Seattle not ruling out a future Super Bowl bid


A couple of years ago, conflicting information emerged regarding whether Seattle would be launching a bid to host the Super Bowl.  It hasn’t happened yet, but it still could.

“[W]e are trying to position ourselves so we can put it in when the time is right,” Seattle Sports Commission executive director Ralph Mortion said Friday, via the Tacoma News Tribune.

Morton has no prediction as to when the time will be right.

“Everything needs to align just right,” Morton said.  “It’s going to come down to the Seahawks and [owner] Paul Allen [wanting to place a bid].  And the community will need to step up in a major way. . . .  It will be a significant effort, not something to be taken lightly.”

Seattle previously tried to host the game in the Kingdome, but Seattle gave up after five failed bids in 12 years.

If next Sunday’s Super Bowl goes off without a hitch — or a blizzard — other cold-weather climates with open-air stadiums could be inclined to give it a whirl.  Which would be good news for the NFL, since more suitors means more bids means better bids means more money for the owners.

“Hotels, destinations, character, food, salmon, crab, microbrews, wine, walkability downtown and light rail that’s expanding so we could have events at the University of Washington and Seattle Center,” Morton said of a potential Seattle Super Bowl.  “Seventy percent of the seats [at CenturyLink Field] are covered, and it’s a great football experience. . . .  I’m biased, but I think we’d knock it out of the park.”

The only question is when and if they want to swing the bat.

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  1. I am definitely a fan of moving the Super Bowl around. Nice to hear that a nice area like Seattle is attempting to land the Big Game. 90% chance of rain, but beats some of the other cities that are bidding.

  2. I hope the league will realize that cold weather/inclement weather Super Bowls (R) are a terrible idea. I think most fans want to see the two best teams square off under ideal conditions. The weather shouldn’t skew the outcome.

  3. 50-something and sunny here in Seattle today, generally around superbowl time the weather here is pretty good. Rarely a threat of snow. It might be rainy but superbowl fans would enjoy the experience here.

  4. Football in the snow is the best. I loved watching the punts land in the Philly blizzard, no bounce just plop into the snow while coverage slid past. Too bad the new Vikings stadium will be indoors.

  5. Rest assured, Peter King and his cohorts are already working up their outrage over a Super Bowl that could be played on the Cascadian Subduction Zone during a 9.0 earthquake .

  6. It is 50 degrees and sunny in Seattle today while New York worries about a blizzard. Seattle should have had a Super Bowl a long time ago. They built a new stadium. The is just another screw job by those who live in New York.

  7. Nofoolnodrool says:Jan 25, 2014 4:34 PM

    I am sure everyone will rush to rub shoulders with great uncivil used slobs of the northwest….not.

    This coming from a Steelers’ fan. At least the fans show up for Seahawks’ games.

  8. Who IS ruling out a potential future Super Bowl bid?
    Your only problem, Seattle, is that you will have to wait until folks forget about this season’s cold weather Super Bowl, before they ever consider holding one in a downpour.

  9. I dislike the fans, the coach, and the cornerback of Seattle.

    However I really do love the city. Unlike this year’s superbowl I think it would be a good place for the game.

    The fact that there is a very real possibility of having Super Bowl Monday or Super Bowl Friday is just absurd.

  10. Century Link is a beautiful stadium to host a Super Bowl. Maybe playing some of these games outside in less than ideal conditions would stop teams from building their teams to play indoors at 68 degrees. Too bad if the Saints or Peyton Manning dont like playing outside in the cold. I hope its 20 degrees and windy as hell, then we can see if His Highness is really the best ever.

  11. I’m sure the East coast biased media will put the Ke-bosh on hosting a Super a bowl so far away from their illustrious headquarters. Most people think Seattle is in Alaska. Not happening.

  12. I’d love to see a SB in Seattle. That’d be great.

    As far as the Cowboys being America’s Team, they’re the team America loves to hate.

  13. From what I’ve heard, they want to basically complete the upper deck across the south end zone, which would add about 5,000 seats to stadium capacity. Only makes sense to delay a bid until the completion date of that project is known.

  14. Seattle is where I ca my home so I am biased but it’s one if the most culturally diverse cities with a thriving middle class with many different types of people . Very open minded and very progressively . I travel often and Seattle is a little well hidden American gem
    They have unbeatable scenario and every whether condition depending on location in state .. The weather is pretty consistent in wa and Never snows their would be no chance is the game getting canceled or postponed . Theirs enough industry and enough hotels and lodging .

    Comparing Seattle to NY or NJ in winter is like saying California gets cold like ohio . Seattle is cloudy but steady constant temperatures and almost never snows .. Great place and city for a SB

  15. Hey, morons…maybe if the Super Bowl was played in cold weather locations more, less corporate boobs would show up and more tickets would be available to real fans. Also why is it OK for the game to be played in elements in November or December, or in every single round of the playoffs except the Super Bowl?? Just build 32 domed stadiums then. Hell yes Seattle should get a Super Bowl. So should Denver. And Boston. And DC. And Chicago. Philly. Was Indy and Chicago playing in a downpour in Miami any better then what will happen on February 2? Having the game in these warm party cities is part of the reason we fans have lost the game to corporate suits.

  16. Too bad a future Super Bowl in Seattle will not have the iconic Space Needle incorporated into the Super Bowl logo, thanks to our dumb commish…

  17. nfceastisbeast….shut up. No one or nothing from the NFC East should be heard from this year. What a sorry division.

  18. Is anything lower,pathetic and sad than the Seattle sheawks.The vikings will take the nfl by storm and at the same time spit on the seahawks and we will smack the packers around too.

  19. Why would the city and the team close the hawks nest area off and make a unique stadium just like other ones all the while losing the great city view. That’s not happening anytime soon.

  20. Pray this never happens don’t want fans throwing food at players as ther carted off it would be worse than putting it in Philly baaaaaad idea

  21. @jhop86

    One idiot in the stands over the escape ramp threw some popcorn down and you make it sound like a crew from McD’s was up there getting rid of their stock. That’s the kind of exaggerations we’ve been hearing all year from the Whiners and others of their ilk.

    The Coffee capital of the USA would love to welcome football fans to the friendly environs of The Emerald City.

  22. Sorry Seaclowns. Jacksonville was the last bad location game as NYC will be the last bad weather game. Just letting you know your friends in San Fran got Super Bowl L.
    Now you can REALLY hate them.

  23. dirtydrew says:Jan 25, 2014 9:10 PM

    Sorry Seaclowns. Jacksonville was the last bad location game as NYC will be the last bad weather game. Just letting you know your friends in San Fran got Super Bowl L.
    Now you can REALLY hate them.

    Are the Niners playing next Sunday?

  24. Nofoolnodrool says: Jan 25, 2014 4:34 PM

    I am sure everyone will rush to rub shoulders with great uncivil used slobs of the northwest….not.
    Uncivil? Are you for real? Slob? Do you know the average educational level of a Seattle citizen?
    I don’t like the Seahawks at all but to be honest Seattle is one of the best cities I have ever visited. Best Seafood, awesome views, a bit of rain but when it is sunny the most beautiful city in the US.

  25. I must say, I dont get the people who are opposed to cold weather super bowls. Some of the most fun to watch games have come in the snow. People constantly complain how the game is going downhill and that the sport is being ruined these days. Why not take the game back to when outdoor games were celebrated. The cold weather teams in Buffalo, Chicago and Green Bay are some of the funnest games to go to.

    When I go to Buffalo games I intentionally buy winter tickets. I dream of frozen cold and blinding snow on game day. Everything is more fun. The energy level kicks up a notch as people yell and jump to keep warm. Then you wrap it up grilling dinner over a fire in the parking lot. Frozen games are the best and I hope for a white out superbowl!

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