Dave Gettleman on Greg Hardy: He’s part of the puzzle

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Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy has not been shy about the payday he’s expecting this offseason.

The impending free agent is steering clear of big waves in Hawaii because he knows that the 15 sacks he recorded during the 2013 season will make him a popular player on the open market. Assuming, of course, that the Panthers don’t sign or franchise him before he has the opportunity to shop his wares.

During an interview with Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, General Manager Dave Gettleman played it close to his vest when asked about the chances that will happen. Gettleman called Hardy “part of the puzzle” and that “we’ll see” if that part remains in the puzzle moving forward.

“I got to watch 17 games worth of stuff, but he’s obviously a presence,” Gettleman said. “Anybody can see that. It’s part of it. We’ve got to evaluate the whole thing and then come up with a plan.”

The Panthers would likely prefer a long-term deal and the short-term cap space that can be built into it to a franchise tag for Hardy, especially as they continue to clean up the cap mess that Gettleman inherited when he took the job last year. Cleaning that up at the expense of having Hardy applying pressure to quarterbacks doesn’t do much to help the Panthers on the field, though, and that’s why it is a good bet that Gettleman’s evaluation will lead Carolina to choose one of those options over letting Hardy walk as a free agent.

13 responses to “Dave Gettleman on Greg Hardy: He’s part of the puzzle

  1. gotta lock hardy up long term. those RB contracts handed out by hurney are crippling. 56 mill in the backfield alone for dwill, stewart, and tolbert

  2. We are in Cap hell, all due to the moron Marty Hurney and his overpaying of Running Backs – I think Gettleman will figure it out especially if he goes with the Giants’ front four philosophy …

  3. Yea, they need to figure out a way to retain him. That division’s too competitive, they need to keep the momentum they built with that defense this year. He’s one of the key pieces.

  4. Everyone knows Gettleman inherited a mess. Let’s see how he chooses to try an fix it. If he’s smart, he uses a scalpel and not a wrecking ball.

    We’ll know his intent by his approach. Letting Hardy go could signal he wants Rivera to fail so he can bring his own head coach.

    I just hope it’s not another Pepper’s debacle that will set the franchise back 5 years.

  5. Just put the tag on him and see what happens next year. Let’s just see if he keeps that fire.

  6. I would love to sign Hardy, but its extremely hard in today’s NFL economy to pay two premium DE’s.

    My guess is Gettleman tags him and looks to move him for draft picks. I’d hate to see it, but no one wants another Julius Peppers, watching someone walk and getting nothing but a compensatory pick….Either that or he moves CJ……just my two cents.

  7. Panthers fans won’t like to hear this but they aren’t suited to win long term right now. They have all of their money locked up into rbs passed their prime. They overpaid charles johnson (although he is very good), don’t have camlocked up which will cost around 20 mill, hardy wants a big payday amongst others. They will have to draft extremely well to stay competitve imo. They need to replace an aging smith soon on an already weak offense. Hardy is a key piece to that defense. Letting him go will hurt and its the most likely scenario

  8. I saw Hardy play many games here in Oxford. This guy is an unbelievable talent and was good at basketball as well. I will tell you he is a me, me, me type guy. Hopefully, he stays healthy and produces for his team. If there is any chance of him getting hurt, he will shut down and lurk the sidelines on a weekly basis.

  9. I don’t think we’re in cap hell. Gettleman did a good job restructuring some of Hurney’s deals last year as well as trading Jon Beason. If he can get the tailbacks to restructure (leave Tolbert alone for now, since he just made the Pro Bowl), along with Godfrey, we should be OK for now. Then next year we’ll have to get rid of one of the tailbacks and restructure Tolbert. I’m not worried about the draft; I completely trust Gettleman to do well.

    Overall, I think the immediate and long-term future is bright. We have Cam, Hardy, the 2 DTs and Kuechly all with 4 years or less. We need DB and OL depth, and an eventual replacement for Smith. I think we can get those and keep winning.

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