Police report alleges Sharper had non-consenual sex with woman he met in New Orleans bar

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Not much is known about the charges former NFL safety Darren Sharper faces in California for suspicion of rape.  In New Orleans, the police report regarding similar allegations has been publicly released.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, an unidentified woman claims that Sharper had sex with her against her wishes in his local apartment, after meeting him at a bar.

Here’s the full text of the report, with edits to soften the eyeball-screaming all caps:

“On 09/24/13, Detective Derrick Williams of the New Orleans Police Department Special Victims section investigated the sexual assault of a [age redacted] female.  The victim stated she consumed a large amount of alcohol on Sunday, September 23, 2013.  The victim stated she went to a couple bars where she continued having alcoholic beverages.  The victim stated she met the perpetrator at one of the bars, and he took her to his apartment and sexually assaulted her.  The victim stated she did not consent to any sexual encounter.  The investigation was open and ongoing.”

Sharper, who has been neither arrested nor charged in Louisiana, has been suspended indefinitely without pay by NFL Network.  He’s due in court on the California charges on February 14.

78 responses to “Police report alleges Sharper had non-consenual sex with woman he met in New Orleans bar

  1. Unfortunately, I doubt that the situation in New Orleans can be considered with regards to the California investigation.
    But for anyone who has followed this arrogant liar it isn’t hard to believe that the accusations have merit.

  2. Stop me if you have heard this story before…. Girl goes to a bar, girl drinks a lot, girl meets guy, girl sleeps with guy, girl wakes up & is embarrassed, girl cries rape in attempt to save face…..girl finds out guy is famous….girl files civil suit.

  3. Instead of victim blaming consider the fact that people like Sharper spent their whole lives surrounded by “yes men” and being catered to. They’re not used to being told no.

    The fact that this isn’t an isolated incident makes it even more terrible that you guys are defending him. Disgusting.

  4. “And before you start making Big Ben jokes, you should really do your research and see how he was innocent.”

    Innocent as OJ because he was not guilty, right?

  5. Just because you can get away with it in Green Bay doesn’t mean you can get away with it in the civilized parts of the USA. Its a shame that the Packers corrupted this young man.

  6. What I have heard before is that sometimes allegations like this are about a money grab and sometimes it is about an actual rape and no times is it ever apparent until you actually go through and study the facts. This is just another case that forces one to go through a process to get to the truth about what happened, kinda like every case.

  7. In matters like this, the absence of empirical evidence not based on the testimony of either of the parties involved makes the truth of falsity of the claims hard to determine. In other words, it’s he said/she said. Sadly, in the “court” of public opinion, where the standard isn’t “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” but “what does my gut tell me,” these sorts of cases are often decided by everybody’s individual assessment of alleged perpetrator’s character rather than hard facts and evidence.

    At the very least, let’s see if the state drops the charges against Sharper. If the state drops the charges, that indicates that they don’t think they have enough evidence to win a court case against him. Maybe he is guilty, maybe he’s not, but doesn’t it make sense to gather and examine the facts before arriving at a conclusion?

  8. When a woman says no, then obviously a guy should stop. However you had drinks with him and went over to his place… this is the real world and most would assume things are going to happen. I am not saying she deserved it… but people need to be more aware of how the world actually works… and not think… this couldn’t happen to me.

    Please everyone be smart when you drink, surround yourself with a safe and comfortable environment… don’t go home with strangers.

  9. Stop me if you have heard this story before….guy rapes drunk girl….girl calls cops the next morning at 6:30 AM….guy leaves town……guy gets accused of rape in new town…..original rape story comes out.

    Let’s not rush to judgement but how many guys do you know that get accused of rape?…Twice?

  10. Notice how the mouth-breathing Steeler fan says “..before you start making Roethlisberger jokes..” after HE was the one who brought them up in the first place.

    Classic Yinzer.

  11. mathomp3 says

    me if you have heard this story before…. Girl goes to a bar, girl drinks a lot, girl meets guy, girl sleeps with guy, girl wakes up & is embarrassed, girl cries rape in attempt to save face…..girl finds out guy is famous….girl files civil suit
    Maybe, maybe not. See if you heard this one, girl is drunk, guy recognizes how drunk she is and takes advantage of her impaired state and the fact that he outweighs her by 120 lbs. The girl calls the cops before she even knows who the guy is.

  12. Amazing how no one knows what happened except Sharper and this girl but most of the comments are to blame the female first.

  13. Yeah it doesn’t happen to the Steelers…at least not in New Orleans bars. Instead it happens in Atlanta Nightclubs and the particular person got away with it.

  14. mathomp3 says:
    Jan 24, 2014 1:38 PM
    Stop me if you have heard this story before…. Girl goes to a bar, girl drinks a lot, girl meets guy, girl sleeps with guy, girl wakes up & is embarrassed, girl cries rape in attempt to save face…..girl finds out guy is famous….girl files civil suit.

    I’m female and totally agree with you!!!

  15. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says:
    Jan 24, 2014 1:28 PM

    Notice how this doesn’t happen with the Steelers?

    No,I’ve never noticed that it doesn’t happen with the Steelers

  16. A friend of mind had a situation where he met a girl at a bar & took her home but on the way to his house she became belligerent and ended up going to sleep. Rather than waking her he left her out in the car in his driveway when he got home. The next morning when she awoke she cried rape. It turns out the woman was married and the coming onto and kissing my friend and almost further she was doing the night before she thought that her husband would trip that she didn’t come home so she needed an excuse so she cried rape. 2 Detectives, one believed her and 1 didn’t. The 1 jr. detective pushed and pushed and her story changed and he pounced then she recanted and they released my friend, but he almost was jailed, and had he not been annoyed by her and had had slept with her he would have been toast.

    It’s going to come to a point where the Chappelle Show, “Love Contract” is going to come into effect because you cannot prove consentual sex and many men are have done time due to women’s lies. In this case like many he is guilty until proven innocent, and afterward innocent or not he may lose his job because his employer didn’t like the negative press.

  17. I’m not condoning women’s reckless behavior when they drink too much and then get sexually assaulted. I firmly believe that the vast majority of the time, people get what they ask for.

    But the fact is, you can’t give consent to anything when you are noticeably impaired. People need to realize this. If you were really intoxicated and you made a bet with someone at the bar for $10,000 that you don’t remember making. That guy can take you to court all he wants, but he won’t win. That’s fair in my opinion. You can’t agree to anything when you are blackout drunk. That’s why this is still allowed to go to court, and she will still win if it can be proved that he assaulted her. Which if fair. While it’s reckless to drink to the point where you do things you shouldn’t, the idea is that others around these people should be able to tell if they are intoxicated to the point where they can’t provide consent to anything. It’s to protect people.

  18. I don’t know if these allegations are true or not, but Sharper spent time with the Pack, the Vikings and the Saints without incident until 6 months ago and now three of them. I’m going to see how this plays out before making any judgements. Why now after all these years?

  19. The League’s Crusade Against the Steelers is *embarrassing* real Steeler fans. C’mon man!

  20. People who automatically assume women gold dig in these situations make me sick. Keep your chauvinistic opinions to yourself. Innocent until proven guilty goes both ways. Let the process play out. If he raped her, put him in jail. If she lied, put her in jail. I hope you feel like idiots if/when it comes out that he did it.

  21. So she gets hammered THEN goes to “a couple bars” and continues drinking. Obviously by this time she’s literally out of her mind drunk. As a high profile guy you’d think Sharper would have more sense than to put himself in that situation. Of course, he was probably not far behind her. Unless she’s got some serious bruising how can you prosecute a guy in this situation?

  22. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says: Jan 24, 2014 1:34 PM

    And before you start making Big Ben jokes, you should really do your research and see how he was innocent.


    Not guilty is not, and never has been, the same as Innocent. ….oh, and by the way, Ben’s checking account disagrees with you!

  23. How can anyone have a definite opinion on this subject when no one really knows any of the details??

  24. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Too many reports of these incidents. But still, go up to a strange man’s apartment after a night of binging on alcohol, and these types of things are likely to happen.

  25. It will certainly be hard to convict Sharper, and despite the multiple allegations, he could be innocent. He also may be guilty of course.

    The problem is, why would a public figure risk his career by taking a girl back to his place that wasn’t capable of providing consent due to being drunk. Just dumb.

  26. I agree that based on his celebrity status you have to be kind of skeptical when it comes to these types of accusations but……….At least 3 different women have made almost identical accusations. None of these women know each other and all of the accusations were made with the appropriate police depts prior to any of these issues being released to the media. I am sorry but there is no way this guy did not do something wrong.

  27. It’s been nearly 4 months, the cops have nothing or he would have been charged by now. The cops have nothing because there’s probably nothing to have.

    This is just a formality that the accuser has to go through to get to the civil trial.

    Cha Ching !!!

  28. As far as I am concerned, Sharper remains innocent unti he is proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    Like him or not, he deserves the benefit of the doubt at this point. If we keep talking like admission of or proof of guilt is not necessary to convict, we can’t complain about injustice.

    We have a system of laws in this country. The burden of proof is on the government. Sharper is in no way responsible to prove his innocence.

  29. These days you almost have to consider any woman that is inebriated past the legal limit of intoxication to be “too impaired to give consent.”

  30. then she showed a cell phone picture of the guy she slept with last night to her friend and her friend said, That’s a rich guy!

    There is so much real abuse and rape to prosecute and combat in the world, good for the cops in not following up on this one.

  31. Let me get this straight… You know you’ve been drinking too much. Met a guy and allowed him to take you to his house, and at this point you mean to tell me you’re clueless as to why he’s inviting you to his house. If you only wanted to talk to him and had no intention whatsoever to sleep with him, why not stay at the bar and finish chatting.

    It baffles me how often we hear these stories and men with money and fame continue to get lured by these money hungry good looking females into these situations.

    If I were rich, singe and famous every single room in my house would be wired with cameras.

  32. “The problem is, why would a public figure risk his career by taking a girl back to his place that wasn’t capable of providing consent due to being drunk. Just dumb.”

    Probably because he was drunk at the time too and didn’t think about the risk. Unfortunately for him, when both the man and the woman are drunk, the man takes the blame.

  33. None of us knows what happened and each side can point to several examples to back up their opinions.

    Quick question: Why is it that the woman can say she was drunk and didn’t really consent (regardless of what her behavior was) and could be legally correct, but, regardless of how drunk the guy may have been he is still responsible for recognizing the level of intoxication for the woman and realizing that she can’t consent even if she is “all over him”?

    To me, that is a ridiculous double standard. If a woman truly doesn’t consent than she should fight off the man as best she can. That should show some sort of evidence to back up her claim of non-consent.

    I realize that doesn’t apply to a woman who passes out and is violated but in many cases, the woman is not necessarily the victim.

  34. The fact is all of you are seeing a small snip-it on the subject and aren’t at the trial to hear all the evidence. Yet most of you have passed judgement one way or another based on what?

    NOBODY except the jury can come close to knowing whether it was consensual or not. Worse, this is a civil case (which may be telling) and

    I’m sure there are plenty of cases where the girl cries wolf AND plenty of times where the guy is guilty and doesn’t get convicted. This is one of those crimes that is extraordinarily difficult to know the truth regardless of past history or reputation of either party and to use “history” as a basis is more dumb that using that to bet in Vegas or on stocks.

    But have fun posting your nonsense as it is a free county…dumbasses.

  35. “victim stated she consumed a large amount of alcohol…” and went to his house…

    end of story. throw the case out. sharper should be back on the air tonight. what a bunch of garbage for a man to have to deal with women like this on a regular basis.

  36. At least the ladies are safe from Aaron Rogers. If your pickin up what I am putting down……

  37. I love Darren, he is so handsome, I have his picture on my wall, and I don’t care if some of you think he is arrogant. He obviously continues to cover the middle and be a Packer, welcome or not. Here in Wiscon sin, we taught him everything he knows, using our Mark Chmura handbook. These two are some of my favorite players, they force their way into our hearts as they carry our proud tradition everywhere they go. Keep Packin, just like me, boys!

  38. A rather complex situation legally. Either Sharper raped her ..or rape didn’t happen at all depending on the circumstances and evidence presented. The rape definition has different meanings to different people which can create complex scenarios like this. Although there are a number of women who cry wolf , yet there are many women who have been raped without justice being the outcome. With that being said.. If you go to a bar..get drunk..and either get raped or being charged with it the next morning… Should you really be surprised it happened? There’s what it is..and what it ought to be..be real with yourself.

  39. I have no idea whether these allegations are true or not, but I will tell you one thing for certain.

    If I were a famous athlete or celebrity, I would make every woman I took back to my apartment say on camera that she was aware of what she was doing and that the sex she was about to have was 100% consensual.

    And if she won’t say it, out the door she goes.

  40. Maybe I rushed to judgement but maybe not. I was simply trying to point out that a lot of women cry rape as a way to save face with complete disregard for what it does to the man. Look at the Brian Banks story for example…

  41. Innocent until proven guilty, unless you are male, then we, the media, can drag your name through the mud and just drop the story when it is no longer about rape but about money. If this were truly fair, we wouldn’t have Sharpers name till after he was found guilty in a court of law. Why does “the accuser” get anonymity when the accused, innocent until proven guilty, gets tried and convicted in the court of public opinion with no protection? That said, I am not saying it did or did not happen the way the accused claims, but, the case needs to be handled with anonymity until there is a conviction or acquittal.

  42. Nothing good ever happens at 10am.

    Wait… WHAT???? 10AM IN THE MORNING??? After the bar they… what? 10 am??? Something doesn’t seem right.

  43. It’s one thing to dismiss 1 complaint against someone but when there’s 3, that’s no longer a isolated thing. This dude very well maybe a serial rapist.

  44. In New Orleans it’s non consensual sex. Everywhere else, it’s rape. Of course, here the chick actually went to his place. Hmm…milk and cookies?

    Not too bright. September? Isn’t that last year? Then again, it is a city that can’t keep the lights on. Real rape victims everywhere are cringing as the weight of their stories diminish.

  45. “And before you start making Big Ben jokes, you should really do your research and see how he was innocent.”

    Innocent as OJ because he was not guilty, right?

    Nah, innocent like Ray Lewis…right.

  46. Or, maybe Darren just won the men’s city league basketball championship and wanted to celebrate…

  47. yordo says:
    Jan 25, 2014 1:58 PM
    Why redact her age? Was she a granny?
    Or maybe she is underage. Barhopping with a fake ID or at businesses that don’t card.

  48. Ya, I wonder how many victims of pro athletes there are that WON’T come forward, because they’re always portryaed as money grabbers. They’ll mute the victim with a settlement then make it seem as if he was targeted.

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