Walter Thurmond says Wes Welker hit on Aqib Talib “uncalled for”

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond agrees with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on the subject of Wes Welker.

Belichick lambasted the Denver Broncos receiver for a hit he laid on Patriots’ cornerback Aqib Talib during last Sunday’s AFC Championship. The blow came from Welker running into Talib on a “pick” play with Talib injuring his knee in the process.

It is a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib,” Belichick told reporters Monday morning.  “No attempt to get open.  And I’ll let the league handle the discipline on that play.  It’s not for me to decide, but it’s one of the worst plays I’ve seen.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

While the league ruled the play from Welker was legal, Thurmond – who will likely draw the majority of the duty covering Welker in Super Bowl XLVIII for Seattle – echoed the sentiments of Belichick is criticizing the play.

It was really uncalled for,” Thurmond told reporters Wednesday, via “The receiver ran right into the guy. I don’t know the extent of the injury Talib had, but I thought we were supposed to protect football players in this league now. I guess not. I guess that only goes one way.

“Welker had his head down, like he was coming down the whole time,” he continued. “That should be a flag, and he should be getting fined. There’s a whole bunch of things that should happen in that situation, but I don’t run the NFL.”

The frustration from Thurmond is understandable. He’s seen fellow teammate Kam Chancellor fined for illegal hits against defenseless offensive players. Thurmond feels that distinction should go for protecting defensive players as well.

How Seattle handles Welker could be one of the pivotal matchups for Seattle in the game. However, Welker likely doesn’t have fond memories of his last meeting with the Seattle defense.


46 responses to “Walter Thurmond says Wes Welker hit on Aqib Talib “uncalled for”

  1. Welker was clearly running an illegal pick play and had no intention of getting open. Welker saw Talib from a mile away, yet he continued to run straight into him. It was a bang bang play.

    It’s ridiculous how the NFL is analyzing every micro-second of plays to determine if a foul occurred.

    Denver’s going to need a lot of illegal pick plays to work to beat Seattle.

  2. If I never hear another quote from a Seattle secondary guy, I will be very very happy. Belichik is a hypocrite whiner looking for excuses. The Seattle guys love to hear the sound of their voices and also seem to love juicing.

    Welker is a stand up guy and an undersized guy playing in a violent sport which often puts him in a very vulnerable position. I respect Wes Welker as a really good guy a courageous guy and a terrific slot receiver.

  3. This is merely Thurmond’s attempt to redirect the heat his team received from Sherman’s rant. It’s actually quite ironic considering the Seahawks are the most physical team in the NFL this year.

  4. Welker’s had two concussions this year– did you see him wearing that giant Space Balls helmet to protect his dome? I’m pretty sure he’s not intentionally lowering his head and lunging at anyone. If Denver wanted to deliberately “target” an opposing DB, I tend to suspect they’d use Decker or DT, both of whom are in the 6’3″, 225 range– not the 5’9″ 180 guy with concussion problems. Gimme a break.

  5. He had his head down because of that ginormous new helmet he’s wearing weighs down his head.

  6. Football has become a crybaby’s sport. Players cry after every play begging for a flag.

    Coaches cry after each game because they got flags or didn’t get flags.

    The league cries each Wednesday fining players for making football hits.

    It’s ruining the sport that I grew up loving and it disgusts me to no end.

  7. before you know it he’ll be running on his hands so he doesn’t have to hold his helmet up, but he’ll still be doing old spice commercials and knocking out DB’s knees.

  8. What about your four game suspension from earlier in the season Walter? Are you staying away from the ganja? How about that cheap shot that Richard Sherman put on Kenny Stills during that Monday night game, was that uncalled for too??

  9. The whole thing STINKS! The elevated side replay shows Welker eyeball Talib, change directions, head toward Talib, and then run essentially BACKWARDS to cross his path, then throws his head down and his body kind of sideways across Talib’s hips and legs. You can’t tell me Welker and the Broncos did not know Talib had a history of being knocked out with a hip injury this year, and that Demaryus Thomas had a hard time getting open against Talib in the first game. It turned out to be a knee injury but so what. Besides, why would a guy like Welker, with a history of concussions, launch his head down towards Talib’s legs and risk a knee to the helmet? He’s too smart for that. He figured his Bobblehead helmet would protect him. The league wants this to go away. They don’t want to issue any discipline because they don’t want it discussed during Super Bowl Week. It was a very low brow play by Welker.

    Spare me the commentary on Edelman’s hit on Cromartie. The receiver had the ball in his hands and Edelman and Cromartie were both still outside the hash marks. They met in the middle and Edelman stood him straight up with his shoulder. Cromartie got out-manned on that one, pure and simple.

    The Seahawks have no chance to win this game. There is too much money on the table if Manning wins. Just think of all the documentary film they will be shooting next week and how much money they can make selling that on cable TV. My Bronco fan friends will be happy to take it though 🙂

  10. after reading Walter Thurmond’s comments does that mean that the S B game official’s are going to be watching all of Seattle’s defense just to make extra sure that nobody puts any hits on Wes Welker ? That should prove to be very interesting, wouldn’t you agree. If by chance that something does (which I hope does not ) happen to Wes Welker during the game, it will be very interesting to see if Denver makes it into something big ? Or if there will even be a flag thrown on the play ? The first half of the SB could very well dictate how the second half may very well play out. Oh, sorry , now that did not come out all of that well, now did it ? Just like everything else in life, guess we will just have to wait and see.

  11. Who even cares anymore…the product on the field this year was so bad that I can’t remember a year in football I’ve cared so little.

  12. Here in Godell’s sissified NFL, won’t be lng before you are not allowed to hit anyone. Welker should have been flagged and fined. Thurmond and Belichick are right.

  13. Sounds pretty whiny to me. I think they just hate that Welker nailed the guy really good and he’s a little man. It bothers them. Too bad.

  14. If there was no penalty such as hitting a defenseless receiver than Thurmond would be off base. With that said, he’s 100% correct.

    Bring on the Defenseless DB rule which is the technical term for the Welker rule.

    Welker’s a punk anyway.

  15. Most teams have two or three Aqib Talib’s on their roster.

    The fact that the Patriots have only one sealed their doom against Denver from the start.

    Talib is not elite. He is average. If losing him hurts your chances, then you had no chance to begin with.

  16. Something tells me that based on the officiating staff for the game who has seemed loathe to call pass interference all season, the Broncos receivers should plan on being mauled in this game.

  17. Maybe it wouldn’t bother him so much if he weren’t SO FOCUSED on everything with his Adderall problem.
    This is a dead subject. League has ruled it was 100% legal and three plays before Edelman did the SAME thing to DRC. It’s a pick play/rub play that teams have been using for a long time.
    He should worry about not getting suspended for PED’s again before he worries about a legal play.

  18. Unlike most players who get fined and penalized, Welker’s history did not play a part in the League’s decision to call his play legal. Thurmond is correct, Welker had his head down the whole time and had intention of running a pass route. His job was to “rub or pick” Talib and he did.

    Notice I did not claim he intended to injury Talib. That simply does not matter. The most important piece of evidence not used by the NFL or mentioned by the media, is the fact that, prior to the game, Welker had showed his fellow receivers a video of how and why they needed to be more physical to avoid being on the receiving end of aggressive DBs.

    In other words “get them” and not let them “get us”. That is the smoking gun, the circumstantial evidence that should have nailed Welker for his dirty play. They used the play all year, as does other teams, but that makes no difference. It was a penalty and should have called and fined.

  19. I have many thoughts on this one. First, it was a legal play! It was indeed “uncalled for”, and to be honest, it looked on purpose and it looked like he had intent to take Talib out of the game.

    Second, I have seen many people refer to this as a “pick play”. And that every team, including the Pats runs this play. This was not a pick play. A pick play would have been Welker obstructing Talib with minimal contact (you know, to not draw a flag for pass interference). This was a “Hines Ward kill shot” style block (which the NFL has tried to remove from the game). I suspect that the pass was late, and that is why the block has been such a huge never ending topic of discussion (had Manning thrown it a second sooner this play never happens). But stop with the “pick play” nonsense. My opinion is that this was a smart football play (from the perspective of the Broncos), and a dirty football play, but not an illegal football play. Should it be a penalty? Probably, when you consider how often we see flags for “defenseless” players. I think Talib, who didnt see it coming, and who certainly didnt expect it (Talib can take some blame for that) was certainly the definition of “defenseless”.

    Lastly, Belichick isnt whining about this, as many have suggested. He played the Jedi mind trick on all of you, and you boneheads all fell for it. We are a week after the game, and no one is talking about the Super Bowl, everyone is still talking about this play. It has created a distraction for the Broncos (albeit a small one) and the players are going to hear about it all Super Bowl week. On top of that, the officials are going to be all over this kind of thing in the game. Mission accomplished from Belichick.

  20. WAH the LOB gets to hit people but we should not get hit. WAH

    WAH the LOB interferes with WR’s but we should not get interfered with. WAH.

  21. The only things that are uncalled for are the Seahawks’ roiding ways, their pass interference on every single play and their pumped-in crowd noise through the stadium speakers.

  22. He is just pulling a Harbaugh, cry cry cry so you can try to have the refs spending their time looking at the other team instead of at yours.

    If I was Talib, I would embarrassed that I got flattened by Welker intentional or otherwise. Not only is Welker considerably smaller, he missed close to 1/2 the seasons with concussions and he still was willing to lower his head on him and won the meeting.

  23. I laugh hysterically at all the Seahawk haters pushing the notion that weed is a performance ENHANCING drug!
    If Walt played sax in a jazz band, maybe…

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