Scott Linehan may call plays for Cowboys this season


Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones said after the season that his team will keep head coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Garrett and Callahan will be running the offense.

Instead, Scott Linehan may be calling the Cowboys’ plays this season.

That’s the word from Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who report that the Cowboys are considering hiring Linehan. The report refers to Linehan as a “compromise” candidate, which may suggest that Jones and Garrett aren’t entirely on the same page about the direction of the offense.

Linehan was fired at the end of the regular season after five seasons as the offensive coordinator of the Lions. Prior to that he was the head coach of the Rams, and before that he had stints as the offensive coordinator of the Dolphins and Vikings, as well as in college at Louisville, Washington and Idaho. Linehan has also been mentioned as a candidate for the Ravens’ offensive coordinator opening.

There’s no word on what Linehan’s title would be if the Cowboys hired him. Callahan may be back as offensive coordinator — but without the responsibilities an offensive coordinator usually has.

68 responses to “Scott Linehan may call plays for Cowboys this season

  1. Owner is a clown
    Coach is completely inept
    Quarterback chokes every other game
    Defense is comedy

    Dallas is the DEFINITION of mediocrity. They will never win a Super Bowl with Garrett or Romo on the team.

  2. so …

    the offensive minded head coach isn’t allowed to call the plays

    The OC isn’t allowed to call the plays

    The $100 million QB isn’t allowed to call the plays

    Jerry might as well name himself head coach and offensive coordinator because being Owner and GM is just not taking up enough of his time. Besides being GM was super easy and he never makes a mistake.

  3. You know what I’m a Saints fan. I’m orginally from New Orleans. I’ve purchased a home in North Texas and the one thing I can say about Texas is the only thing bigger than the state is the heart of its people. With that in mind I can say this. Cowboy fans deserve better. I’m not going to jump on my soap box and say the Jason Garret should quit sense it’s obvious that Jerry Jones doesn’t want him as the coach. The only reason Jerry won’t pull the trigger on firing him is because he realizes that it’s becoming easier for everyone to point the finger at him. I really feel bad for the Cowboys and being a Saints for my entire life that comes as a shock because for years I rooted for the Cowboys because the Saints were nowhere near the playoffs. I’m at the point where I’ll leave others to make jokes about this. This is really sad.

  4. You can see it now. In press conference Romo will say he didn’t know what to do because all three of them were calling plays at the same time.

  5. dude he’s on like the third guy he’s handing the playcalling to. Every coach on that roster owes whats left of their career to Jerry. The only conclusion I can come to is he is enjoying getting rich off the continued rabid fanbase across the southwest and is good with mediocrity.

  6. Linehan won’t be calling the plays; Batman villain Falseface Jerry Jones will always be the one to call the plays. (8-8 next year)

  7. Ok. let me get this straight.
    You have a head coach who is not allowed to coach, an offensive coordinator who will not be allowed to coordinate, and an owner who thinks the G.M. does the best job of any one on the team.

    yea…. sounds like a plan for a championship.

  8. Jason is starting to wonder about his future with the Cowboys. His parking spot keeps getting moved further and further from the entrance to the facility. He has to bring his bike along now to get from his parking spot to the gate.

  9. So a year from now someone will inform Bill that they “removed the glitch” and that he should not be expecting another paycheck…

  10. So we’ve got the general, the captain and the sergeant in place. What we need is a corporal to conduct the war.

  11. Does Jerry have a Jason Garrett tattoo on his arm? Because it’s mind boggling all the excuses and moves he makes to try to prop up a head coach that should have been fired last year.

  12. Rio yupppp the giants hire Ben Mccadoo, a oc with zero experience and nobody has a problem with it.. cowboys hire linehan, a proven commodity as an oc and its the biggest joke in the world… anytime the name cowboys comes up all the jealous franchises have sum stupid comment… keep hating America’s team losers

  13. Typical CowBabies! Until JJ calls all the plays, coaches the D-line and retires with dementia nothing changes in Dallas.

  14. or jerrah could have done the smart thing and got rid of callahan and just hired norv turner to run the offense again… but no 3 coaches to run the offense makes sense…. i cant wait to see the same poor play calling and abandoning the run after the 1st quarter

  15. As a Rams fan, I’d like to wish Cowboy fans luck this season. Good luck getting through a game, let alone a season, without drinking a bottle of pepto-bismol or a 12 pack every Sunday with this clown calling the plays.

  16. Eagles fans put your heads down on your desks and be quiet. You aren’t allowed to comment on other nfc east teams until you win a sb.

  17. Jerry Jones…professional gentleman of dumbass. He honestly thinks that…hey take whatever turd you want, slap a star on the side, and it’s Cowboy football and people will love it. Execept now…and for the past 20 years, Cowboy football is the turd.

  18. Losing in the afc championship hurt like heck but all I gotta do is look around at some of these other teams, Dallas is near the top of the list, and it makes me feel better. It could be worse.

  19. I think Jones had a dream about the “New” triplets on offense and it is Garrett, Callahan and Linehan. What is he doing to my ‘boys? This is really sad.

  20. Here’s how it will play out. Before the game Jones, Garrett, Callahan and Linehan will all put offensive plays into a hat. Then when the Cowboys are on offense, Jerruh’s son will pull one out and send it in from their personal luxury suite at the Taj Mah Jones.

  21. I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan, and I’m ready to quit on my team. Seriously, I need a bandwagon to hop on. It’s too depressing…. How did that idiot wildcatter ever make a billion dollars?

  22. What the hell has Linehan ever done to even deserve a job in the Nfl? So now we have Opie, who sucks and never should have been a head coach, Callaweenie, who was run out of Nebraska on a rail, and Linadoof, who has never won anything anywhere. Atta Boy Jerrah, Atta Boy. Evidently, all that botox is rotting your brain.

  23. were do you even start? Linehan? really, who has he beat with those bad teams? how many play off runs has he been on? Callahan? he’s just lucky to be getting a check, he wont complain. or Howdy Doody’s big brother Jason Doody? sock puppet. I bet Jerrah sends him on all kinds of random errands. he knows his next job if any is one step back. How bout dem Cowboys?

  24. So they had a coach Garrett who wasn’t balanced calling plays and couldn’t finish games, went to Bill Callahan who wasn’t balanced calling plays and couldn’t finish games, now they want to go to Linehan who wasn’t balanced calling plays and couldn’t finish games. Makes perfect sense.

  25. What a bunch of yahoos.
    See the Steelers?
    See the Steelers address one of two big problem areas by hiring a first class OL Coach?

  26. 1st down-run up the middle for 2.
    2nd down-run up the middle for no gain.
    3rd down- 5 wide slant no gain

    That’s only in critical situations though with no pressure on Linehan eats yards for breakfast.

  27. I wonder how Jerry Jones made all his money if he ran his oil business like he “runs” the Cowboys.??? Sitting here at a distance observing, it is plainly clear what the problem is. In a couple of years, Jerry will be joining the late Al Davis in the NFL “What Is He Doing Now?” Hall of Fame.

  28. The Cowboys are a mess — but it’s nothing that a competent general manager couldn’t cure! The biggest obstacle to all this is Jerry’s ego! e actually thinks he knows pro football!

  29. Linehan’s awesome at play calling, except he uses “up and A” on his ninendo controller too often.

    Defenses eventually just start picking “up and A” all the time, too, and the QB or RB gets smeared 2 seconds after the play starts.

  30. Just a matter of time before Jerrah names himself OC and will be callin’ the plays from the owner’s box.

    Seriously, who didn’t see this coming?…….

  31. How is he going to call plays “this season”? The cowboys were knocked out a few weeks ago. Next football season starts this summer, let’s finish the current one first.

  32. For the life of me, I just can’t understand why they just don’t let the greatest QB in history (according to Jerry and his minions) call all the plays.

  33. Jerry seems to know something is wrong. He has the hiring part down, but is too emotionally involved to let anyone go, now he has OC tripping over OC’s, if I wasn’t such a fan of football, I’d laugh, but it’s not funny anymore… GO BRONCOS!!

  34. Teams that have never been to the Super Bowl:

    Detroit Lions
    Cleveland Browns
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Houston Texans

    Teams have never won a Super Bowl

    Philadelphia Eagles
    Minnesota Vikings
    Buffalo Bills
    Cincinnati Bengals
    San Diego Chargers
    Tennessee Titans
    Carolina Panthers
    Seattle Seahawks
    Arizona Cardinals
    Atlanta Falcons

  35. NOTHING is going to change in Dallas until Jerry Jones sells the team. His ego is too big to realize he is not a GM…….his decisions have ran off 2 great coaches…….Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells. The Al Davis persona lives on in Jerry Jones. “A fool and his money are soon parted” Just not soon enough!

  36. Jerry Jones..Please wake up!!! You really need to stop with your ego thing and let the team be on the winning track again. Jason Garrett is no NFL coach..he was a 2nd string Q.B. at best and Tony Romo will NEVER!!! get any team to the Super Bowl he’s a joke all stats between the 20 yard lines and he sucks in the red zone. Hire a coach like John Gruden, let him hire his coaching staff and not you!!!…close your office door no complaining players allowed, let the head coach take care of that (that’s why you hired him), then you and your sons focus on making money and stay out of the locker room and side lines coaches only unless invited in, because you and your ego have been getting in the way for the last 13 years and it’s either time to sell or get out of the way!! and please NEVER say “WELL WE ALWAYS HAVE NEXT YEAR” because you just may not!!! now where’s the Tylenol.

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