Nick Caserio among three interviewed by Miami on Saturday


The Dolphins’ G.M.-search process continued Saturday with three more interviews, all with candidates who had previously met with the club.

Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio, Titans vice president of player personnel Lake Dawson and Buccaneers director of player personnel Dennis Hickey all met with Miami today, the club announced on Saturday night.

According to the club, these were second interviews.

Caserio first interviewed with the Dolphins on Friday, while Hickey met with Miami on January 17. Dawson previously met with Miami on January 12.

Caserio’s second interview Saturday was expected, as was Dawson’s. Moreover, Hickey was also reportedly regarded as a finalist.

The Dolphins relieved G.M. Jeff Ireland of his duties by mutual agreement on January 7.

14 responses to “Nick Caserio among three interviewed by Miami on Saturday

  1. When Nick arrived at the interview the panel were all looking at him quizzicly. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?’ “Yeah, his face looks so familiar.”, “You ever hang out at Starbucks over on 41st?”, “You aren’t the guy who chartered the fishing boat to me last fall, are you?”……..

  2. As a Dolphin fan, this prolonged process is getting ridiculous. It’s as if their choosing a new Pope or something.

  3. It’s either the second or third interview for Caserio. They kind of lost track. Yesterday they interviewed a candidate who was sleeping in the waiting room. It was fifteen minutes into the interview before they realized he was a homeless guy who snuck into the building because he was cold.

  4. When nobody wanted to coach Cleveland, this didn’t seem like a big issue.

    Now, the Browns have a coach.

    Time to pick a smart GM, and start fixing the problems from last season. We spent enough time during the regular season being a laughingstock. It needs to end.

  5. Take your time and get the right guy, the right fit with Dawn and Joe.
    Get the wrong person and we’ll be going through this process again next year for a new GM, coach, coaching staff, VP, players, fans, etc…

  6. Man, that’s the 3rd different picture of this dude!! Come on PFT, pick one and stick with it…on second thought, the first picture scared the ba-jeebus out of me and sent small children scurry under the bed. I hadn’t been that scared since the Wicked Witch and the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz….

  7. ampats says: Jan 24, 2014 2:34 PM

    After working for Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick , do you really think he would be interested to work for Stephen Ross and Dawn Aponte ?
    Apparently so.

  8. They should have hired Farmer after the 1st interview now he is gone. No doubt in my mind he was the right guy for the job. They should never let out the without the j9b all that did was give him time to think about it. Im sure he also had people in his ear telling he’ll be crazy to go to the Dolphins.

  9. I wish they go ahead and hire a GM pretty because it’ll be the GM job to resign or let go of some if our key FAs. I curious to see who stays and who goes. I don’t think contract negotiations will start will really start if there is no GM in the house

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