Richard Sherman fined $7,875 for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s interview immediately after the end of the NFC Championship Game has been a talking point well beyond the usual football outlets this week.

Meanwhile, his actions immediately after the final 49ers offensive play of the game has drawn a fine for the league. The league has confirmed with PFT that Sherman was fined $7,875 for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Sherman knocked away a pass intended for 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree in the end zone with seconds to play in the fourth quarter and the ball wound up in the hands of Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith. After the play, Sherman left his celebrating teammates, approached Crabtree and drew a flag for taunting.

Sherman, as captured by NFL Films, stuck out his hand and said “helluva game, helluva game” to Crabtree, who responded by shoving Sherman in the facemask. Crabtree was not fined.

The two players reportedly have had disagreements in the past and they’ll get a chance to renew acquaintances at least twice next season.

120 responses to “Richard Sherman fined $7,875 for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct

  1. Seattle fans will soon be setting up a PayPal account to pay for his fine instead of paying for their debt.

  2. Way too low. Guy deserves at least double that amount. Poor sportsmanship should be unacceptable and this piddly little fine opens the door for the next Sherman wannabe.

  3. Sherman should play the race card again or maybe he still has a voucher from the afirmative action program he enlisted in at Stanford to help him out.

  4. I don’t like sherman’s attitude, but considering crabtree was a trash talker too. So I think they are a perfect match for each other.
    So pay the fine and go shutdown Demarius Thomas if you are really the best. Best of luck!

  5. so they have it on camera that all he said was good game and that’s bad sportsmanship? nothing happens to the guy who shoved him? I know the league was not happy with his rant afterward but fine him for that not trying to shake the guy’s hand and saying nice game.

  6. knicksmets says:
    Jan 24, 2014 5:55 PM
    Stop beating a dead horse. I don’t want to hear about Sherman and his antics against the niners, it’s old news.

    It’s so sadthat people are forced to read internet articles that don’t interest them, presumably at gunpoint.

  7. “After the play, Sherman left his celebrating teammates, approached Crabtree and drew a flag for taunting.”
    Of particular note: the NFL did NOT fine Sherman for saying “helluva game” and extending a handshake in good sportsmanship, as implied here.

    He got the fine for a choking gesture afterward.

    Also of interest: the NFL had no problem fining Trent Williams $7,875 for face palming Sherman last January, but obviously cannot fine Crabtree for doing the same thing.

  8. The choke motion is what got him……

    Now we get to hear all the reactions to the fine…….and what Seahawk Fans do to start the fund to pay the fine…….geez.

    I think the NFL wants this to keep this storyline in the forefront of the media. I know I don’t. This game is over. Time to start thinking about Denver vs. Seattle.

    Go Hawks!

  9. Telling someone “great game” is now unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Next up: after-game handshake becomes sexual harassment.

  10. Puts out these gems……

    “I’m the best corner in the game”

    “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you going to get.”

    then wonders why the rest of his teammates aren’t getting credit for a “team win”?

    i thought everyone from Seattle was saying how smart of a guy he is.

    If he is too stupid to realize HE is the reason the TEAM wasn’t getting credit then there’s no hope for this narcissist.

  11. He got off way too easy. His conduct was a disgrace and an embarrassment to the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks. What a jerk.

  12. Next time the NFL shouldn’t put a mic in front of Sherman after winning a chance to play at the Superbowl!

  13. They’re fining him for the “throat slash”, not his words. Same as last year when he did the “grave digger” thing. That’s Sherm, he loves to clown around AFTER he makes the big plays. Maybe he’ll do a castration gesture to Manning after a pick six?

  14. jlmd17 says: Jan 24, 2014 5:56 PM

    Sherman should play the race card again or maybe he still has a voucher from the afirmative action program he enlisted in at Stanford to help him out.
    And you wonder why? #Ignorant #Bigoted

  15. I was far less bothered by Sherman going off after I saw the clip that showed him congratulating Crabtree and offering to shake hands.

    I actually through Crabtree was the dick for shoving Sherman in the face mask after that.

  16. @ez4u2sa

    Sherm didn’t embarrass me. With all of the pre-game dumping that Crabs was doing against number 25, I would’ve been embarrassed if he hadn’t retaliated. The Hawks are NOT a totally PC, Emily Post kind of team. Neither are the Niners, the Cards, or the Rams. The NFCWest didn’t get to be the strongest NFL Division by being nicey-nicey wimpos.

  17. Man, the NFL has a great racket. Collect almost eight grand from a player who violates their conduct standards, and then rake in even more when the Crabtree-Sherman rivalry jacks ratings up next year.

  18. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. He should have been fined for his disgusting post-game rant.

    I wonder what Mr. Sherman will have to say when Payton Manning dismantles the Seahawks secondary and the Seahawks lose the SB? Ahhhhh, what then will Mr. Sherman have to say. Will he be so quick to talk smack then, I wonder?

    I have a feeling there is going to be a deathly quiet Richard Sherman after the SB. Why not self-promote then, Sherman? Why not talk about how you are the best corner in the game then, Sherman?

    This guy is such a good corner, but such a bad representative of all that is professional and humble in the NFL.

  19. elliottcovert says:
    Jan 24, 2014 6:03 PM
    He should be called Richard Charmin because he’s ultra-soft and full of you-know-what.


    Yeah, he’s the best defensive player in the NFL, and everybody knows it.

    As to the fine, his jersey is now the 6th most popular in the NFL, and he’s the only defensive player in the top 10.

    I bet that pays him more than $7,875

  20. I’m not a Seahawks or Sherman fan but he wasn’t taunting Crabtree. He slapped him on the butt, offered him his hand and said good game. Crabtree shoved him in the facemask.

    Was Crabtree fined for unsportsmanlike conduct as well?

  21. jayniner says:Jan 24, 2014 6:13 PM

    Why is it Sherman’s name elicits thoughts of Summer’s Eve & Massengill?
    Seattle punked you chumps. Niners are trash.

  22. Last time I checked, you get a personal foul, 15 yards for unsportsmanlike or taunting, which is what the NFL is saying….even with the choking sign, it still is drawing a 15 yard penalty @ that particular time with 18 seconds left. Not a Seahawks fan but this is definitely not right….the NFL is fining these athletes it seems when they want too!

  23. approached Crabtree and drew a flag for taunting

    I’m pretty sure the flag was for the choke sign which wasn’t directed at Crabtree. At any rate telling someone, “hell of a game” isn’t taunting.

    I have no problem with a fine for the choke sign but all you detractors of all things Seahawk lets not get too holier than thou.

  24. The amount was based on Sherman’s pay for the playoff game–it was about the same amount the Redskins’ Trent Williams was fined for punching Sherman after last year’s wildcard game. (Sherman just makes friends everywhere he goes, doesn’t he?) And the fine is appropriate.

    I don’t like Crabtree anymore than I do Sherman, but Crabtree didn’t make a choking sign–which isn’t allowed–nor did he go off on a national television reporter. Crabtree’s unsportsmanlike behavior was between the two of them and has only become public because both were mic’d. If Sherman had an issue with Crabtree, he should have screamed at him, not at Erin Andrews–and by extension, at the rest of us who happened to be watching.

  25. First, it is ridiculous to even ask for a handshake when the game wasn’t yet over.
    Next, he wasn’t fined for that. He was fined for his post-game interview comments. That is not the kind of behavior the NFL brass can be pleased with. This is not professional wrestling. Have an ounce of decorum.

  26. Really, u guys really think he meant it as a nice gesture when he left all his teammates celebrating to go slap Crabtree but and tell him nice game. He’s real smart,fooled you guys I guess.. good luck in the bowl

  27. In order to help Richard Sherman garner a more likable persona while remaining true to his nature, here are a few ideas for adding pizazz to his petulance:

    1. Get a Mohawk and begin interviews by declaring, “I pity the fool that tries to catch a ball near me…”
    2. Calmly describe to reporters how he just ate the Wide Receiver’s liver with Fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti.
    3. Warn other teams that, “The path to the endzone is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil opponents. You will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”
    4. Recite poetry. “If the ball floats like a butterfly, I’ll sting like a bee and give you a wedgie on national TV.”
    5. Respond to detractors by stating, “No, of course there is no “I” in team but there is an “I” in interception and in Richard, which is my name, so that means I’m better at football and spelling than you.”
    6. Wave a finger in the opponents face while the ball is in the air and repeat, “My name is Inigo Montoya…”

  28. If you think this wasn’t done to appease the rich white season ticket owners who give millions and millions to the nfl, who were offended by a confident young black man celebrating victory, you aren’t paying attention.

  29. One question, and please be honest.

    You don’t like this guy and he doesn’t like you. He is trash-talking you to the point where it gets to you.
    The game comes down to the last play and he helps in intercepting the pass that is thrown to you that, if you catch it, will send your team to the Super Bowl.

    The game is over, your heart is broken, and this clown immediately wants you to shake hands with him.

    Whatcha gonna do?

    Again – please be honest.

  30. That is no punishment. I am sure that the Beats earphone commercial he got BECAUSE of the controversy more than paid for his fine.

  31. Unbefreakinlievable. And Crabtree gets no fine even tho he shoved Sherman in the face? This whole situation is absurd.

  32. It would be hilarious if the Super Bowl came down to the Broncos’ final drive and Sherman appeared to make the winning interception only to have the refs give Denver a phantom touchdown. I think the Seahawks and their fans would approve.

    After all, they had no problem with it when such a situation happened in their favor, so they’d be OK with it happening against them, right?

  33. “adoombray says:Jan 24, 2014 7:36 PM

    If you think this wasn’t done to appease the rich white season ticket owners who give millions and millions to the nfl, who were offended by a confident young black man celebrating victory, you aren’t paying attention.”

    I think this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. This person has a horrible victim complex and should seek help.

  34. This is B.S.!!!! Unsportmanlike conduct for telling an opponent “helluva game!”???? Richard Sherman is a badass and the NFL needs more firey attitudes like his!! Goodell and Sherman haters need to SUCK IT!

  35. @ 1historian

    “jsrde – “all that is professional and humble in the NFL”

    All due respect – WTF are you talking about?”

    First of all, it is jsrdc.

    Secondly, you don’t have to look any further than some of Sherman’s teammates to find humble, professional representatives of the NFL – Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson. Payton Manning. Tom Brady. Drew Brees. Tony Romo. Jason Witten. Aaron Rodgers. Adrian Peterson. Calvin Johnson. Jimmy Graham.
    Need I say more? ALL of those guys are some of the top players in the league at their respective positions, and ZERO mouth off or disrespect their fellow players like Sherman did, which made himself sound about as inept as he could. Sherman has serious talent, but does too much in the way of self-promotion. The scoreboard said it all after teh game, but Sherman couldn’t help but promote himself and disrespect Crabtree. T.O. was the same way – great talent, but the mouth and the self-promotion will always overshadow what he did on the field.

    So, with all due respect to you, THAT is WTF I am talking about. I don’t know of any true football fan that wouldn’t value humbleness and respect over being a loudmouth and disrespecting other players.

  36. So let me get this straight, some posters on here can’t believe Sherman is getting fined for going up to Crabtree and saying “helluva game” as Crabtree is walking off the field. 20 seconds after saying “helluva game” to Crabtree, Sherman was on national TV saying Crabtree was “sorry.” Somehow you geniuses think Sherman approached Crabtree to just say “helluva game”. The intent was obvious, he was taunting Crabtree. There is no doubt. Listen to Tony Dungy as he said the same thing. Anyone who thinks Sherman was doing anything other than taunting Crabtree is an imbecile.

  37. Maybe next time he’ll wait until after the game is over to try and shake hands. I’m sure he wasn’t trying to rub it in or anything crass lake that. And the choke sign directed at Kaep was just his way of blowing kisses.

  38. “I think this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. This person has a horrible victim complex and should seek help.”

    There was nothing wrong with what he did, and he was completely 100% right about the word thing. It made a bunch of white folks who get scared by an energetic black guy throw a word that use instead of a worse one at him for celebrating victory.

    Football players are coached to believe in themselves and he doesn’t owe humility to anyone. He IS the best corner in the game.

  39. Thats right,,,Sherman should have his balls cut off for even trying to shake Crabtrees hand….he should have said praise Allah and then went out and spent his money on fast cars and Drugs like Justin Bieber,
    instead of giving his money and time to Charity that he does Weekdays in the Ctiy of Seattle……what a Dumb ass…..Hang him high is what I say.

  40. Even still, the man (Crabtree) just lost. You think he wants to shake the hand of the mug that was needling him all day, 8 seconds after he lost? Why don’t you just celebrate with your team, Mr. Sportsmanship (Sherman)? The handshake was a subliminal “Haha.” “I won.”

  41. They are trying so hard to find the evil in the Superbowl Good v Evil battle coming. Sherman has certainly handed them an excuse on a silver platter. We already know Peyton is the Mr. Good in the equation.

    I have been rooting for Peyton even before he played against Brady but this is getting ridiculous. I know lots of people who will root for Sherman just to spite the commissioner for his blatant bias here. And you know how much they wanted SF to be the ones to represent at the party.

  42. You PC wusses are a joke. A bunch of feminized wannabe men are “disgusted” about “poor sportsmanship” in a sport like football. Yeah, right. Just piling on because the situation suits you and your pathetic outlook on life. What a bunch of morons. You don’t like it served cold? Go find a softer sport for yourself like track, or cricket.

    I hope Sherman shows up and plays a smart and error free game, as a free spirit, and if he gets a chance in the context of the game to turn out Welker’s lights for running dirty pick plays, I’ll be well pleased. If he shows up playing the nice guy role he can expect to be humiliated. Not a fan here. I just don’t like what I am seeing, and yes, I’ll donate to help pay that fine!

  43. I wonder where all this support for acting like an ass was when Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens played?

    And don’t try and play the PED card. Sherman has his own Ryan Braun-esque experience in that department.


    Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll guaranteed victory in the Superbowl. ” We will play Richard Sherman by himself on defense since it is obvious he does not need other teammates

  45. We’re talking about “disrespect” and the San Francisco 49er’s in the same sentence as if they should be offended. Are we talking the 49er’s, you know…..the one’s with Jim Harbaugh, Crabtree, and Colon Kaepernick? Those guys? We’re complaining that those guys got disrespected? WTF????

  46. Does NFL Films have the guts to share with us what Richard Sherman said to Crabtree for the OTHER 59 minutes of the game? I suspect if we heard that audio, we might understand why Crabtree did not take kindly to getting a “nice game” right in his face after the play.

    Let’s also remember that Sherman “I Am The Greatest” did NOT make the interception that won the game. Without Malcolm Smith, Sherman’s tip falls harmlessly to the ground, and the 49ers have three more chances to win the game.

  47. People that are saying that he should have talked about the team forget what the interviewer asked him. She asked him about the final play. So she wanted to know about that play, where he prevented a guy who he has a feud with from catching the winning touchdown. Then he tried to shake the guys hand and got a hand to the face instead. Then she asks him, within a couple minutes about that very play. So of course he is pissed at Crabtree and tore into him because that is who he was defending and who he had the beef with and who just dissed him.

  48. I’m a Panther’s fan. I saw the mic’ed up version. Sherman slapped Crabtree on the fanny, extended his hand and said “helluva game man”, and got pushed in the face. Well guess what? Sherman was stoked because of the great play and wanted to extended an olive branch, and Crabtree just lost a chance at the Super Bowl. What a surprise that both acted like they did. They should just fine every celebration, every taunt, and every touch before and after the whistle. $7,875.00 a pop, how about that Roger? That is peanuts for a guy pulling down 30 million, right?

  49. check out and the Richard Sherman article. Very interesting. Discusses his real test scores, how intelligent he really is, and the implication all this attention to his smarts really means.

  50. $7,875?

    How did they come up with that number?

    Why not just round the fine NFL?

    Like $7,500 or $8,000?

    Can’t wait for the fine of $11,192.86 to be handed out to someone.

  51. I have no dog in this fight….but he was suspended for saying “hell of a game”? I have seen others say way worse. Sherman definitely acted like an idiot on mic after the game, but I have to admit it was entertaining. How about a cooling off period before you jam a mic in their face?

  52. The NFL reminds me of my years in parochial school.

    Sherman is disciplined not for physical harm but for disrespect and appearances that make the institution look bad.

    Welker’s actions, like the physical harm we did to one another on the tar playgrounds, was covered up because image means more than reality.

  53. Odd that the league is chasing headlines by fining Sherman – yet we haven’t heard boo about the guy standing on the sideline next to Harbaugh who gave a forearm shiver to Jeremy Lane.

    Ridiculous that guy hasn’t been identified and fined.

  54. People need to read, he was fined for the choking gesture and taunting, not for his interview. People and the media need to get over this, he punked off Crabtree who deserved it. Why do we get so worked up over this trivial stuff but sit like quiet puppies over real issues like jobs, education and health care? What a pathetic society we are.

  55. Thousands and thousands of players have had a mic put to them right after a game, and no one ever, in the history of the game, has ever come off like Sherman did.

    No excuses.

    There he was for all to see, an out of control roid ragging animal.

  56. Well since no one talks on the Denver side, what else is there to talk about?? These Seattle folks sure know how to run their mouths..

    Bronco by 2… (touchdowns!)

  57. if crabtree would have caught that pass would Sherman have ran up to him and said helluva game and wanted to shake his hand??? absolutely not!!! iy is taunting and poor sportsmanship. if I was crabtree I would of done a lot more than a push in the face that’s for sure!! not a niner or hawk fan but you people justifying his actions must of never played sports in your life!!!

  58. how much are the going to fine Crabtree? at the end of games guys usually shake hands and meet on field so Sherman’s actions aren’t that out of the normal. however Crabtree shoved Sherman’s face away which would probably be considered a “striking the face” during the game.

  59. Good. I wish it had been $25,000.00. All-Pro players at any position should have enough respect for the game to show some humility. He’s a punk and I’m a Bronco fan this week. I hope Manning makes him look even more stupid.

  60. Somebody needs to put a leach on godell, and maybe a muzzle,to keep him from biting anybody else.

    godell, who is the king of nfl double standards, is now lecturing other of the fine art of hypocritical conduct.

    1. owners get to do anything they want, but players get fined for least little infraction. BS like wrong color shoes.

    2. SB seats that can’t see game, and nfl does
    nothing (as usual !)

    3. raiders have a dirt baseball infield, but players get fined for unsafe hits.

    4. latest nfl study say no relationship between concussions and football ( Yeah right, it’s all about $ )

    5. redskins name offensive

    Yup, all double standards!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I hope the Seahawks DBs and LBs knock the snot out of the Denver receivers on the pick plays. Not because I am a Seahawks fan (I’m not at all), but because I hate the pick play. Have the guts to man up and run your route and get open without someone blocking the guy who is covering you.

    I know it’s legal, but I’m hoping that a few broken WRs lying around the field will either cause the league to change the rule or cause OC’s to stop running that scheme. Breaking the QBs knees is putting a stop to the option, so there is hope that football can go back to what it was and not this NBA-like manufactured offense ticket seller.

  62. The choke gesture came after him saying helluva game and extending his hand for a shake, and Crabtree’s response of giving Sherman a shove in the facemask. Both of those actions were poor sportsmanship and both should have been flagged.

  63. Folks here on both sides are distracting from the facts- one of the best games in a long-time. One of the best plays to end a game of the year.

    I’m major fan of Sherman, what he did and said was stupid, made him look bad…but in the end it is understandable, think of the adrenaline pumping through his veins, the personal rivalry with Crabtree. While stupid, I understand it. Crabtree’s actions were also poor, but I get it. He has been talking sherman-smack and got smacked down big time. I think it worked out fairly for both Sherman and Crabtree, an insincere hand shake attempt gets slapped down…don’t sweat it cause the Hawks are going to the SB.

  64. So Richard Sherman gets fined for “unsportsmanlike” conduct while Wes Welker doesn’t get fined because he only “legally” attempted to injury a player? Guess that’s the NFL for you.

  65. For a guy with a 3,9 GPA in university, Richard Sherman did not act like a scholar. He acted like a complete moron. Crabtree was wrong too and yes they both should be fined for both acting like morons.

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