Champ Bailey calls Percy Harvin “a dangerous man”


Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin only touched the ball twice in the regular season and four times in the postseason, but he’s still a big part of the Broncos’ defensive game plan.

Denver cornerback Champ Bailey says the Broncos have to be ready for Harvin being a huge threat with the ball in his hands.

“That’s a dangerous man right there,” Bailey said, via the Denver Post. “He can change the game if you allow him to. I remember playing him when he was in Minnesota, and he’s one of the most explosive guys coming off the ball.”

The fact that Harvin has hardly played with the Seahawks may actually be to his advantage in the Super Bowl, as the Broncos don’t really know what role he’s going to play in Seattle’s offense.

“I don’t know how they are going to use him,” Bailey said. “We don’t have a lot of tape on him, if any, but they are going to use him. You don’t have a weapon like that and not use it.”

Injuries have so plagued Harvin that he hasn’t started a game and finished it healthy since October of 2012. But if Harvin can finally do that in February of 2014, he’s going to be a big problem for Denver’s defense.

35 responses to “Champ Bailey calls Percy Harvin “a dangerous man”

  1. Even if Percy gets a SB trophy with Seachickens he didn’t earn it . The guy is a super talent but is only available when he isn’t injured or pissed off at the coaches and pretending to be injured or sick.

  2. Yeah, he’s dangerous all right….. Dangerous to the teams health care plan and finances. Dude is a softie. I wonder of Harvins husband plays football too?

  3. Based on his year, Champ COULD have called him “Sorry”, or “Mediocre”, but isn’t it refreshing for professional athletes to actually respect one-another, and not beat their own chests like professional wrestlers? (which happens to be fake, by the way. No one would do that in real life,………..would they?)

    Take out your Stanford notebook and jot that down, Dick Sherman.

  4. And while we have massive respect for Bailey at corner, I think it’s Tate or Baldwin that will be impacting this game. I can’t see the Denver defense stopping them.
    One more game
    One more win

  5. As long as they don’t go head hunting like the Saints, he should be a big factor. Either catching the ball or drawing coverage away from the other receivers. Just being on the field makes him a game changer.

  6. Don’t worry Champ, he hasn’t played a full game in 3 years. But because he is a diva, he will probably do some damage in this game and act like he actually deserves something.

  7. Broncos are smart not to underestimate him. He suffered a devastating injury early in his career, so now many seem to believe he’s made of glass. Many players would NEVER have even tried to return to pro football, but he’s back months ahead of schedule. I’m SO looking forward to seeing him light up the offense. He’ll be a Seattle star for years to come.

  8. Talk about no return on investment. That guy’s made of glass…..and he’s been a locker room cancer too. Not that Seattle would know much about him in the locker room.

  9. Anyone else notice that the Denver players always give a lot of credit to the Seattle players? Funny it is not the same with Seattle. #stayclassyseattle.

  10. I am so glad the vikings traded him away. Cordarrelle Patterson has vikings fans asking “Percy who?” When all is said and done I think CP will be the better receiver, he can do everything Harvin can do in terms yards after catch, kick returns etc. but CP is bigger and has better ball skills, he can go up and fight for a ball.

    Face it, Harvin contributed next to nothing to this seahawks season

  11. Thanks for the positive mention Champ……don’t disagree with you in any way. I don’t see Harvin being made of glass but actually see a man who has come back from an injury that many would not have done so. He did get concussed in his last game and that was regrettable and unfortunate. It has nothing to do with his strength, but rather indicative of the hard hitting game they play.

    We, the NFL fans, welcome back any impact player(s), regardless of team affiliation. I personally am glad he is back for the Hawks, but I am also hopeful that the Broncos are at full strength (as best as they can be) when the game kicks off. May the best prepared and talented team win.

    Looking forward to next Sunday’s Game and hope it lives up to the hype……

    Go Hawks!.

  12. The only thing that makes a Viking fans relevant is them commenting on a Percy Harvin. The guy is in the Super Bowl and will be an impact player. Seattle Seahawks will have him 5 more years so I think he is happy with his change.

    You are big winners sitting at 4 wins with 3 hot garbage QBs and defense with holes everywhere. How is Greg Jennings working out, turn you into a winner? Put the paper-bags back on.

  13. i question if the guy will last more than one or two plays. like you said in the article, he has not finished a game since oct. 2012. he is always getting hurt.

    if harvin goes out early, broncos win this game by 3 touchdowns.

  14. Tell me again which Seahawks players have not given Broncos players respect ? Please find one Seahawk who hasn’t spoken kindly of a Bronco . Otherwise stop
    Talking about class..

    Stick a microphone into a slighted players face just after the biggest game and moment of his life to prove himself and that is what you’ll get . Theirs a reason theirs a 15 minute compression period for players after the game ..

    One bad emotional interview and you act like the whole team is bad . Please remember although your wr corps and qb is great SEATTLE IS THE MOST TALENTED AND PHYSICAL TEAM IN FOOTBALL.. Keep thinking your one major influential group is going to dominate an entire team.

    Kudos to champ for the kind words, at any rate all of Seattles wr have an advantage going against Champ… His rep is better than his play .. Everyone in seattle expects to expose that secondary , especially bc of how much they are overlooking Russell Wilson .

    Hawks 34-21

  15. Percy Harvin versus the 27th ranked pass defense in the NFL.
    The biggest mismatch of the game.
    After Seattle gets through destroying the Broncos everyone will come to realize that last Sunday’s game with the 49ers was actually the real Super Bowl this year.

  16. The story of the game will be Seattle shredding Denver’s pass defense and ability to shut down Denver’s pass offense.

    Based on posts here there will be lots of disappointed fans.

  17. Seattle = world class city, world class nfl team, world class fans
    Denver = filler material, need someone to play the part of prey to the Hawks predatory need to eat

  18. All the talk of Harvin goes away if he runs one back ala Desmond Howard and becomes the difference in a close game. Personally Im still to bitter to root for the Hawks to win there first title but it wouldn’t shock me if it played out like that. Gonna be a fun week for you guys. Good Luck next week and I will refocus my attention to the Warriors getting to the second round in June. Maybe…..

  19. Lets go Seahawks! Soak in all the hoopla of the Superbowl this week! Everyone shoot their mouth off this week like your ambassador Dick Sherman! Maybe a couple of you guys get popped for a DUI one of these nights..This game is all about you not your team.. Stay up late and paint the town red.. Believe your team can’t be beaten..
    Come Sunday, walk into the Orange Buzz Saw!!

  20. orangecrush823 says: Jan 26, 2014 8:21 PM

    Lets go Seahawks! Soak in all the hoopla of the Superbowl this week! Everyone shoot their mouth off this week like your ambassador Dick Sherman! Maybe a couple of you guys get popped for a DUI one of these nights..This game is all about you not your team.. Stay up late and paint the town red.. Believe your team can’t be beaten..
    Come Sunday, walk into the Orange Buzz Saw!!

    Someone’s scared.

  21. johninthewest says, “Anyone else notice that the Denver players always give a lot of credit to the Seattle players? Funny it is not the same with Seattle.”

    This is a matter of seeing only what you want to see so you can claim the high road. This “holier than thou” attitude has been running rampant among Denver fans, and that type of arrogance my friend, is the antithesis of the class your fans have been claiming. I’ve heard nothing but praise from all interviewed Seahawk players for the Bronco players, its team and city.

  22. Haha all these negative posts from people that have had their team sent home for the year. Seahawks are the best in the NFC and Broncos are the AFC’s best. Let the gae be played and quit crying around til after

  23. I know how the Hawks use Harvin, any domn 2way they feel like using him, he is utility times TEN..

    going to be fun watching the Donks struggle to get yards on offense and trying to stop seattles offense on the other side..

    you can say you saw it here first but this may be the most lopsided affair we;ve yet to see in a superbowl

    “we aint in oakland anymore”


    what a set, tate to the left, baldwin Kearse to the right, Harvin, Lynch, Wilson and Turbonator in the backfeild..

    “bad boys bad boys, whatchya gonna do when they come for you, bad boys, ohhh bad boys bad boys, whatchya gonna doo…”

  24. Don’t forget that the guy can return the ball both on kickoffs and punts. The Hawks will use him wisely and pull coverage away from Tate, Baldwin, and Kearse. This will equal big play potential with the play action! Go Hawks

  25. Percy will be a huge play maker in this game, mark my words…. Even if he is used as a decoy you are going to see him having double coverage opening the field for other players. Denver is likely not happy that he will be playing in this game.

  26. Percy Harvin is the most overrated player in the nfl.

    He has not done anything for us this year and I doubt he does much next year.

    We are the best team in the nfl and it has EXACTLY ZERO TO DO WITH PERCY HARVIN.

    17 yards is what Harvin gave us this year.

    One of the worst seasons in NFL history for what he is being paid.

    99% of my fellow 12s are in denial.


    Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate are better than Harvin will ever be.

    Percy Harvin is the most overrated player in the nfl but people choose to ignore it.

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