Report: Kubiak-to-Cleveland viewed as “unlikely”

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We should have known that the Browns search for an offensive coordinator might resemble their search for a head coach.

While reports today indicated that the Browns were interested in former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak to be Mike Pettine’s offensive coordinator, that’s apparently not the case.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Kubiak is unlikely to go to Cleveland.

Kubiak’s contract with the Texans ran through the end of the 2014 season, so it’s not as if he has to work this season. And if he doesn’t view the Browns as an attractive opportunity, he can sit back and cash Bob McNair’s checks for another year until something better comes up.

24 responses to “Report: Kubiak-to-Cleveland viewed as “unlikely”

  1. I can just hear Bob Uecker saying either, “Just a bit outside,” or “Swing and a miss”

    Oh well. I wonder if we are going ot have an offensive coordinator search like the head coach search where everybody at the dance turns us down and then we say the 11th man is who we wanted all along.

  2. Why would he go to an unstable franchise therby exacerbating his stress levels, take a yr of Mr Kubiak, besides the Texans are still paying you quite well.

  3. bummer deal… I guess we are looking at more new guys… time to turn the page in the NFL names, new ways

  4. He’s more qualified for The Browns Head Coaching job than their current Head Coach. Kubiak actually has a track record of changing the culture from a loser to a championship contender and sustained success. He has a blueprint to build what Cleveland’s Front Office claims that their looking for.

    Lombardi’s a football clown.

  5. Uh, kubiak is awful. NBC is becoming espn in reporting non reports of no interest on either side.

  6. Kubiak is an ecellent coach, Look what he did with that team with a terrible QB for that long. They went 13-3 with Shaub throwing the ball. Clevland didn’ty have the personnel to run Kubiak’s scheme.

  7. Quote “Look what he did with that team with a terrible QB for that long. They went 13-3 with Shaub throwing the ball.”

    Dude Schaub was handpicked by Kubiak. He can be a good OC if he weren’t so stubborn. You DO NOT want him to be your head coach. He does not know how to separate management, from friendship and loyalty. Ultimately that flaw became his demise…

  8. In Cleveland, the front office has a system…they float trial balloons to see what public reaction is and if the reaction is negative, the front office will claim they were not interested in Kubiak.

    Ask do these stories reach the press..where to they come from?….Answer: The Browns front office leaks the stories to gauge reaction.

    Kubiac was a terrible choice and the local reaction was instant, about 90% negative. It will happen again…and again.

  9. take some time Gary and regroup. perhaps if you are fresh again, you could be good. but at the end of your time here in Houston, you were awful — truly one of the worst coaching jobs of all time in the NFL.

  10. Why go if you’re Kubiak???

    It’s Cleveland and you just had 8 years of head coaching in Houston.

    He should get an agent like Jimmy Sexton and let Sexton play leverage games with desperate GMs and owners next year.

    Sexton is worth the hire.

  11. I bet that would go over big in Cleveland. Elways backup during “the fumble” and “the drive” getting hired. If Cleveland is looking for offensive coordinators who got famous off of Steve Young and John Elway the Shanahan’s are available. Pretty sure no other team is calling them right now.

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