Mike Pettine thinks Brian Hoyer’s “a winner”


New Browns coach Mike Pettine knows a little about quarterback Brian Hoyer, from game-planning for him last season as the Bills defensive coordinator.

And while the Browns are widely expected to make a play for a quarterback in the draft, Pettine said he was impressed with the guy at the top of the existing quarterback heap in Cleveland.

I think he’s a winner,” Pettine said of Hoyer, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I think the intangibles with Brian are off the charts. I think he’s a football junkie and I think you can tell he loves the game. He came from a system where he learned from the best in the game and that showed on the field. A lot of people based on his background kind of fall asleep on him a little bit.

“I think he’s a winning quarterback in this league.”

Of course, that game against the Bills last year also resulted in a torn ACL for Hoyer, which complicates his quest for the job a bit.

“I feel great,” Hoyer said. “I’m doing a lot of things. I’m going out and throwing everyday, dropping back. Started running the last couple of weeks. Doing a lot of strength training.”

If he can be back on the field for some portion of OTAs, he’ll likely have a good chance to compete, at least initially.

And Hoyer thinks having Pettine on board will help as well.

“A lot of people didn’t know his name until now but you ask anyone in the football circles, they know who Mike Pettine is,” Hoyer said.

For now, those two undervalued commodities are tied together, and might give each other the best shot at short-term success.

24 responses to “Mike Pettine thinks Brian Hoyer’s “a winner”

  1. Hoyer is definitely a kid that has paid his dues. It is too bad we Steeler fans didn’t get a chance to keep him as long term team mate, but he is going to be good for the Browns and their fans.

  2. Pettine was such a good DC. this is where the wheels fall off. He now has to make decisions regarding an offense.

  3. The Browns could surprise, go with Brian Hoyer, and take a QB with their 2nd first round pick, or near the top of Round-2, say Jimmy Garoppolo of Eastern Illinois, who’s generating a lot of positive buzz. A number of directions they could go in.
    One thing’s for sure…they can’t afford to screw up this draft and offseason, with so many high picks and being so far under the cap.

  4. Mike Pettine thinks Brian Hoyer’s “a winner”…at least that’s what Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi encouraged Pettine to say…

  5. Whats the guy going to say? Hoyer stinks? He was cut three times before the Browns signed him?

    Banner and Lombardi like Hoyer. Banner and Lombardi picked Pettine. Until they draft or sign another QB, Cleveland has Hoyer.

  6. Hoyer is kind of an unknown commodity at this point. He did well last year, but against subpar teams. Yes, it could be assumed that he did as well as he did because of his skill rather than the competition, but for a few seconds it seems as if the baby bird can actually fly until you watch it a little longer, which we didn’t get the chance to with Hoyer.

    I wish him luck, As a lifelong Browns fan we haven’t had success since Bernie Kosar was our QB, and living in the Cleveland area, every year we build a huge ice sculpure in August and watch it slowly melt and fade completely away by sometime in October. It is truly heartbreaking. We need hope in Cleveland and we need to have it for more than a few weeks. I’d almost say that we deserve it. If we build our team in the first round (if we can luck up and get Teddy Bridgewater) or wait until the second round and get Jimmy Garoppolo I’d be happy. Give him a chance to sit and learn rather than being thrown into the fire and wilt like what happened to Tim Couch.

  7. I remember seeing him beat Brady in the accuracy drills they’d do during practices.

    Hoyer is probably better than a number of QBs we’ve seen start. He can run an offense.

  8. This seems like exactly what the three front office stooges want him to say. Wasn’t this one of the rumors about why chud got shown the door? He wasn’t too high on Brian hoyer. Well mike lombardi, you have finally found your puppet sir. Does anybody else find it funny that they have to protect mike and keep him away from the media? It seems like every press conference that he should be there for he is hiding under Bruce banners desk…I mean Joe banner.

  9. Sounds like the head coach has already received his first marching orders: make us look good by winning with Hoyer.

    Because it can’t just be about winning in Cleveland – it has to be about making management look smart. Good luck with that…

  10. Oh Brian Hoyer is a future Hall of Famer. You guys didn’t know that he won 2 games this year!

    Guys he beat the 32nd ranked Vikings defense while throwing 3 picks and beat a Bengals defense with an entire secondary missing! Oh yeah and his defense held the Bengals to 6 points that game.

    1st ballot Hall of Famer here guys!

    In all seriousness I’m embarrassed that all these Browns fans say that he should be our starter next year and make the INSANE assumption that he is the answer at QB after “accomplishing” what I explained above.

    I’m not saying that he can’t be a starter, but it is absolutely ridiculous to say that he should be our future QB after 2 games. Browns fans are ready to vote this dude into the HOF.

    As far as Pettine, what else is he supposed to say? He’s a journeyman QB who lives off the fact that he “learned under Tom Brady” this somehow making him as good as Tom Brady? Way too much being made of this.

  11. Browns really should give Brian Hoyer a shot at being the starter. He was 3-0 before he got hurt don’t forget that. If they do take Johnny Manziel with the 4th pick in the draft I wouldn’t mind it even Hoyer was backing him up. Browns could really challenge the Ravens next year for the AFC North: and I’m the biggest Ravens fan.

  12. Browns have to get a QB in the draft. Hoyer does not have the arm strength, bottom line, seen him play plenty in Cleveland area and at college. Dare I say Chad Pennington-ish…….

  13. Can we please dispense with this inane praising of a quarterback for being “a winner”?
    Quarterbacks are only as good as the teams that surrounds him. Case in point: Ben Roethlisberger.
    The Steelers’ record with Roethlisberger at QB his rookie reason in 2004 was 14-1. Fast forward: The Steelers’ record over Roethlisberger’s past 23 starts is 10-13.
    What happened?
    Here what happened: The Steelers’ dominant No. 1-ranked defense is ancient history. Gone. And never to return … at least not anytime soon.

  14. Well, at least Pettine knows how to play the pre-draft smoke and mirrors game. The more they talk up Hoyer as a possible starter, the less desperate they look to trade up. And being able to bluff is always a valuable thing.

  15. Yes, Brian Hoyer has only played and won three games for the Browns. What the Hoyer haters don’t see is that the moment he was plugged in as the QB, the offense just “came alive” like he was obviously the missing piece of the puzzle. There is no denying it. That was a huge breath of fresh air for us fans and it proved that we actually did have some offensive talent that was being held back by the other QB’s. HOF- not yet. The best we’ve seen since Bernie- yes. Ya gotta go with what’s worked so far and so far it’s only been Brian Hoyer. He just needs to work on his sliding! Draft pics are more of a gamble. It would be nice to groom someone behind Hoyer though.

  16. why is everyone so obsessed with the fact that Cleveland has draft picks and “HAVE GOT TO” take a quarterback in the draft?? they have enough money under the cap and enough high picks to swing some kind of deal to get a quality guy already established in the league, either as a free agent or via trade. their remaining picks can be used to strengthen other areas of the team, perhaps to get a running back like Carlos Hyde from OSU.

    one other thing, can draft picks or trades be used to get a Defensive Coordinator who knows something about 3rd down defense??

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