Joe Haden on Mike Pettine: I hope I can give him what he wants

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Cornerback Joe Haden is heading into his fifth NFL season and the Browns have just hired their fourth head coach in that span.

You’d think that it would be hard to get too fired up about another coaching change at that point, but Haden checked in from Hawaii with some hopeful words about what the Mike Pettine era will bring to the team. Haden said from Hawaii that he hopes Pettine installs a tough attitude and mentality on the team, citing the way the Steelers have taken on Mike Tomlin’s traits which also stands as an implicit plea to let Pettine remain in the job long enough for that to happen.

Haden also knows that Pettine spent several years coaching Darrelle Revis with the Jets and wants to play the same kind of role for Pettine in Cleveland that Revis played with the Jets in those years.

“That means he knows what a good corner is supposed to look like and I hope I can give him exactly what he wants,” Haden said, via “I just can’t wait to talk to him and see what approach he wants to take with me.”

Even if Pettine hadn’t coached Revis in the past, it would be a safe bet that Haden will be a centerpiece of his defensive plans in Cleveland. The fact that he has makes it easier to understand how Haden could summon up excitement for yet another coaching change.

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  1. Joe Haden might be the only guy “fired up” about the latest coaching change, especially considering they lost two solid coordinators in the process. Every year it gets harder and harder to be a Browns fan.

  2. Me Too Joe, Me Too!! Been waiting since ’99 for a tough physical team and we still haven’t had it…It’s getting old and hard to be a Browns fan!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  3. As much as I want our offense to be better, the AFC North has always been about having a tough defense. There are pieces in place and now they need to prove to the players that they are serious about contending.

    I refuse to get overly excited about this coach and/or whoever we draft in April.

    For the love of God… just win.

  4. This is the guy no one talks about, a guy that constantly ruins AJ green in their matchup (non brows fan, just had AJ in ff), a guy that is easily top 5 cb and nooone even knows he exists bc he’s not busy demanding more money, getting arrested or showboating.

    it’s a shame.

  5. Mike Pettine seems like he’ll have the right approach. I hope this works for the Browns players and fans.

  6. As a Buffalo fan, it was amazing to see what Pettine was able to do with the Bills defense. Basically they added only Kiko Alonso through the draft in the offseason and he took a unit that was virtually last to top 10. The Bills also finished 2nd in the NFL in sacks and set a team record in 2013.

    If nothing else your team will get after the QB Browns fans.

  7. North woods Jim, that is as far from the truth as you can be. Joe Hayden is all about Cleveland and the fans. He is always happy to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. It’s not uncommon to see Joe at a Cavaliers game or Indians game dressed head to to toe in his Cleveland gear. It’s rare to see a professional athlete promote the city he plays for like Joe Hayden does and it’s evening more rare to see it in Cleveland. He is a TEAM player 100%.

  8. Mike Pettine may not be a big name, but the Browns are getting a workhorse that I believe will finally turn that franchise around.

    The man amassed a 45-and-15 record as head coach of North Penn high school, a school in Bucks County that before he came to wasn’t even on the football map. Today, the team remains a powerhouse every single year because of the groundwork Pettine put in.

    After leaving high school, he worked his way up in the NFL, going from a lowly Ravens employee whose job was to put the pictures players look at on the sideline into a book and hand them to the offensive and defensive coordinators, to finally landing as defensive coordinator for the Jets (4 years) and last season with the Bills.

    He is a tremendous person who relates well with his athletes, and has a work ethic that borders on ridiculous.

    Many Browns fans may not think they hit the jackpot now, but mark my words. You’ll feel very different soon. Congrats Mike Pettine!

  9. Well who do they have already? generally the 4 needs of any franchise are having an outstanding player at: QB, LT, CB, and DE. They have two of the four already in Joe Thomas and Joe Haden, they are getting two first round draft picks to maybe sort qb once and for all, presumably they wont be taking a nearly 30 year old with one of those picks again, and as for DE, maybe not any one individual but their new head coach has a proven track record in harassing qbs (last years Bills, and when he was at the Jets, there was never one real standout rusher either). why wouldn’t they be optimistic about if nothing else, finally establishing a stable base for consistent improvement at last? Oh and they also have Josh Gordon for the new qb to throw to. The OC hire is going to be crucial though. Looking forward to next years AFC North as a Steeler fan though, providing we make our own necessary upgrades!

  10. 75% of the earth is covered by water….
    The rest is covered by Joe Haden.

    Team player, no matter how dysfunctional the front office is.

  11. As a Steelers fan I think the Browns will be ok if they can stay healthy.

    They have lots of good players on their team I would love to have on the steeleres:
    Joe Haden, Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron, Joe Thomas, Paul Kruger.

    Truthfully, their defense is already “AFCN tough.”

    Their offense just needs stability at QB, a RB and some interior line help.

  12. If you Brown fans want to know more about Pettine you should read Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football. It is a book about the 2011 Jets where a reporter spends every day of the 2011 offseason and season with the coaching staff. Interestingly Pettine is the star of the book not Rex. It is the best football book I have ever read. Its hard to believe a team gave a reporter so much access.

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