Report: Fred Davis faces six-game suspension

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As Redskins tight end Fred Davis prepares to hit the free-agent market, he’ll be dealing with a complication that could significantly affect his value.

Davis faces a six-game suspension under the substance-abuse policy, via Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports.

A six-year veteran, Davis tore an Achilles’ tendon while playing under the franchise tag in 2012.  He re-signed with Washington on a one-year deal in 2013, but he was inactive for six games and started only three.

In 2011, Davis served a four-game suspension under the substance-abuse policy.  A six-game suspension suggests that Davis remained in Stage Two of the program following his 2011 violation.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller served a six-game suspension to start the 2013 season as a negotiated compromise to an effort to suspend Miller much longer than that, based on allegations that he conspired with the sample collector to generate negative test results.

With or without the suspension, Davis isn’t expected to attract major attention in free agency.  A team could choose to bring him in for the offseason program, training camp, and the preseason, confident that the preparation will make it easier to adapt after the suspension ends.

It’s unclear whether Davis a filed an appeal, and when a ruling is expected.  Before the suspension is finalized, any information about a player’s status in the substance-abuse program is supposed to be kept confidential.

41 responses to “Report: Fred Davis faces six-game suspension

  1. Somebody will probably do with him what Oakland did with Andre Holmes bring him in let him play in the preseason and serve his suspension not a bad idea but Fred needs to understand he’s barely worth league minimum without all the trouble so he’s probably done in the NFL

  2. It’s also unclear why WAS tried to trade him only to fail at finding a buyer and looking silly for posturing like as if they would get something in exchange for him. That was pretty embarrassing I thought and a good hint as to why they were such a disaster of a team. Their GM thought Fred Davis had trade value, so what other players on the team does he not understand what they are worth? The more you have that fit that description, the more likely you are going to fail miserably from being completely out of tune with who to keep and who to deal and who to use on the field. This team couldn’t figure anything out last year and they spent a portion of their time trying to trade Fred Davis as part of a solution to improve. Just laughable. And sad.

  3. Where are the Redskins fans that declared the Seahawks cheaters? Ped’s! Even if it’s weed, unacceptable. Pot meet kettle. Pun intended

  4. Bad time to do it. He tore his Achilles’ tendon and then he allegedly gets drugged up??

    Usually injured players use PEDs to recover. What was he thinking if he’s truly an offender of the substance abuse policy.

  5. Weed does not enhance your “performance,” it only enhances your mind, not your muscles.
    Silly rabbit.
    Substance (as defined by the NFL) and Performance (as defined by the NFL) are two separate and completely different offenses.

  6. “It’s also unclear why WAS tried to trade him only to fail at finding a buyer and looking silly for posturing like as if they would get something in exchange for him.”

    This is the same organization that acted like Cousins’ value was “appreciating” while sitting on the bench, then pretending he was worth a 1st round draft choice after playing a game or two.

    Realistic player evaluation has never been a strength of this franchise, at least sice Vinny Cerrato. But what do you expect, considering the owner looks at everything through a marketing filter?

  7. Popping pills are what some some consider healing.
    How long have people been popping pills?
    How long have people been smoking wiid?
    Pop your pills – I will choose wiid over pain pills any day, everyday.

  8. Never ceases to amaze me just how lucky these guys are to be as talented as they are and have a chance to play in the greatest league of the greatest game in the United States.

    And to think of how much effort, pain, and suffering, and sacrifice these guys go through to actually make it to where they are.

    Then to think of how stupidly some of them throw it all away.

  9. What amazes me is a free market nation, crawling through decades, upon decades of fictitious wars (namely, the drug war / war on scarrorism).
    End the war on wiid.

  10. ““It’s also unclear why WAS tried to trade him only to fail at finding a buyer and looking silly for posturing like as if they would get something in exchange for him.””

    Just because they didn’t get a trade offer doesn’t mean he wasn’t valued by another club. In fact, if I was a GM I would not have traded for him knowing that he was in the last year of his contract. Why trade a draft pick away mid season when he can be signed in the off season?

  11. @seatownballer

    preparing to hit the free agent market, pretty much says he is no longer a redskin. the honor for most ped users is still yours.. go denver

  12. Suspended 6 games for smoking weed? Give me a ******* break!

    So sick of the hypocritical phony war on marijuana.

  13. And thus completes the Vinnie Cerrato 2008 NFL draft trifecta. Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis were all 2nd rounders. All were busts. Nice job Vinnie – worst talent evaluator this franchise ever had.

  14. Fred also has a legal background in lawyering. Seems Fred represented himself in a lawsuit verses a hooker who claimed that Sleepy utilized her services and failed to follow through with financial end of the agreement. As it is said, an individual who chooses to represents himself has an Idiot for a client! Since Fred has exhibited Idiotism in two arenas I think it safe to say that he qualifies as an Idiotonic Moron!

  15. @fafaflunky

    Since he hasn’t hit the FA market and hasn’t been released by the name of an NFL team that must not be spoken, he’s still yours and the PED crown belongs to you. Oh, by the way, have you been enjoying the playoffs? We have!

    NFC West Champions and NFC Champions!

    Go Seahawks!

  16. headonaswivel says:
    Jan 24, 2014 10:53 AM
    He should be on the Seahawks, they clearly encourage the use of PED’s and would welcome him with open arms.

    It’s weed not PED’s guy

  17. Well Fred pretty much smoked the rest of his career. I can think of a lot of things I would do for a million dollars. He was being asked to not do something and had he not done it (gotten busted any time), he would be sitting on several million (factoring in that it was his 2nd suspension, he probably would have been re-signed to a 5yr/25Mil contract last year). Looks like a high price to pay. I hope in his mind he feels it was worth it because he’s never going to see that money anymore in any line of work that he is now going to have to go after. His career got off to a rocky start when he overslept the 1st day of training camp as a rookie then he acted like a malcontent and didn’t seize the opportunity he had last year and did nothing after Jordan Reed missed the last 6 games with a concussion.

  18. Had everything handed to him since high school cuz he could play…that’s why he doesn’t appreciate the opportunity he’s wasting. A damn shame, really

  19. dcstinks says: Jan 24, 2014 11:24 AM

    Thank you Fred!

    –Eagle Fan
    No really.

    Thank you Fred! Now get out!
    -Redskin Fan

    OK, whatever, he was never a threat anyway!
    -Eagle/Giant/cowboy Fan

  20. I had high hopes for Fred; no pun intended. His skill level is among the best 10-12 TE’s in the league but he just doesn’t get it. Bill Belichick will probably take him on as another discount reclamation project in New England..

  21. If “Weedy” Davis had been a Seattle Seahag player, he’d have passed every drug test given. The Seahags have perfected gaming drug tests.

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