Fred Davis report “technically inaccurate”

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Soon-to-be free-agent tight end Fred Davis reportedly faces a six-game suspension for his latest alleged violation of the substance-abuse policy.  While details remain scarce, a league source tells PFT that the report is “technically inaccurate.”

We don’t know why or how it’s technically inaccurate.  Davis could be facing a shorter suspension, a longer suspension, or no suspension at all.  (The latter option is highly unlikely at this point.)

Whatever the proposed suspension may be, it can all change during the appeal process.

It remains unclear how the information was leaked in the first place, given the emphasis on confidentiality.  Sometimes, the leak comes from the team or the league.  Other times, it comes from the player, who tells a friend about it.  Who then tells a friend about it.  And so on.

Given that plenty of players currently are gathered at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, there’s a good chance Davis blabbed to someone who blabbed, with the blabbing continuing until the information makes its way to the eyes and ears of the media.

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  1. Seems to me every time there is a Skins article that five articles later another is posted retracting the last.

    ‘Skins didn’t bother canceling 49ers interview and boy are the niners mad!,’ … ten minutes later, ‘Niners say nothing was done incorrectly with the Skins process and are not upset with the way the potential interviews were handled.’

    Seems routine at this point. ‘Fred Davis faces 6 game suspension’ … ‘Well maybe not.’

    Not sure how we got the info it may have come from a friend of a frend of a friend that overheard it from the maid at the Marriot who only spoke Camobodian.

  2. Nobody will take a chance on Fred Davis, way too risky. He’s always hurt, runs his mouth, and is in stage two of the drug program. Even bringing him into camp seems like a wasted spot that could go to another player with a better chance of actually playing for the team…

  3. Fred got wasted and wasted his potential…What a waste…Now he’ll sit around wasting time as his waistline grows. Because his potential ain’t growing…And that’s a waste.

  4. Worst part about this is that Fred had all the potential to be a top 5-10 te in this league which would have gotten him paid big money. Now he’s another hermichael Finley

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