Wes Welker not fined for hit on Aqib Talib


When Patriots coach Bill Belichick blasted Broncos receiver Wes Welker for his hit on Aqib Talib in the AFC Championship Game, Belichick said, “I’ll let the league handle the discipline on that play. It’s not for me to decide.”

Now the league has decided. Welker will not be disciplined.

The NFL confirmed that on Friday afternoon, and it’s no surprise, as NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino already said that Welker’s hit on Talib was legal. Belichick may have considered it one of the worst plays he’s ever seen, but the reality is that under NFL rules, receivers are allowed to hit defensive backs the way Welker hit Talib.

The Competition Committee may put a proposal before the owners this offseason to change the rules and give defensive backs more protection on such plays. But right now, what Welker did was legal. The officials were correct not to throw a flag, and the NFL saw nothing to discipline Welker for. Belichick doesn’t have to like it, but that’s the rule in the NFL.

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  1. Of course he wasn’t. He was just doing what Beledick does every game. Setting an illegal pick and it worked because the refs have done only one thing consistent all year long……blow calls.

  2. Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond on Welker’s hit:
    “It was really uncalled for,” Thurmond said. “The receiver ran right into the guy. I don’t know the extent of the injury Talib had, but I thought we were supposed to protect football players in this league now. I guess not. I guess that only goes one way.”

    “Welker had his head down, like he was coming down the whole time,” he said. “That should be a flag, and he should be getting fined. There’s a whole bunch of things that should happen in that situation, but I don’t run the NFL.”

  3. Funny things happen with disciplinary decisions for successful babyface teams.

    Noteworthy Examples:
    Andre Johnson wasn’t suspended for punching Cortland Finnegan.

    The two years it took to discipline Von Miller for failed drug tests.

    Matt Light not getting suspended for punching Channing Crowder with his helmet off in 2008 (if Pats haters even remember that far, yes I went there).

  4. If a DB did the same thing to Welker, it would have resulted in a flag and a fine. But because Talib plays defense, it’s ok.

  5. Unfortuanatly it’s not the resposibility of the offensive player to change his route to get out of the wat of a Defensive player. Hense why Mesh plays are effective against Man to man Defense. You can say he wasn’t trying to get open and he ran right at the guy but unfortuantly that’s just an assumption. Prove it. That’s why what he did was legal. It’s called football

  6. It’s not illigal as long as you don’t hold when you do it. If you run full speed into a dude on defense without changing your direction at the last second to hit the guy, Its legal. If you go out of your way to make sure you hit a guy, change your direction at the last second, hold onto the guy. That’s a pick play. Getting in the way is a mesh play or within 5 yrds is a rub route. It’s always been like this just cause pats nation is the biggest cry babies of all time is the only reason thios is getting any press.

  7. I seem to remember that pick play being a key part of the NE offense. The Dolphins play them 2x a year, and Belichik ran that kind of play all the time. Now that it injured his guy, it’s the “worst play” ever? And the league bows down?

    Wasn’t the extra point elimination idea floated earlier this year by Belichik because his team got penalized for an illegal play?

    Tuck (rule) everlasting runs this league.

  8. How did BB feel when the Browns player took out the knee of gronk, now that is what he should be complaining about, but guess what that is par for the course for him regular season game dont mean much than post-season game especially playing Manning. Take your lumps and then move on.

  9. Huge pick, now I agree it was just after the ball hit Thomas but he wasn’t on a route and could seriously injury a player with that type of move. Denver got away with about 5 pick plays that game, and only one was called.

  10. Bill shouldn’t be upset about this. He still has no idea who Welker is.

    He keeps calling him ‘the player’.

  11. Welker should not have been fined, but that was not the real intent of Belichick’s comments. He created a media firestorm that will lead to the Competition Committee reviewing that type of play for the future. Even though the Pats are the 2nd biggest offenders to Denver at using that rub/pick play, BB is, was and always will be a ‘defense first’ coach at heart. Many of the rules that have been installed in favor of the offense, were a league reaction to the way Belichick’s team played defense. Belichick also intentionally created a lot of negative attention toward Welker, as part of their feud. There was no way the league was going to issue a fine on Welker, and BB knew that before he spoke.

  12. Thank goodness! I was worried that his wife would have to start working a hooters again to pay for that fine…..

  13. Marvin Harrison wants Belicheck to get on the field and take all the “legal” non penalized, playoff game winning hits he took from Patriots teams in the early 2000s. Usually 2 at a time, and after the play was over.

    BB is becoming ridiculous.

    Without illegal contact, Bill has ZERO patriot rings. If he didn’t coach his defense to cheat in the superbowl, then it was only because of illegal contact that they even got there to win it.

    PI and a Great Kicker, you can win rings that way if they let you.

  14. The video of Walker’s hit on Talib should be used as a training video for every defensive back in the NFL on how to legally hit a receiver. Wes could teach some of these guys a thing or two, save them some fine money, and reduce the number of injuries. Welker lowered his shoulder properly and targeted Talib right in the chest. He did not go for the head or the knees. He kept his head off to the side, to protect himself also. It was a textbook clean hit.
    If you have followed Welker, you would know that he is one of the toughest players in the league, but he is not a dirty player. He would have been a great safety if he had more size. Then again, if he had more size, he could be one of the greatest receivers ever.

  15. Great example here of how the game has been negatively impacted by all the recent rules changes and fines. There’s a constant debate over everyday plays and whether they warrant a fine for one reason or another. Some days it seems like the entire sport is somehow now against its own rules.

  16. Was the little Welker wannabe fined for his hit on DRC?

    Oh, that’s right, the Broncos don’t cry about football plays.

    My bad.

  17. Good I’m glad there was no fine. That was just sour grapes from Bill and he didn’t even know the
    receivers name!! Too bad Bill, wrong again!!
    One of the worst you have ever seen, what a stupid statement after all the years in football.

  18. Billycheat always knew this, he said all that to distract media and pats fans so that they don’t talk about their game plan and the poor play that lead them to a humiliating loss . There was a great article about this in Boston Globe a couple of days back.

  19. forsbergler says:Jan 24, 2014 3:43 PM

    “Unfortuanatly it’s not the resposibility of the offensive player to change his route to get out of the wat of a Defensive player. Hense why Mesh plays are effective against Man to man Defense. You can say he wasn’t trying to get open and he ran right at the guy but unfortuantly that’s just an assumption. Prove it. That’s why what he did was legal. It’s called football”

    Does the defensive player have to change his route to avoid the offensive player so that he (the defender) can go where he wants to go? According to your way of thinking if an offensive player wants to run a route that interferes with a defender trying to cover another receiver, that’s okay. Sorry to break this to you but that’s illegal. It’s called an “illegal pick.” That’s football. If he does it while the ball’s in the air, that’s called “offensive pass interference.”

  20. Good, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was just coming back from multiple concussions – why would he do that and risk everything?

    The film shows him looking at Peyton ready for a pass, then bam!

  21. The Patriots Traitor tries that crap against the Hawk’s corners and he’s going to find himself on the sore end. Especially if he comes at Sherman or Maxwell. That’s not Hawks fan bravado, that’s the truth. If Welker targets Kam, Wes may get to see birdies flying around his head, in New Jersey, in February.

  22. craigkintexas says:
    Jan 24, 2014 3:44 PM
    Who really cares what Belichick thinks!


    Apparently a whole bunch of Trolls!

  23. Yeah, it’s legal. Yeah, Belichick doesn’t have to like it, and neither does anyone else.

    But we can see where this is going to be headed over the next several months: story after story about how there should be a rule so that DBs don’t get hurt when they are legally blocked.

    So let’s see… the DBs will be added to the list of players that the NFL has to make rules for because they got injured in the normal flow of a freaking football game. That list includes quarterbacks and receivers, and now a third group.

    We joke about flag football, but really – what else could there possibly be as the future for the NFL after these jokers are done with it?

    Care to speculate on which position will be the next that these clowns will “protect” with a new rule because a player got hurt on a play?

  24. coltsfan2004 says:
    Jan 24, 2014 5:32 PM
    The article was by Ron Borges in Boston herald , does not let me post with the link.

    Ron Borges, just so you know was suspended for two months back in 2007 on plagiarism allegations.
    This same clown, about ten years ago slapped a boxing writer named Michael Katz in the face so hard that he knocked his hat off. Katz was in his 60’s at the time, walked with a cane, and wore a neck brace.
    So consider this when you read his trashy columns! In Boston he is dubbed, the Broadsheet Bully.

  25. Actually it’s not illegal buds. The Ofeenive player is running a route. Within the 1st 5 yrd of a play the defender can alter a WR route after that you can’t run into a WR, it’s called illigal contact, holding, or PI. The deffender has to let the WR go where he wants and if that right at you…..that’s his choice….The defender is responsible to move, not the WR. This is why mesh routes work against man to man. Talib should of had his head on a swivel and seen welker coming and altered his positioning to get out of his way…he didn’t….. the 2 ran right at eachother from like 15yds away and collided. It’s not like welker at the last second altered his route to smoke Talib. From 15 yrds away he ran strait at him and Talib didn’t see him until the last second. It’s was talibs responsibility to get outta the way. It should of been a penalty on Defense if anything for illigal contact. It’s called Football, LEARN IT

  26. seaeagle707 says:

    The Patriots Traitor tries that crap against the Hawk’s corners and he’s going to find himself on the sore end. Especially if he comes at Sherman or Maxwell. That’s not Hawks fan bravado, that’s the truth.

    The truth is that Sherman is already going to have a tough time not picking up a personal foul penalty even on his best behavior because the officials are going to be all over him. If he responds like you’re hoping, he’ll get himself ejected. That’ll show everybody, won’t it?

  27. Funny how many here see no problem because they hate Belichick. That’s not the issue. It was a dirty play and Welker should’ve been fine at least 50k.

  28. @mogog01

    The officials won’t be all over him, primarily because to them, Sherman is generally respectful. Most of them know that Crabs was in the wrong, with his shove in the back during the play, and his hand in Sherm’s facemask after it. Now, I’m not saying that Sherm is an angel, but he is the recognized best corner in the NFL. That means, that the media is going to be all over him, and that’s a spotlight that the refs don’t like to work under.

  29. It’s obvious that Belichick did not want to discuss the Patriots playoff flop at the press conference… So he distracted the media with the allegation against Welker… Hey, nice sidestep!

  30. Too funny…. Just another sign of their faded domination & relevance….. One of the worst plays I’ve ever seen….. Ha Ha…. Pretty pathetic & sad that Beliache doesn’t seem to know how foolish he looks in saying that…… Sour grapes is all….. Jaded cheater….. He reminds me of a senile old man saying things that make no sense… Ha Ha Patriots…..

  31. Former TE here. Not a fan of either team.

    Not an illegal play at all. Watch the replay. The contact occurs like a tenth of a second after the ball is caught, so Welker is blocking Talib. You see this play all the time. Sorry that Talib got hurt, but the hit was legal and there was no apparent attempt to injure, so no personal foul.

  32. belli and edleman were not fined so how could the league fine welker?

    this play COULD have drawn a flag….but no way a fine.

  33. Turns out Talib wasn’t injured – unless you’re talking about his feelings. Talib should be fined for sitting out the game with something below a minor bruise.

  34. You know, a lot of people hate the Patriots, and that’s fine. But there is no place in football for intentionally seeking to injure another player which certainly appeared to be the case on this play. That and a WR pick is an illegal play anyway, even without the dirty hit.

  35. The intent of the play was dirty. You just can’t prove it.

    Edelman and DRC were both outside the hash marks when the receiver caught the ball. DRC saw Edelman coming. He thought he would blow right through the smaller Edelman. Surprise!!! Edelman laid a perfect, upright block into DRC and laid him out like a Sunday go to meetin’ suit. DRC got knocked the F-out. Straight up. How embarrassing for him. Great play by Minitron. The comparison with Welker’s play isn’t even close.

  36. This is BB and the patriots fans not knowing the rules of football and trying to make up excuses to why they got horribly out played on Sunday. Was the play dirty? YES, Did Welker have any intent to try and get open? NO! Was his intention to go out and try and injure Talib? YES! Was the play legal YES! It’s called have your head on a swivel and get out of the way of a guy that’s running full speed at you to knock you out! If Talib would have even altered his direction even a little bit, they would of got a OPI call. He didn’t, like an unaware idiot. He wasn’t paying attention to anybody except DT. Welker cracked him good to send a message to the NE Patriots. Edleman on the previous drive LEGALLY smoked Domonique Rogers-Cromartie on a similar play. It’s to bad that Edleman was just playing football the right way, TUFF but the broncos couldn’t have NE WR’s taking shots at Denver’s best cover corner. You remember what happened to the broncos when DRC was hurt on the play before half time in Foxboro. TB lit us up with LEGAL RUB ROUTES and PICK PLAYS the entire second half. The Denver Broncos were not going to let that happen again Expecially in the AFC Championship. I love when the Pats get theirs!

  37. And btw, there is no flag for what you call an “illigal pick”. I think what your referring to is a “pick” play. there is nothing illigal about it. Just like basketball as long as it’s performed properly, i.e. Not intentionally looking like your trying to impede or block a defensive player, not grabbing at them, and over all looking like a receiver out there just running a route, and not just a blocker you will get away with it all day long. Know why? BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING ILLIGAL ABOUT IT. HENSE THERE WAS NO CALL ON THE PLAY AND NO SUPLIMIMENTARY DICIPLINE. If you started watching football BEFORE 2001 you’d know this. This tactic has been around as long as the forward pass. I’m sorry you guys are so butthurt that manning and the broncos are the best in the league at it.

  38. Why should he have been fined, not illegal hit. Bill I Cheat should be fined for pushing for a fine with his words of worst hit he had ever seen.

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