Heath Evans clumsily backtracks from Chip Kelly criticism

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Last year, NFL Network analyst Heath Evans espoused some strong opinions about Eagles coach Chip Kelly, calling it one of the worst hires in pro football history.  This year, Evans hopes to back away from those opinions.

And he’s doing so.  Clumsily.

Jimmy Kempski of Philly.com has the story.

Evans recently appeared on WIP radio in Philly to explain himself, and in so doing he publicly called out his superiors.

“Let me go on record with this,” Evans said regarding his column criticizing the Chip Kelly hire.  “That was written for the Cleveland Browns, and our editors at the NFL Network just flipped the name of the team once he was the surprise hire of Philly, and posted that without my liking.  When you look at the talent pool in Cleveland, and you look at the talent pool in Philly, you’re thinking, ‘This would be disastrous.’  When you look at the talent pool in Philly, that’s a different story. . . .  I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus at NFL Network, but that’s how that whole thing went down.”

He may not want to throw anyone under the bus at NFL Network, but Evans nevertheless did.

And Evans didn’t do it very smoothly.  As Kempski points out, Evans offered the same criticisms of the Kelly hire on the air after he was hired by the Eagles that were contained in an article written about Kelly being hired by the Browns.

It’s enough to make some Eagles fans strongly believe that Evans is one of the worst analyst hires in pro football history.

50 responses to “Heath Evans clumsily backtracks from Chip Kelly criticism

  1. I hate seeing and hearing this guy on TV. I feel like he’d still rub me the wrong way even if he, by chance, said something I agreed with.

  2. I like Heath, but come on. And it’s laughable how people are questioning him after only one year. Plenty of coaches have done well their first year, only to be fired a few years later. Year 2 will be a big test to see if his offense can hang in the NFL.

  3. Not the sharpest tool in the box. Somebody at NFL network, please pull the plug on this fool. Can’t take any more of this clown talking out his rear.

  4. His explanation is a bunch of crap just like the Hawks, just eat your big pile of crow and admit you were wrong. Personally, i had my doubts on Chip, shows how much i know 🙂

  5. Heath Evans is no Mike Florio. Heck, he’s no Joe buck. Thankfully we have Keyshaun Johnson. U all suck. Except Florio, cause this is his site.

  6. Heath Evans is the second worst person on NFLN right after Jamie dukes. Saying this as a saints fan, he had next to nothing to do with the the 09 season, yet he acts like he had a bigger role than drew brees. He played in like 5 or 6 games and landed on season ending IR.

  7. How does this guy have an talking analyst job anyway. He’s a nobody. Mediocre fullback all his career. No one cares what he thinks but he seems to have a strong opinion on everything.

  8. Look he ended up being wrong. It happens. But to not admit you were wrong and blame someone else? That’s awful.

    BTW I’ll admit that I didn’t think the Eagles would do this well under Kelly. That’s only because I was thinking about the QB situation, which became resolved in Kelly’s favor with Nick Foles playing exceptionally well.

    That said maybe long term Kelly doesn’t work out. However the Eagles choose a coach with a proven track record of winning, which sounds smart to me.

  9. What a coward. There are certain times when a person’s actions speak particularly about the persons character, and this was one for Evans. Analysts are going to be wrong sometimes (and unfortunately, many seem to be wrong all the time..) but you own up to it and move on.

  10. Some people just cannot ever admit to being wrong.

    Those people have very few friends.

    Humility can be quite admirable but some people are just tools…

  11. Heath Evans is EASILY one of the five worst analysts on TV. He is just brutal to watch most of the time.

  12. I don’t know how this guy got a job as an analyst with the NFLN to begin with. Maybe he’s the token clown – the guy they want on TV so the viewers can laugh and jeer at him. Kind of like a Merrill Hoge type.

  13. Are you sure Heath never played for the Seahawks? That dude was so juiced up last year that he looks down right skinny this year in comparison.

  14. One of many horrible analysts. Just because you played the game at a professional level does not qualify you to talk about it on TV. We as viewers see it every week during the season. Deion, Michael, Matt (Millan), etc.

  15. You know, the NFL owns the network. Why do they keep hiring idiots? I guess we will be seeing more of Shawn Merriman. Great. Ever try to watch the highlight show with Deon and Irvin? I tried, and failed. Every sunday.

  16. He’s a meathead and a key reason that I don’t watch NFLN anymore.

    Fire his sorry excuse for an analyst and I MIGHT come back.

  17. Or he could have just said something like, “I was wrong, and Kelly proved that I was wrong this year. Let’s see how next year goes.”

    Or not.

  18. As someone who is a frequent critic of this tin can called a web site, I do like to be honest, and in all honesty this is great post because it’s simply true; and more importantly, when you take out the specifics (Kelly, Eagles) the general idea of “what is journalism” needs to be addressed.

    It is in fact an important story to everyone else who is not an Eagles fan because it’s about quality of NFL journalsim right now. Which is at an all-time low, for many reasons and the latest one being, the “Who was talking about you?” journalistic brilliance of Erin Andrews.

    How many stories can be told leading to the Super Bowl, the culmination of young guys’ dreams, the personal stories of making something of yourself, the stories of chess-playing strategy, a vicious defense vs the ultimate qb brain, and on and on and on.

    And all those are out the window because…. yet another loudmouth mouthed off and and a reporter lost for ideas just ran with that nonsense and egged it on. Worse, sports anchors with equally no mind followed like sheep. Are you listening NFL network morning show or are you too busy laughing at your own jokes.

    The Heath Evans idiocy and failing backtracking is evdence of a problem that began way before the Sherman/Andrews collective idiocy.

    Great article, Kempski is actually the one who should be considered for the Pulitzer for real digging and research and conclusion. But Andrews probably will get an award instead.

    And absolutley credit Florio for now making the subject national.

    It’s about a greater topic than Evans’ idiocy; this is a symptom and example of something bigger.

  19. There are few analysts hires that are good; and they usually don’t stick around because they don’t suck up to the politically correct direction of the major sports networks and media markets…

  20. Mike do we really care what Heath Evans has to say?
    About anything?
    He’s a Patriot and Saints Homer.

  21. So what is the big deal he is hired and paid to give analysis and opinions about pro football and he missed his guess. It happens. Why not run a column about all the outlandish stuff that peter king espouses and point out how wrong he is and how often.

  22. I expose ignorant people. It’s what I do. This includes those who may negatively comment on this comment.

  23. So the things he does get right were unedited by anybody else, and anything that doesn’t fit with his story was somebody else adjusting the story ever so slightly to taint it but not enough for him to take credit for it if there’s credit for the taking available. Sounds like NFL Front Office material.

  24. Again, why as an analyst he is not that great. Just because he talks for way too long it doesn’t mean that he knows what he’s talking about. He is not a good researcher and doesn’t look at both sides of the subject matter either.

    Also he kisses the ass of Randy Moss too much.

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