Browns considering Dowell Loggains


The Browns have a head coach.  Finally.

But the key coordinator positions aren’t filled.  On the defensive side of the ball, it’ll be Bills linebackers coach Jim O’Neil, if the Bills release him from his contract.

Offensively, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the team has “expressed some interest” in former Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains.

Loggains could end up as quarterbacks coach, or possibly as offensive coordinator.  He spent six seasons with the Titans, and a year and change running the offense.

There are other potential candidates.  Per Albert Breer of NFL Network, the Browns could try to hire Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, if the Cowboys hire Scott Linehan to call plays.

Presumably, the process of hiring an offensive coordinator won’t take as long as the process of hiring a head coach.

12 responses to “Browns considering Dowell Loggains

  1. Loggains is a sort of “boy genius” when it comes to NFL 0ffenses, designing plays, game planning and much of his in-game play calling. However, he’s still a diamond in the rough in some ways. His lack of OC experience showed through during some of his calls. That said, I wish he was still on Tennessee’s staff.

    – Titans Fan

  2. Here we go…the Browns sending out their trial balloons to gauge reaction.

    Well, this guy Dowell Loggains, he is a boy, when it comes to nfl experience…with 4 yrs total experience at the nfl level and 1 yr as a OC.

    The year Loggains was in charge of the Titans offense, they ranked 26 overall in offense…

    …put this in proper perspective…the Browns offense in 2012, in Pat Shurmer’s last season, ranked 25th in the nfl.

    I seriously doubt that HC Pettine is being allowed to hire his own offensive coordinator…this sounds like a Banner idea.

    Hey Joe, experience matters…really it does!

  3. We called him lowgains for a reason, I will feel bad for you Brown fans if you hire him. He can not get into a good flow when calling the game. Its run run long 3rd down pass with him until he starts to let loose with 2 minutes left in the half or game and then he lets things loose.

  4. After the browns exhausting HC search, I think most fans could care less if the hire Kenny Loggins, or Kenny G for that matter, just hire someone, it more than likely won’t matter based on the past decade of coaching hires, fires etc.

  5. Browns, please don’t hire this little guy. We had a nickname for him as Titans fans, that is very appropriate… “Bilbo Lowgains”.

    You don’t want this guy anywhere near your offense or quarterback.

    -Titans fan

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