Seahawks owner vouches for Richard Sherman


Plenty of people have said plenty of things about Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in the days since he launched into an on-air, on-field, post-game tirade against 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

Now, owner Paul Allen has shared his two cents about a guy whom it’s going to cost a lot more than two cents to keep happy after the current season ends.

“When you sit down and talk to Richard, he’s a very engaging, intelligent, good-hearted guy,” Allen said at Thursday night’s game between the Denver Nuggets and his Portland Trail Blazers, via the Associated Press.  “All of us realize, if you’re going to the Super Bowl, everything gets magnified.  You have to keep that in your mind.”

Indeed, everything gets magnified.  Including the scrutiny of players like Sherman.  Which will continue for the next nine days.

Except when we’re scrutinizing the weather report.

42 responses to “Seahawks owner vouches for Richard Sherman

  1. Ya, that’s objectivity for you. How about you address the fact that your team leads in the NFL in PED violations, your head coach had to leave town in the middle of the night because of ethics investigations, your team displays poor sportmanship while winning an important game and nobody talks about the disappointment in that poor sportsmanship.

    This is classic enabling behavior and if the football gods believe in karma, the Broncos will win the Superbowl.

  2. LOL!! Are you expecting Mr. Allen to say that he is a classless jerk or what.

    Hopefully Mr. Sherman learned his lesson. He is great player and let’s hope he acts like one too.

  3. The crazy thing about this is that so many people probably think he is an awful person because of what they saw. If he just got a DUI or a gun charge, then he’d probably have fewer critics. Crazy world we live in!

  4. I am sure he is a decent guy.

    There are a lot of people that just don’t care for his self centeredness, and disrespect towards other people.

    He says don’t judge me between the lines, when he was on the show ripping Skip Bayless he wasn’t coming off the field after a game.

    I don’t care for Skip Bayless, it just made me realize that both Sherman and he are donkeys.

  5. Sherman’s good, but the whole defense is happy they aren’t facing Big Ben again in the SB. We would’ve seen A. Brown wave to the d-backs as he runs past them deep. And a Bell 75-yd TD run, a la Fast Willie.

  6. The entire situation has been blown out of proportion. On the other hand Sherman supporters have to understand people are allowed to see him as a complete d-bag based on how he continuously represents himself.

  7. There you have it. The richest owner in the league loves the guy. Yes Sherman is arrogant and to vocal about himself. But He’s staying. He’s gonna get paid. He is the best, this year.

  8. I did not like Richard Sherman’s antics on the field or after the game at the NFC Championship game. I never really knew the guys existed until that very moment. I am sure millions and millions of people watching the game were in the same boat I was in. The old age “first impressions” make a difference on how people perceive and judge is true. This is how Mr. Sherman decided to shake our hands and introduce himself to America. It’s on him to prove us otherwise, we were just watching a game.

  9. bennyb82 says:
    Jan 24, 2014 1:58 PM
    The crazy thing about this is that so many people probably think he is an awful person because of what they saw. If he just got a DUI or a gun charge, then he’d probably have fewer critics. Crazy world we live in!


    That’s because people can’t think for themselves. Media hype is all they understand. Sherman is one of the good guys in the league and has the credentials to prove it.

  10. Sherman has done a lot to save face since that interview, a lot of ya should start watching his interviews and press conferences before jumping to conclusions after reading these articles. A good dude, who spoke after beating their rivals and a player who I am sure would do the same or speak negatively about Sherman. Shoot, even Erin Andrews (the reporter) had no issue with him going off like he did. Stuff like that is good for the game of football.

    *fan of neither team*

  11. Don’t even try to throw a snow storm on the field near Sherman, he will deflect it cause he’s the best corner in the game!

  12. What is he vouching for? Fox stuck a mic in front of an emotional player after an emotional game and he came across as a d bag. Won ‘t be the first or last time this happens. Move on everyone. It is not a race issue or hate crime or any thing else the media wants it to be so that they have something to talk about in a dead week. It is over move along and dont let this overshadow what looks like a great sb.

  13. Kaepernick at least had the dignity to approach Russell Wilson and offer his congratulations after the game. Crabtree punched Sherman in the face. This is not the first time we have seen Crabtree disrespect an opponent. Sherman was right! Michael Crabtree’s poor behavior is what the media should be writing about.

  14. I’m still confounded how after withing a conference championship game, your first thought is to get fixated on rubbing in it to some dude you just beat.

    Perhaps celebrating with your teammates? Talking about how awesome it feels to go to the super bowl?

    I have no problem with a guy being passionate, even a little out of control right after a game. What confused me is what he chose to spend that moment on.

  15. Sherman is a class guy, the best DB in the NFL and has the right to speak out against the wrong that was perpetrated against him by a classless jerk by the name of Crabtree.

  16. Golden Tate was fined $7,875 for taunting the Rams in the regular season. What Sherman did was 10 times worse. He taunted Crabtree immediately after the play and then bounced across the field giving the 49er sideline a choke symbol. He then proceeded to make an ass out of himself speaking to Erin Andrews. Sherman deserves about a $75k fine. If Goodell doesn’t fine him then he’s a joke.

  17. Yeah, uh, no one ever said that Sherm wasn’t engaging and intelligent, but he also happens to be a maniac that CHOOSES to lose control – there are a lot of other ways he might have expressed himself at such a time, but this is what he chose?

  18. Hazelmn…

    Actually, Sherman did celebrate with his teammates immediately after the play. He then ran over to Crabtree and extended his hand to say “helluva game”. The soundbite clearly showed that Sherm was being genuine. Would you not feel a little disrespected if someone pushed you in your face after trying to shake their hand? BTW, Crabtree went into the locker room without shaking one single Seahawk’s hand that night. And Sherman is unsportsmanlike?! Riiiight.

  19. I think anyone who believes Sherman went over to Crabtree immediately after the play to congratulate him is an imbecile of epic proportions. Sherman intended to taunt Crabtree as he taunted the entire 49er bench with the choke symbol. Dude deserves severe fines. His unsportsmanlike behavior was disgusting.

  20. Look at the pattern.

    1. Sherman runs over to Crabtree and pats him on the ass seconds after beating his team.
    2. Sherman does the choke taunt at the QB
    3. Sherman gets on an interview in front of 50 million and uses is 30 seconds to belittle the opponent
    4. Sherman goes into press conferences, and hour later, and continues to belittle the opponent. Multiple times.

    You tell me if #1 was genuine and sincere.

  21. I can’t wait until Manning throws a game-winning TD to Thomas over Sherman. And then I can’t wait until the Broncos end the game like classy winners, choosing not to taunt Sherman.

    That will speak volumes, much louder than some loudmouth in an interview.

  22. The choke symbol was aimed towards Kaep, not the entire 49ers bench, bro. If any of you paid attention to previous games Kaep has played in Seattle, you’d realize that’s exactly what he does there…CHOKES.

  23. as the richest owner in all of sports, the nfl is lucky that there is a salary cap. if not the seahawks would be known as the monstars of the nfl

  24. Sherm did very little all night, because Harbaugh and Kaep were afraid, with good reason, to target him. Finally, an end of game desperation move forced Squidward to throw towards Sherm. I’ll bet that Colin, was sweating every micro-second that the pass was in the air. But it was desperation time. The Hawks had stuffed Gore, all night and the Niners didn’t have many options for a pass. It had to be a TD, or nothing. So Sherm got his big chance and he made the most of it.

    As he always does.

  25. I hate this whole thing with Richard Sherman, he has denied almost all of my favorite receivers for a touchdown, and then on National television he brags how good he is, which is like salt in the wound….. instead he should have said I want to thank God for this day…..and if it wasn’t for my mother this wouldn’t be possible…now they show him giving money and time to charity and the owner Paul Allen of the Seahawks having his back….. I wish this was like every other Super Bowl with no Drama…..Just play the game and spend your time buying fast cars, big houses and doing drugs like Justin Bieber instead of giving to the less to fortunate, you Loser.

  26. hazelmn says:
    Jan 24, 2014 5:48 PM

    I can’t wait until Manning throws a game-winning TD to Thomas over Sherman. And then I can’t wait until the Broncos end the game like classy winners, choosing not to taunt Sherman.

    Don’t forget unicorns prancing around with lepricons on their backs.

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