Pete Carroll: Percy Harvin ready to “do everything we want him to do”


The Seahawks got wide receiver Percy Harvin back at practice this week and coach Pete Carroll said Friday that it is all systems go for the wide receiver who missed the NFC Championship Game because of a concussion.

Harvin also missed 15 of the 16 regular season games with a hip injury, but Carroll said, via Curtis Crabtree of PFT and KJR, that the team does not anticipate managing Harvin’s snaps at all. According to Carroll, Harvin will “do everything we want him to do” during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Carroll said that includes returning kicks, which is part of the game plan that the Seahawks have spent this week installing. There will be tweaks and adjustments once the team arrives in New Jersey on Sunday, but the key pieces are in place ahead of a week that will be spent attending to the media and other demands that come with playing in the Super Bowl.

Carroll also said that the team isn’t concerned about the health of running back Marshawn Lynch and wide receiver Doug Baldwin. Neither has practiced this week, but the coach said that they’re just being managed to make sure they’re set to go a week from Sunday.

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  1. It’s crazy how they made it all the way to the Superb Owl even largely without Harvin’s contributions.

  2. He will be the MVP, and Vikings fans will still think they won the trade, going 5-11 with Xavier “I would only be a practice squad player on the Seahawks” Rhodes, a 7th rounder who is on the practice squad, and the player they haven’t taken and ruined yet in the third round.

  3. Thrown to twice in the game. Denver’s safeties haven’t faced a mobile qb this year. Everyone sleeping on the hawks offense. Hawks got this

  4. The guy didn’t play all year and we talk about him like he is Jim Brown. Percy sit down bro, u don’t deserve to play

  5. He is a nice piece when added to the Seattle offense.


    When I look at his career, over 5 seasons he has played in the equivalent of 2.5 seasons (40 games). In those forty games, many of these games he started but did not finish. Also, some of his best success came as a punt/kick returner, which Seattle wisely will never allow him to do.

    I have no problem acquiring Harvin, but a 1st, 3rd and 7th was too much to pay, especially when his relationship with the Vikings was untenable.

    I hope he lasts past one good hit, come SB Sunday.

  6. Harvin is going to break Denver off. Seriously, seriously break them off. 200+ total yards returning, running, and recieving. He has something to prove and if he doesn’t get hurt, we’re going to see the best effort he’s ever given. And with his talent level and some good team play around him, I think he’ll have a HUGE game.

  7. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jan 24, 2014 4:34 PM

    It won’t matter.

    Broncos by 5 TDs.
    thanks…I needed a good laugh today……

  8. Cute fictional post by beastmode above trying to rationalize a lousy 3-pick trade for a player that was paid millions all year to stretch his hip flexor on the sidelines. The simple question beasty-boy should ask is this — would the Hawks have been better off to keep those 3 picks or have a player with a questionable injury/behavioral history contribute on less than 20 plays this season? Even a bandwagon 12th man homer knows the truthful answer to that question.

  9. Seatownballer: you’re right the Broncos having faced Griffin III, Vick, Alex Smith x 2, Terrell Pryor, Andrew Luck have yet to face a mobile QB this year…

    At least if you’re going to talk trash be somewhat accurate about it. Oh and btw the Seahawks haven’t faced a QB as good as Manning this year, he’ll tear that cover 3 apart, and the throws that Kaepernick missed (including the last one where Crabtree was open but the ball was under thrown allowing Sherman to make a play on it) won’t be missed by Manning.

  10. Harvin ready to embarrass all the Lombardi-less lavender Larry toads who’ve been ridiculing him. You vike twits are idiots if you think for a minute that the Hawks are seconding guessing themselves on this trade. Look were they’re at and your not.

  11. Those of you saying percy is made of glass. You realize he had diagnosed migraines, got medication that finally worked and hasnt had them in three years right? You realize he had a Torn Labrum in his hip right? He also came back at the Earliest you can come back from a Torn labrum and had some soreness. He then got smashed twice and got a concussion like a lot of players get. He has been repeatedly said to be one of the toughest players ever seen by a lot of his teamates (including Adrian Peterson) and coaches. You negative nellies must live miserable lives. Thank god for plastic bottle vodka i guess?

  12. Why do all the Vikes fans care so much what happens to the Seahawks, vis-à-vis Percy Harvin? Your team execs traded him and ours accepted the deal. For Minny, that’s the end of the story. If Percy is as bad as you claim he is, the truth will eventually show that to us. If he isn’t, we’ll know that as well. Just let it go purple people, for you, he’s history.

  13. Most of you guys on here are funny!

    Seattle has paid a guy to help them get and win a Superbowl! that’s the goal thats why they gave up that much to get him!

    last time I check they are in the superbowl and he can help them win it. So they won that trade can it doesn’t matter that he was hurt sometimes you can’t help that. Although i think he is made of Glass.

    This game is going to be a fight and a good one Go Hawks

  14. As a Viking fan, I don’t remember any Viking fans claiming Percy wasn’t any good at football. The only joy Viking fans seemed to glean was that we were able to replace Percy with Cordarrelle Patterson and pick up 3 additional draft picks in addition to that while Seattle fans acted like they fleeced Minnesota.

    All that aside, Percy is awesome to watch when he’s anywhere close to 100% and still one of my favorite players. I hope he puts on a show in the Super Bowl, but I’ll be pulling for Denver.

  15. Even if he doesn’t catch a pass, the very act of him lining up means the Broncos have to account for his speed. They have to cover him with 2 DBs or a CB and a DB. That leaves Baldwin, Tate, or Kearse with only one guy on them; or Zach Miller and Luke Willson completely uncovered. Harvin’s speed is worth a Super Bowl win.

  16. Being a giant nonfactor for most of the season…

    This one game is Harvins chance to reward the Hawks for their belief in him.

    Great storyline if he makes good.

  17. what a nightmare for the broncos defense. the seahawks will put harvin in motion out of the backfield. there is no way the broncos linebackers can cover him, so they’ll have to have a safety help out over the top to make sure that harvin is covered. this will make it a lot easier for lynch to find hole to run through. after establishing the run game, this will open things up for the passing game

  18. “atwatercrushesokoye says:
    Jan 24, 2014 5:13 PM
    Seatownballer: you’re right the Broncos having faced Griffin III, Vick, Alex Smith x 2, Terrell Pryor, Andrew Luck have yet to face a mobile QB this year…

    At least if you’re going to talk trash be somewhat accurate about it. Oh and btw the Seahawks haven’t faced a QB as good as Manning this year, he’ll tear that cover 3 apart, and the throws that Kaepernick missed (including the last one where Crabtree was open but the ball was under thrown allowing Sherman to make a play on it) won’t be missed by Manning.”

    @atwatercrushesokoye: It seems YOU might need to check your trashtalking as well. The Seahawks DID play Manning in the pre-season. I know that means nothing to you or any other die-hard football fan, but consider the point differential of that game. They also played that game with their bench team. Additionally, Seattle did in fact play a high caliber QB in Drew Brees not once, but twice. While he did not have a record year as Manning did, he did match a lot of Mannings stats for his other years. Why can’t people just let the SB speak for itself who the top team of the season is? This is getting ridiculous, all the hating….

  19. All depends if he can stay in the entire game. Since the last year with the Vikings, he was always leaving games injured. I have my doubts he can stay in the entire game, but if he does, Seattle could do lots more on offense

  20. Bert1913: normally I would agree with you about Harvin being a nightmare motioning out of the backfield, however Denver was burned by that once already this year (I want to say Hilton with Indy but it might have been Jackson in the Philly game) so several of Denver’s next opponents kept doing this with their most dangerous receivers out of the backfield, it didn’t work again though as Denver has seen this and made the necessary adjustment. Rodgers-Cromartie will be on Harvin, if he lines up in the backfield Cromartie will lineup as an LB until he shifts, they aren’t necessarily worried about Harvin carrying the ball as a TB, especially with him just coming off a concussion.

    As for the guy mentioning the preseason game…it was preseason, it makes no difference! But I do remember Manning spreading the ball around quite well and picking up decent yardage, the game changed on two plays, a Julius Thomas fumble after a long gain and a Hillman fumble on a play in the end zone which was returned, the play was never reviewed but would have been in a non exhibition game as it looked like the ball crossed the goal line before the fumble, but either way, it makes no difference as IT WAS PRESEASON!!!!

  21. My only problem with the Percy trade is that fact that we got virtually zero value out of him on the year that his salary wasnt relevant. We now have to factor in that we made it to the super bowl without him and in the future his salary will likely cause at least one of the guys that actually brought us to the super bowl to be playing elsewhere…but anybody at this point trying to say that either team got the better or worse end of the deal needs to get a clue. He has 5 more years on his contract

  22. Mention the name Percy Harvin, Viking fans put on the paper-bags and start typing.

    The guy is a legit game changer. In 40 plays he played, there is an anticipation for something eclectic happening because of his game changing ability. Vikings roll coverage- Doug Baldwin TD, Saints try cover fake bubble to Percy Beast Mode runs for 20 yard TD.

    Seattle fans are happy that we have Percy Harvin. We are fine giving up the 25th pick. We daft CB’s in the 5th and 6th round better than Xavier Rhodes. All of you trying to bash Harvin sound so salty. The dude is in the Super Bowl.

  23. Viking fans think they have won a Super Bowl or something by being stingy penny pinchers. Smh.

  24. I remember that preseason game…didn’t the hawks trounce the broncos like 50 something to 10? I think manning played the entire first half and was pretty frustrated.

  25. I like how you focused on a non essential game. I also said that it didn’t matter either. I am not taking away from Manning here, but do you even think he would dial it down for a pre-season game? Not likely. When they pulled him out of the game early, he was clearly pissed. This is the advantage Seattle has over him. Pressure. You mentioned he doesn’t make mistakes, oh, but he does. Is he an accurate QB? Absolutely. But don’t think for a minute that Kapearnick’s throw was underthrown by that much. Any other CB would not have been able to get their hands on that throw. Sherman is long with freakishly long arms. Chew on that. As for Manning spreading the ball around with his high octane offense and no huddle formations, fundamentally, the Seahawks have managed to defeat Brees and Co with his accuracy, quick release of the ball and ability to spread the ball around not once but twice all while shutting down the very frustrated Jimmy Graham. Let’s not forget a very defeated Tom Brady with his very legendary mastery of the no huddle offense last year. I recall a very close game, but a very capable defense at the time able to prevent Brady from dominating the game. This year the Seahawks Defense is number one….number one. Let’s not forget the age old adage…Offense wins games, but Defense wins championships. Let’s look at history shall we? Only 5 times has the Superbowl had the top rated defense and offense squaring off with each other. Know where I’m going with this?
    1990 Giants #1 Defense defeats #1 offense Bills 20-19, 1984 ’49s with their #1 D defeats Marino and crew who owned the #1 offense 38-16, finally in 1978 Terry Bradshaw’s Steelers defeats the #1 offense Cowboys with their Steel Curtain defense.
    Only the 1989 49s proved to be the difference in this equation with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice leading the offensive corps, but they also owned the #3 Defense in the league which pretty much demolished their opponent (Broncos, how ironic) 55-10.

  26. I think he very much wants to have a big game, both to redeem himself with teammates and fans, and to be able to say he actually contributed to winning a SB. Very motivated at this point I’d say, hope he can survive a complete game.

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