we may expect daylight during the day time hours and a high probability of darkness during the evening hours.

    But as we all know, the meteorologist hardly ever get it right

  7. So what if a little snow falls on the players and patrons? It’ll be better than when the SB is scheduled to be held in Minnysoda’s new “monument to their stupidity” and the roof caves in.

  8. This far out, they always put a great spin on the weather for big sporting events.
    As it gets closer, watch how their optimistic forecasts begin to deteriorate.

  9. I live in Miami. Roger Goodell has blackballed Sunlife Stadium because he had to sit in 75 degree weather while it rained during a Super Bowl a few years ago.

    I hope that a blizzard makes Tuesday’s game a bust! Everyone should come to Miami that week. You could hit South Beach, play tennis, go golfing, gamble at a real casino, deep sea fish and watch the game on a big screen poolside. Probably cheaper than New York too

  10. Those thinking it’s ideal weather and that football was meant to be played in this type weather, never played the game. They recall playing at home as kids in the snow. Huge difference. As a kid, you could go in the house at will and get warm, get food and other comforts. You decided your own breaks.

    You didn’t have to be there and there was no 300 pound dude hunting you down under the pressure to win it all.

  11. The whole “ideal conditions” argument is stupid. Ideal conditions favor passing teams over running teams. Of course it looks like the NFL wants to make it an all passing, no touching, no kicking game so all of you “fans” screaming for “ideal conditions” are pandering to that cause. Thanks a lot. I guess we will end up with much cheaper seat less domes (can’t have home crowd noise interfering with the signal calling if we want the outcome determined by each teams talent alone now can we?) with all games being pay-per-view only and the object of the game will be to see which QB can throw the farthest. How exciting.

  12. I’m a Meteorologist.

    The 10 day forecast is usually unreliable.

    There is a storm trying to form in the Mid Atlantic/Northeast region.

    There will be a snowstorm that weekend. The question is which area gets the snow. Is it northern PA and northern NY or does it go through Philly and NYC?

    Keep an eye on it.

  13. The weather favors Denver? Ya, near freezing temps you’re going to take Moreno over Lynch? Little passing due to coldness you’re taking the legs of Peyton over Wilson? And have you seen Denver’s defense this year? Lucky for Denver Brady play his worst game of the year last week.

    If the temps are below 20, they will change the game so Peypey doesn’t get exposed.

  14. Weather will not be a factor in this game no matter what it is and when it’s all said and done Manning will have won the big game, in cold weather and on the way kicked the spit out of Brady. WHAT!

  15. History demonstrates that 1) cold weather championship games are usually epic games (1962 NFL Championship in Yankee Stadium, the Ice Bowl, the “Greatest game ever played” with Colts/Giants); 2) in foul weather games, it usually the team that can PASS the best in the elements that wins.

  16. Some of y’all are just ridiculous. The concern over the weather inform the fans not the players. NFL does not want to subject it’s wealthy Super Bowl sponsors to freezing cold. They only care about the money.

  17. Forecast made by the weather station are basically WAG. You know, wild ass guess. Move the game to a dome or to swarm weather site. NY/NJ don’t deserve a game of this magnitude.

  18. Is Roger Goodell going to be sitting outside? Probably not, he will be sitting inside a cushy luxury box. I am all for NFL playing in the elements but not for the biggest game of the year.

  19. I think Bill Simmons said it a few years ago, and I concur. The Super Bowl should rotate between Miami, New Orleans, Phoenix and San Diego.
    Only those four cities.

  20. How wonderful for those middle class fans who are spending thousands of dollars on tickets and travel for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the NFL might decide to move the game a day or three and cost them even more money and lost work time.

  21. Seriously does the whining ever stop as well as the beating of this subject to death? No matter what conditions they play in which includes a dome will favor a team over another. All games all year are played in wind, rain , snow, etc. why not a Super Bowl? Each city should be given an opportunity to host. Any true football fan could care less about the weather. Who doesn’t like a snow or rain and mud game. This unexpectedness of conditions is what makes NFL very unique and has some of the most memorable games.

  22. Don’t worry everyone, just enjoy the Super Bowl while it’s still in the United States. With God Dell selling out to the highest bidder, expect the game to eventually be played in the backyard of some rich oil sheik in the Middle East.

  23. I’m actually looking forward to a game where there may be some snow. Did everyone already forget how great the games were a few weeks ago with that big storm? A Super Bowl with a little bit of weather will only add to it, not detract from it, unless it is so heavy that the cameras can not record the game.

    Manning throws a majority of his passes short, so as long as the wind isn’t crazy a little snow won’t matter. The Seahawks are run dominant and rely on defense.

    Both teams will be able to keep doing what they do with an interesting and unusual backdrop. And if you paid $4000 to freeze to your seat? Well, you can clearly afford a good coat.

  24. It was fun watching the Balt-Minn game in the snow, with 5 scores the final 2 minutes, mostly because defenders could not hold their feet and react to cuts by runners or ST blocks.

    But IMO that would have been terrible way to determine a year-long drive to a championship.

  25. I like how they say “SNOW” when it’s snow showers that will accumulate to nothing from what I have read so far from, man anything to give this Super Bowl a bad name. Oh sorry billionaires you have to spend the whole game out in the cold. Geez I wish I could go to a Super Bowl no matter where in the u.s they are playing it.

  26. I attended last year’s SB game in New Orleans and had a great time…all week. 75 degrees outside, plenty for me and the family to do, and a great game that we could all actually see. Even though the stadium experienced that unprecedented electrical outage….the game was still great, and everyone ( rooting for either team ) had a superior time on game day. Now Roger expects us to sit in 25 degree snow flurry conditions with teeth chattering and “enjoy” this game? I decided against it, sold my tickets while I could, and cancelled my hotel and air fare before I was penalized. I’ll watch it all on big screen TV…and save my $5000 to spend on my motorcycle.

  27. I am chuckling at these articles and fans comments. All the whining about sitting outside in New Jersey for the Super Bowl is hilarious.

    If you can afford the ticket – enjoy the game! Wear your long underware! Live in the moment and watch a great game to see who is better at overcoming the elements!

    My favorite memories are when my sons played football (yes, it was only high school football) in the rain, snow and mud. And, guess what: It was their favorite times playing football!


  28. It’s a made for TV farce. NYC wanted a football game. Sure they can play in the cold. But, do you think any other cold, open stadium would get a go at one? It’s not like a working guy can afford a ticket. So we’ll have the big guys in the sky boxes partying in NYC after the game. A saving grace is that none of New Jersey’s teams are in it :)!

  29. Al Gore says that if it snows on a Super Bowl game that it is just more evidence of global warming.

  30. All those guys crying about theSuper Bowl being played outside are making me laugh ! I grew up with the Football Championship Game played out side.It’s not arena football ,it’s the NFL! So pull your skirts up stop complaining !

  31. outlaw53 says: Jan 24, 2014 12:41 PM

    “I decided against it, sold my tickets”

    Just because you didn’t want to go there is still a market of people who do. That is why you were able to sell your ticket. Quit crying.


    knowshon has almost identical #’s as Marshawn….look it up.

    the Broncos have a better run game (and run D) than most people realize.
    this game will likely come down to who has a better day passing and that favors Manning .
    35* degrees or 70.

    sorry to those of you who are trying to find a way to give the edge to seattle….the Broncos will win the SB as long as they don’t get stupid with the ball.

  33. I love how everyone counts Manning out on cold weather. Maybe you guys missed the games where he played great and we won in under 20 degrees? I don’t expect us to blow the Seahawks out, I’m realistic. But I do think we have the edge and expect to win 🙂

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