Dennis Hickey says “yes” to the Dolphins

The Dolphins finally have a General Manager.  And the team can confidently say he wasn’t their second choice.

He was their third.  And perhaps lower.

Regardless, Buccaneers director of player personnel Dennis Hickey has accepted the position, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

An 18-year employee of the Buccaneers, he became the director of player personnel under G.M. Mark Dominik in 2011. Hickey wasn’t considered for the team’s recently-filled G.M. job.

Hickey gets a clean slate with the Dolphins, and his job will entail more than merely finding players via the draft and free agency.  He’ll now have to navigate a potential mine field in Miami, tiptoeing around established relationships, finding a way to coexist with assistant G.M. Brian Gaine (who was a finalist for the job) and trying to enhance the reputation and perception of the football operation after a string of embarrassments.

Like many General Managers, Hickey may want to hire his own coach, eventually.  The better approach for owner Stephen Ross would be to tell Hickey, coach Joe Philbin, and executive V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte that they’re all in this equally — and that if the team continues to struggle, everyone is getting fired the next time.

UPDATE 11:42 a.m. ET:  The Dolphins have announced that Hickey has become the team’s new G.M.

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  1. Sink or Swim together. This is clearly a 1 year stop-gap hire. If the team loses then Philbin/Hickey will both be gone.

  2. Welcome to the Miami Dolphins Dennis, now we know you were probably promised an safe passage out of Miami and your family would be unharmed if accepted the job but lets sort this team out and get us some good players so we can all enjoy our football again.

  3. Not good enough for the lowly Bucs but fine for Miami. Should tell you something about Miami and Ross.

  4. Philbin is an effective HC and appears to have a pledge from Ross that only the owner is able to fire him. No self-respecting GM candidate would take a position where he cannot bring in his own coach. Welcome, Dennis Hickey.

  5. They don’t necessarily have to all sink or swim together. Before anything is decided I’m sure Ross would ask Hickey what he thinks of everybody, and he can then go with all of Hickey’s recommendations whatever they are, otherwise Ross will tell Hickey what to do and then decide later if all these people should be evaluated together or independently. Only Ross can decide how this works and sounds like that’s just fine with Hickey, considering if one person was able to throw everybody else under the bus, then Hickey might be in the best position to do that. It probably wouldn’t be Aponte or Philbin that would rise further if Hickey fails.

  6. I don’t understand having to find a way to work with the assistant GM. I get that philbin is there to stay for now and the new GM was told that off the bat, but shouldn’t he be able to find his own second in command? I would think the two would need a certain amount of chemistry working together from day one. Having to build that from scratch is just going to make the already decade plus rebuilding take even longer. Strange way of doing business down there, and that sucks. I would like to see the AFC easy competitive again before Bill and Tom Brady are gone. I truly think the lack of competition has a huge role in the pats inability to win the bowl. You can’t play against JV squads for 8 games a year and then expect to be ready for real games.

  7. Farmer/Dawson/Caserio – sheer stupidity to walk away from a GM job in the NFL. A chance of a lifetime that may never present itself again. BTW- Miami is one of the most iconic franchises in the NFL. Need to get their act together today, but still wouldn’t you be up for the challenge? A couple facts – since the AFL/NFL merger, Miami has the third highest winning percentage in the league only behind Pitt and Dallas. 2 superbowls and undefeated season. Miami is not Cleveland. Fins will be back. Congrats to Dennis Hickey. Now let’s get to work!

  8. Ok Dolphins family let us support our new GM. Do not be critical. Just look at the mess he walked into!! For him to help our team he will need the fans support and we should give it to him!! We wanted Ireland gone and he is. now we have a new GM and hopefully he will put us in the right direction. We have to give him some time to prove himself!! He had the balls to accept the job and the mess to go along with it. The way I see it he must feel confident he can take control and turn this turd into a shiney gold brick!! the others who turned it down or would not interview did not want the challenge and to me that speaks volumes as to how weak minded they are!!! I for one do not want anyone like that on my team!! You have my support and respect Mr. Hickey!! Now let us all get this team back to what it once was THE MOST FEARED, RESPECTED AND BEST RUN ORGINAZATIONS IN ALL OF SPORTS!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!

  9. First of all, everybody needs to take a breather. Especially you fans calling for Philbins head. How can you expect a team to succeed if you are replacing the management every other season?

    As a Dolphin fan, I wait to judge Hickey’s work with the team before I decide if I agree with hiring him. I have followed the Bucs and it seems to me last year they had some good solid personnel but they were a young team with a below average college coach. The bucs cleaned house because the GM had a hand in bringing in a bad coach.

    I think Philbin is a good guy and has the potential to be a very good coach. I understand there are players who are upset with him but as they say winning heals all wounds.

    They got rid of the biggest problem (Sherman) IMO. Hopefully a new young OC will be willing to make the necessary calls and will be able to help Tannehill develop. The new GM will hopefully replace that offensive line and resign the guys that need to be resigned.

    I can see the defense being a lot better next year with a more effective and aggressive offense. Also the secondary will hopefully take the off season to heal up, and the rookies can get comfortable in their positions.

    I remember the panic storm last year mostly caused by the media stirring the pot. At the beginning of the season people were predicting a 3 and 13 season. It just goes to show you how very wrong the so called “Experts” can be.


  10. Philbin was the best hire the Dolphins made since Jimmy Johnson.

    The root cause of the cultural problems in Miami (which are NOT that far from other teams) started with Ireland.

    He’s gone.

    Hickey has a coach, QB, defense, and makings of a good offense. His focus is the OL.

    This team was good enough to be in the playoffs, fell short. Getting rid of Ireland was the key decision to move this team forward.

  11. They’re just doing this for Philbin.

    Philbin isn’t too great, but they’re gonna give him one last try to make the playoffs.

    I don’t know what people see in him. He never makes adjustments from week-to-week, let alone mid-game.

    They all had to go, but firing Philbin meant Ross would have to admit he was wrong, and I don’t think he can do that very well.

  12. If Hickey bombs then all the fingers point at Ross. It may be time for the ol’ billionaire to go tinker with something else.

  13. This situation is almost as funny, almost, as the Cleveland Browns situation. Couldn’t happen to a better organization. Enjoy the train wreck fish fans!

  14. Probably worse then the Browns at least the Browns owner did not keep calling one of his candidates in the interview “Roy” Farmer, when his actual name is “Ray Farmer”. There is hope for the Browns yet as the Dolphins are knocking on the door of sadness.

  15. Give a Dolphin a Hickey, and they will be your friend forever. must be the season of no name hirings, instead of proven big name guys, we are seeing a bunch of young guns, that owners are hoping will be the “next big thing” usually a recipe for disaster and redo in 2 years.

  16. With this hire the dysfunction in Miami will continue. Too bad The Mammals won’t be progressing their competitiveness along with the rising Jets. I miss those great games of the past. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to annihilate you twice a year….

  17. I hope they have made good choices this off season;
    new gm, new oc. It’s very hard to have a good team
    when you are changing key personnel (gm and coaches.) Sometimes there needs to be changes, but not as a pattern. The best managed teams year in and out don’t fire and hire each season. They install a system, get the right people and stick to their plan. Bad teams seem to be in a constant fire and hire mode.

  18. I hope they have made good choices this off season;
    new gm, new oc. It’s very hard to have a good team
    when you are changing key personnel (gm and coaches.) Sometimes there needs to be changes, but not as a pattern. The best managed teams year in and out don’t fire and hire each season. They install a system, get the right people and stick to their plan. Bad teams seem to be in a constant fire and hire mode. We need to remember that its about winning. If the fish start winning again, make the playoffs and everything will be fine.

  19. mikeyfins says:

    Sink or Swim together. This is clearly a 1 year stop-gap hire. If the team loses then Philbin/Hickey will both be gone.
    You missed one

    Her name is Aponte. She has been like the silent partner, wielding some kind of power and causing significant negative effects but behind the scenes. She did something with Philbin that cost Ireland his job. It was like the cherry on top of the mess I guess, but still, she is one of the reason there is organizational confusion and GM’s have been running away while she is shielded.

    Frankly, I don’t know why a a cap/contract person is VP of football operations with some kind of invisible say over the coach / GM but that nonsense needs to be further pursued and cleared up by Ross himself. Why??? Because we will see this issue again next year.

  20. The circus has moved from Florham Park New Jersey to Davie Florida. We will revisit this again next year when Ross cleans house, what he should be doing right now.

  21. He’ll have a giant splash free agent signing for a known egomaniac that the rest of the league wouldn’t touch at his asking price. He’ll toss more money at a handful of other big names without thinking about what purpose they serve.

    Miami fans will buy season tickets and sprint to PFT every morning to warn the Patriots and the AFC that there’s a new sherif in town.

    They’ll win a couple of games to start the season against softball opponents and the city will start planning the Super Bowl parade.

    They’ll go on a 2 or 3 game losing streak again and Miami will be calling for his head and Philbin’s.

    They’ll finish the season 8-8 with Tannehill’s stats in that sweet spot of not being bad enough to bench him but not being good enough to be legit.

    And we’ll be having this same conversation again next January. I WISH my job was this kind of clockwork.

  22. We take a GM candidate from the bottom feeding Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s, a candidate that has been with the Buccaneer’s for the past 18 years but wasn’t allowed to interview for their vacant GM position. Sounds about right! How low can the Dolphins go? Quite low from where I am sitting. Miami Dolphins = Cleveland Browns, part 2 with a twist of Buccaneer’s for good measure. What a lethal concoction those two ingredients make.

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