Rivera thinks Pro Bowl will have more intensity

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The unconferenced Pro Bowl still needs a coaching staff from each conference.  The NFC sent the Panthers, and head coach Ron Rivera.

Rivera, who’ll be facing a team that includes his quarterback (Cam Newton) and middle linebacker (Luke Kuechly), believes that the new format will make for a better game.  Rivera also realizes that, if the game isn’t better, the game could eventually disappear.

“The players understand what’s at stake in terms of we need to come out there and we need to show who we are as far as being football players,” Rivera told David Newton of ESPN.com.  “It’s been a heck of an experience. I’m excited about it.  I just hope it’s a good show.”

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey previously has predicted that the game will be “real competitive,” in part because of the way some players reacted to their position in the fantasy draft ultimately run by Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders.

Maybe it will indeed be a competitive and compelling game.  And maybe it’ll stay that way until a Pro Bowler destined for free agency suffers a serious injury that prevents him from getting the payday that otherwise was in his grasp.

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  1. Way too much at stake for the players and their health to continue to play this game. Why would you possibly risk tearing an ACL for a completely meaningless game?

  2. “Rivera thinks Pro Bowl will have more intensity”

    He was referring to the intensity of the colors on the uniforms. Ultra turbo lime and Living Rage Orange.

  3. There is literally no reason for the Pro Bowl’s continued existence. Eliminate it and replace it with some sort of skills competition akin to the NHL allstar weekend and the Home Run Derby.

  4. The Pro Bowl is the worst sporting event in the history of sports. It’s just garbage. They should just scrap it if the players don’t start playing with some intensity.

  5. you know who the players owe this game to? Me – the no name middle class NFL football fan. These players are the all stars of the game. Think about what the teams salaries would be if you added up all the players contracts that made a pro bowl roster this year. I’m too lazy to research it, but I’m guessing that number would be pretty staggering. That money comes from the fans that make the sport what it is, so why not sacrifice an ACL for them… And if one does get hurt, they can still go out and coach or get an analyst gig and make that $$ bottom line here, don’t be greedy and give the fans a half ass glorified flag football game while your getting paid and laid in Hawaii to play football. Give me what I deserve- football blood guts & glory on a cold winter Sunday night with my family…. And maybe an ACL…

  6. Why not vote coaching staffs to the Pro Bowl along with players… They could treat it the same way. If John Fox and his staff had won it, then they could have gone to the next highest vote-getter when he made the SB. It seems that word be an honor for coaches like it is for players to be selected (even if the offer might ultimately be declined).

  7. should have left it alone as in Hawaaii after superbowl…Also, it’ s not going away – there is a lot of money being made- it sells out. Half the players are in the super bowl anyway…so why would you watch?

  8. I will watch to see Neon Deion Sanders going off on a player on his team that is not putting out effort after promising to do so.
    That should be the highlight of the Pro Bowl

  9. Keep everything about the Pro Bowl the same as it’s always been, except for one change.
    Fans elect the players. Players get bonus money and a free trip to Hawaii for being elected.

    The one change? Don’t bother playing the game.

  10. I think it will only work if players get an additional game check with the insurance that if they are hurt in the game the league will insure the players salary for one calender year, if free agent, top 10 percent of what his position is paid …ie franchise tag per NFL

  11. I don’t blame players for mailing it in during the Pro Bowl. Nearly all these guys stand to make several million dollars next season and it would be foolish to put it on the line for the $50/25k bonus the NFL gives these guys for playing.

    Even if you are some Victor Cruz-like undrafted player who doesn’t make big money yet, is $50k really that big of a deal in the scheme of things for a NFL’er if you are looking forward to a decent career?

    Can the “game” and make it into a skills competition or something fun to watch. Work some legends in there to make it interesting. The game is a joke already, embrace the joke.

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