Caserio gets a second interview on Saturday

A day ago, few knew Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio was a candidate for the G.M. position in Miami.  A day from now, Caserio could be close to getting the job.

Tom Curran of CSN New England reports that Caserio will have a second interview on Saturday, one day after Caserio had a first interview.

Caserio has helped set the table for coach Bill Belichick since Scott Pioli left for Kansas City in 2009.  Despite consistently passing on other opportunities to leave, Caserio has decided to throw his three-cornered hat in the ring.

Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine has received a second interview, and Titans director of player personnel Lake Dawson is expected to get a second interview, too.

As we explained Friday, a source with knowledge of the Dolphins’ search told PFT that the Dolphins likely requested permission to interview Caserio from the outset of the search, and that Caserio politely declined.

If Caserio had shown interest in leaving sooner, the Patriots could have re-hired Pioli.  But Pioli accepted a job two days ago as assistant G.M. with the Falcons.

34 responses to “Caserio gets a second interview on Saturday

  1. Is that Quellek from Galaxy Quest?
    “I avoided capture (by the Dolphins) by using your Mak’tar stealth haze.”

  2. I watched the replay of the Broncos Patriots Championship game on NFL Network. Brady played well. Manning played better. The game was close, 3-0 in the second quarter with the Broncos possessing the ball inside their own 20-yard line when Talib was knocked out of the game. That play changed the game but the Broncos won the game along booth lines of scrimmage. Knighton was a beast against the run and the pass and made a number of game changing plays. The Patriots had a number of ill-advised deep throws in their game-plan early (mostly to guys that did not get open). Brady’s one bad miss (a throw deep to Edelman up the left side) was followed up by completions that moved the ball close to the 20 yard line but an offensive pass interference killed the drive. The Broncos won the game more than the Patriots lost the game. The Patriots needed to force turnovers (which equals Broncos stops and scoring opportunities for the Patriots) but that didn’t happen. Two forced turnovers and the Patriots win that game.

  3. Is Mr. Ross back from his world wide tour? Did you ever notice that Justin Beiber and Steve Ross are never seen together. Could they be the same person? It is possible that Justin Ross will bond out of jail and participate in a second interview. I understand that Mr. Caserio was a bit confused when Dawn Apponte referred to herself and Coach Philbin as the boss’s posse!

  4. Unlike McDonald’s or wherever you work, some positions (and not all are executive level) require multiple interviews.

    Some involve different people, some involve different topics, and some are deeper discussions based on topics discussed earlier.

    Hiring someone after one interview is like marrying someone after one date. Each opportunity you have to meet with someone means you get to know them better. And the more you know, the better decision you can make – especially when you’re hiring leadership positions for your organization.

  5. Dolphins GM isn’t a bad gig. Most guys might want to hire their own coach, however Philbin is as qualified a candidate for the position as any new hire might be. If Caserio is given the opportunity.. it wont hurt his resume.

  6. Things do come up that warrants a second interview. It happens in every field except for lawyers. They use demonic telepathy rendering any face to face interview worthless.

  7. ^^^ asking him how much money do you want to take this job!

    2nd interview the day after the 1st is a sign they liked what they heard and this is moving fast

  8. Why we he go to Miami? We suck. He probably wants a raise in his current position and is using this to get it

  9. The Dolphins, according to some pat fans caused the pats to lose in Denver due to losing home field, etc.
    What would happen if they poach his guy? The sky MUST be falling.

  10. Maybe have some coaches talk with him. …. They are clueless.. NE could have hired Pioli if they wanted any time before Atlanta

  11. It is not unusual to have second interviews with people you might be interested in. After the first interviews, the field has been narrowed down and you are able to hone in on the differences in answers people had to questions in the first round. The Dolphins are taking their time and trying to make sure they get it right. That’s smart on their part. Especially after some of the things that have gone on with them this year.
    Having said that, as a Patriots fan, I hope we can keep him.

  12. Would Pioli’s position in Atlanta really preclude him from coming coming back to the Pats? It would be a promo and, if memory serves, Pioli is tight with the Krafts. As a Pats fan, I have to admit that this is very concerning.

  13. I think it is safe to say that the Patriots never blow people away with the personnel that they put on the field. In fact, many in football observed that Miami had more talent on their roster than NE this year. The overwhelming majority of credit goes to Tom Brady and coach Belichick not the front office. Heck look at the talent they have put around Brandy on offense year in and year out. If Brady is not there the Patriots are a 5-11 club.

  14. Just more evidence that the Dolphins are on the way up…. and the Pats are on the way down. I know I will get thumb’s down on this, but stop and think. The Patriots have ruled the Division for 11 years and that can’t last forever. The Dolphins have been stuck in mediocre for a decade and literally have been improving (way too slowly for this Fan). The bottom line is Ross has deep pockets. He is the 2nd wealthiest owner and is not stupid like you all think he is. This is a very desirable job in a very desirable place to live. This is the guy he wanted all along and could not approach the Pats during Playoffs. Don’t listen to the slanted media. After all they know as much as the facts as me and you; which is nothing!

  15. If you idiots believe half of what the morons given a crayon to write a story then you are worse then them, they write for a reaction, for shock, nothing else the truth is the furthest thing from their pencil lead, heads it’s this guy, tails it’s that guy, their sources? that’s it, ever wonder why their so called source is never named??? yea uh huh. So when Dawn Aponte leaves because of the assclown writers writing lies and tall tales just to stir the pot and it puts undue pressure on her family because of it, then the team cap goes to crap, who will be at fault? the owner? the coach? the new GM? right??? What if the team owner was JJones? OMG Ross shells out the big bucks and tries to let the football people do their job, he is not a has been 2-bit X player who’s only way too get close is buy the team then apointe himself GM Jones had J Johnson won 3 titles but because his ego is so huge he ran him off how many titles have Dallas won with their brilliant GM? You people complain no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT, but you are probably never even at a game, you’re sitting your sorry ass at home watching on TV !!! If you believe these turds writing this trash you as bad or worse than they are, especially the Miami Herald hacks they are the turdiest!!! ha! Ok uncle Steven I did it can I have my allowance now??? LOL

  16. I think I’ll email the Fritz Pollard Alliance and tell them Caserio has a black ancestor. They will then advise him not to take the job…WINNING!

  17. I bet Scott Pioli wouldn’t be an option back in New England. After mediocre-at-best drafts from 2006-2009, once Pioli left the drafts have dramitically improved from 2010-2013.

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