Jersey native Mike Adams says he’ll walk home in uniform if Broncos win

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No one will be allowed to walk to Super Bowl XLVIII, but one member of the Broncos is hoping to walk home from the game in his uniform.

Broncos safety Mike Adams is from Paterson, New Jersey, which is about 12 miles away from MetLife Stadium. New Jersey’s highways are not known as a safe place to take a late evening stroll, but Adams said that he’d like to walk to Paterson in his helmet and shoulder pads if the Broncos are victorious next Sunday.

“If we win the Super Bowl, I’m going to keep my helmet and pads on and I’m walking home,” Adams said, via Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post. “After I get to the IHOP on Route 3, I’ll start hitchhiking. But they’d probably think I’m just some crazy person.”

It would be a triumphant walk for Adams, who made the NFL as an undrafted free agent and has built a 10-year career after getting his start in a city he described as “almost like a cancer” because negativity of negativity that “can be like a snowball rolling downhill.”

Two of Adams’ teammates — defensive end Robert Ayers and running back Knowshon Moreno — are also Jersey boys, but there’s no sign that they plan to join Adams on a walking tour of the Garden State should the Broncos win the Super Bowl.

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  1. He’ll be lucky if he makes that walk without getting mugged/stabbed/shot….. But hey, if he’s from Paterson, he knows it…..Knowshon Moreno’s a jersey kid too, went to Middletown South… Lot safer than Paterson!

  2. More refreshing than a ridiculous dance in my opinion, anyhow hope they pull through. None of that ridiculous go hawks signage for another year at least.

  3. He’ll have an escort every step of the way and if they win dollars to donuts that the IHOP stays open for him and gets TONS of free publicity for it. If they don’t they should have their heads examined.

    Good story – Go Broncos.

    FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan.

  4. And if the hawks win? Seattle will purchase you a limousine for a safe ride home. This isn’t the eighties. Don’t hitch hike

  5. My distaste for the Seahawks is epic. Pete Carroll did everything he could to destroy the patriots during his Pom Pom waving tenure there, the ridiculous amount of failed drug tests, Richard Sherman, the completely obnoxious twelfth man, and Paul Allen. The one bright spot is Russell Wilson, he seems to be the genuine article and a good kid. My disdain for the broncos is not quite as bad. Jake Plummer broke my heart taking the pats out in the playoffs all those years ago, The receiver #83, multiple failed drug tests, I don’t hate Peyton but the constant ads are beyond annoying, and bronco fans. So since I clearly have no desire for either team to win my guess is the Seahawks drug addled defense is going to be to much to over come. I do think a future drug policy that says after a team fails X amount of tests they forfeit any rights to the play offs. That would go a long way to cleaning the game up and put more if a onus on the clean players to self police the game if they too have something to lose

  6. Is his high school team on the East side of Patterson? Are they still called the Patterson East Side Ghost? I remember going there in the early 70’s for a football game with my Dad. They had a wild high school band that basically free styled dance moves while they played out on the field. I think their colors were Orange and Black. If Denver is wearing home jerseys he’ll be right at home.

  7. as someone who knows the area, all i can say is he will cover 12 miles on foot faster than people who drive to this super bowl. there’s a reason they are trying to hype it as the mass transit super bowl.

  8. This just in, The NFL is conducting a PED and drug test as soon a the Seahawks step off the plane in NJ at 3:30 est this afternoon. The team will busy rotating their back ups in starting positions first thing on Monday morning.

  9. The Hawks are gonna save him the trouble of following his own bad instincts. No reason to get beat up twice in the same day! (tho the beating the Hawks will give him is far worse than anything he get in the neighborhood)

  10. I’ve driven the area more times than I care to remember & its hairy to go through even if you are in a car!! Crazy fend for yourself driving! The Wild West of roadways lets just say. That’s a pretty long walk anyway. I wonder if he thought this through fully? He better get an escort so he’s not mugged for his uniform or run over by some drunk. Would be pretty tragic to win the Super Bowl then get beat up, run over or killed…. I’m not totally pessimistic about it as I do kinda like it in a Forest Gump kinda way….. Before I read where he was from I thought he was saying that he would walk back to Colorado….. Now that would be cool!!

  11. It’s a cute idea but he should’ve kept it to himself because now, if it happens, it will just be him leading a media circus down the road and there will be hundreds of people lined up for the right to drive him home.

  12. those of you saying the Hawks players aren’t respecting the Denver players, you must be watching different interviews on NFL network than I am. All kudos, and they are thick. Stop the hate.

  13. Stupidest thing I’ve read all day if they win the Super Bowl why the hell would he go home? You go out to celebrate and why walk home in the freezing cold when you can drive a car with heat? Why are these pro players so stupid nowadays doesn’t make any sense.

  14. C’mon Seattle. Let’s do the poor guy a favor and make sure he takes a plane home and possibly save his life.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  15. Nice story that shows a side of Adams that makes you want him to get the chance to walk home but the Hawks are on a mission to destroy Denver just to embarrass all the smarmy, smug minnysoda lavender Larry toads.

  16. I think it is great idea for a home town guy that has put in ten solid years to even think about doing such a thing. I am sure he would have a bunch of fellow Jersey folks to help him get there safely for all the naysayers. The guy is a has worked hard to get to this point and there is no doubt that he would do it! Go big Mike and Go Broncos.

  17. There’s something about overcoming and beating the odds that are stacked against you. There’s something about pushing past the negativity and the naysayers. There’s something about achieving goals thought of as being surmountable. There’s something about breaking barriers. There’s something about Mike “Pops” Adams #20 of the Denver Broncos. Understand that walk home is not for show but rather for pride. His pride in being who he is and his pride in showing the youths of Paterson as well as other youths that they can make it despite the odds that they can be successful and soar above and beyond with time, diligence and hard work! We are rooting for you and the Broncos all the way! Salute!

  18. Not to be negative…. but

    If I had to walk 12 miles anywhere in NJ, I’d probably want a helmet, cup and shoulder pads, too. It’s just common sense.

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