Charles Tillman isn’t worried about his football future


When the Bears handed out a flurry of new contracts, cornerback Charles Tillman didn’t get one.  Which probably means he won’t be getting one before he becomes a free agent on March 11.

I’m not really worried about it,” Tillman told Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune.  “I have some decisions I have to make in the next couple of weeks, couple of months.

“I am just going to see what happens.  I have some options, I have some thoughts.”

Technically, he’s not supposed to be aware of any options beyond Chicago, given the tampering rules.  But the tampering rules seem to be violated even more often than they are respected.

Tillman, who turns 33 next month, was limited to eight games in 2013, due to various injuries.  Some have speculated that he could reunite with coach Lovie Smith in Tampa.

With each of the other teams in the NFC North needing talented players in the secondary, there could be interest in putting him in position to play the Bears twice next year.

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  1. And you see a tamperer behind every tree.

    He said he had “a couple of options”. Every soon to be free agent has a couple of options: leave or stay.

    And they know that without anyone tampering with them. It’s called “the free agency system”.

  2. Someone will overpay him. He’s been great at forcing fumbles, but the dude is far on the wrong side of 30 and was banged up all year. That’s not a good sign at all.

  3. One of my favorite players. Classy on and off the field. He’s been a great player when healthy and hopefully the Bears can draft a decent replacement. He was one of the few corners in the game that you could feel comfortable leaving 1 on 1 with Megatron. If he can stay healthy whoever signs him is getting a beast of a CB!

  4. The Bears need to move on from him based on his age and probable salary demands. However, that doesn’t mean that some other team won’t jump at the chance at a potential All-Pro CB.

  5. Wow, Vikings fans actually believe there is a chance Peanut would go to Minn. It’s common knowledge he will join Lovie down in Tampa if the Bears don’t hang on to him.

    Thanks for all the great years Peanut. You are the best force fumble CB ever to play in the NFL. You will be missed or will you be staying for a couple more years……

  6. I doubt the Vikings could sign Peanut for a reasonable price — something that would enable them to get the same value from Peanut as the Bears have all these years. But if they could, that’d be great — Peanut is easily my favorite player in the NFC North that isn’t a Viking and has been for years now.

  7. Best forced fumble CB ever to play the game. I would take him over Peterson or loud mouth Sherman any day. If you leave Tillman it will be sad, but you will always be a Chicago Bear and one of the best CB’s ever to play.

  8. Lions should kick the tires on him.

    Come and join a team where you’ll have plenty of opportunitys to make plays.

  9. I would love to see him stay here in Chicago but I understand if they part ways.
    A great player and a class guy.

    He would still make a much better Safety than Chris Conti.

  10. Peanut come on up the Titletown USA (Green Bay, Wisconsin for the Viking trolls on here) we’ll move you over to FS and size up your ring finger while were at it! How’s that sound????

  11. 2difshoe says:Jan 25, 2014 6:33 PM

    Tillman will not make the same mistake Urlacher did. He will take the fair offer he make him

    Because no other team will make him an offer because he isn’t very good? Just like Urlacher….

  12. Shinnbone says:Jan 25, 2014 7:04 PM

    Peanut come on up the Titletown USA (Green Bay, Wisconsin for the Viking trolls on here) we’ll move you over to FS and size up your ring finger while were at it! How’s that sound????

    8-9-1 and talking Super Bowl…how’s that sound?

  13. rationalitybias says:
    Jan 25, 2014 6:49 PM

    He owes nothing to this city (Chicago) but the Bears need to make a fair, two-year deal for him. Would hate to see him in a different jersey, class act in every way.


    He is a class act and I would like to see him stay for the right price (but like Uhrlacher, what Peanut considers “fair” may be above market). However, it really is a two way street, the Bears don’t owe him anything either. This is still a business and if you overpay for him then it takes away from other needs. He is on the wrong side of 30 and it is a real gamble that the Bears will get their money’s worth from him even for a “fair” two year contract. If he goes the free agent route, then there will be a team that overpays, that is just typical of free agency.

  14. uhhh, he’s not coming to MN. He doesn’t fit the vision of the team of getting younger. Why cut Winfiled and then over pay a half-time player? And, almost every expert says Rhodes progressed very nicely. Can hardly be classified as a whiff. ***silently prays for more intelligent readers***

  15. Vikings are sitting very well in the cap for 2014. DUH!! Make that, they WON’T offer him a fair price.

  16. If he signs with the Vikings, it will be only because they will overpay, as they tend to do with most FA’s. He’s too young to give up on a Superbowl dream but that’s just what he’ll do if he signs in Minnesota.

  17. I am a bear fan and would love to see him back…but the bears may not sign him because of age,I see him going south where he is from and play for the Cowboys.

  18. Go to Tampa or stay in Chicago. Green Bay will never sign anyone who isn’t a back-up. However, the Vikings would love to give a huge contract to Sam Shields.

  19. Everyone said the same thing about Urlacher and look where that left the defense this year. Tillman’s absence this year was noticed. It would be a mistake to let him go.

  20. I’m a huge Tillman fan, however, you cannot pay him the kind of money he will be demanding! He’s 33, he’s shown notable signs of his body breaking down and it’s probably time for him to move on to some team who’s willing to spend that kind of money on him. The Bears need to use their CAP space wisely in order to build a contending defense in the next year or two. I would rather see them go out and bring in a decent FA and pay him the money than to put it all in Tillman! I appreciate everything “Peanut” has brought to this team and he’s a complete class act. I wish him nothing but the best wherever he goes…..

  21. Charles Tillman is one of the best football players ever to play the game and he will retire a Chicago Bear. Even at his age, he has value and by testing free agency he will find out what that value is. I will be surprised if the Bears aren’t willing to be one of the teams that will pay him.

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