Michael Bennett’s sack dance may not be ready for prime time

Getty Images

When the Seahawks take on the Broncos in New Jersey eight days from now, Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett possibly will sack Peyton Manning.  If Bennett, who has 10 total sacks in the 2013 regular season and postseason, can get to Manning, Bennett likely will break out a sack dance that may not be appropriate for young eyes.

Via Jayson Jenks of the Seattle Times, Bennett describes his hand-behind-the-head-gyrating-hips maneuver as “two angels dancing while chocolate is coming from the heavens on a nice Sunday morning.”

Whatever it is, safety Earl Thomas won’t let his daughter watch it.

“I make her turn her head,” Thomas told Jenks.

The dance has evolved throughout the season, and Bennett could have even more tweaks in store for the Super Bowl.

“I think America is ready,” Bennett said.  “Maybe I can get on Dancing With the Stars afterward.”

It’s far more likely that Bennett, who took a below-market one-year deal to join Seattle, will be cashing in with a long-term deal, from the Seahawks or someone else.  The more he dances on February 2, the more likely that will be.