Lake Dawson passes on Dolphins job, too

Well, this is now getting ridiculous.

After Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio declined an offer to become the Dolphins G.M. after spending two days learning all about the organization (Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald astutely pegs Caserio as a Manchurian candidate), the Dolphins moved on.

And the next guy has said no, too.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Titans V.P. of player personnel Lake Dawson also has been offered the job — and he has rejected it.

Schefter also says that Buccaneers director of player personnel Dennis Hickey and Steelers exec Omar Khan remain in the mix.  Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine also is a candidate.

Khan hasn’t had a second interview.  Maybe he’ll still get one.  And then maybe he’ll be offered the job.  And decline it.

Apart from the unmistakable message that owner Stephen Ross should be interpreting from his inability to find G.M. candidates who’d flock to South Florida, whatever happened to the subtle art of the wink-nod-we’ll-make-you-an-offer-if-you-are-prepared-to-accept-it approach to filling high-profile jobs?

Of course, if they start using that approach now, they’ll possibly never be offering the job to anyone else.

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  1. Well I kept suggesting that they do more first interviews until they find the GM. I don’t see why a second interview is needed once you sit down with the person who is the true real deal a first time. That person would have made everything clear and it would be obvious that they need that person’s help. They couldn’t find that person to inspect.

  2. All of this is insane… unless the ownership of these guys’ previous teams stepped up and made promises after they took interviews… It doesn’t make sense to turn down any GM job. It’s a promotion. To take the reigns of a team far exceeds VP. Sink or swim, you take a shot.

  3. Nobody wants to get their faces eaten off by all crazy bath salt eating dirtbags that walk the streets of Miami.

    This is awesome entertainment though.

  4. I find it funny…supposedly minorities don’t get equal chances at front office jobs. And then when one is offered, it gets turned down lol

  5. Has there been an official statement from either Dawson or Caserio? Or is this just more info “from sources close to the process”. You know. The same “sources” that said Farmer was the frontrunner right up to the point that he wasn’t.

    What passes for reporting here and with the Herald and Salguero is laughably childish crap.

    Incapable of reporting fact or sticking the actual sport, they pride themselves on cooking up unsubstantiated soap opera’s.

    You guys make Howard Cossell look like a genius.

  6. In this instance, if they return to the old “wink and a nod” in this locker room, someone might get the wrong idea. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

    Or is that the Viking’s locker room……

    Well, you get my point.

  7. is it me or are the phin s the only team that the media knows about who DOESNT get hired?

    I never hear of ANY other teams hiring rejects that are made to be gold if they got an interview with the phins.

  8. You mean none of these guys are rushing to get in the middle of that love fest between Philbin and Dawn Aponte, staking their front office futures on what these two idiots come up with since Stephen Ross is clueless? Shocking.




  10. The Miami Herald should dump Armando. He has nothing good to say and Florio should stop listening to what that knuckle head has to say. It is very apparent Armando has an ax to grind with the Organization. He was completely wrong on the reporting of the Incognito/Martin situation. He should learn to do some real investigative reporting and stop with the un named Dolphins source. We all know who the unnamed source is, first name Armando.

  11. realfootballfan says: Jan 26, 2014 3:58 PM

    You mean none of these guys are rushing to get in the middle of that love fest between Philbin and Dawn Aponte, staking their front office futures on what these two idiots come up with since Stephen Ross is clueless? Shocking.


    And you have proof of this “love fest” between Philbin and Aponte? Or does this come from “a source close to the process”? And I hate to break it to you, but self made billionaire are typically anything but idiots.

    But you as a “realfootballfan” believe everything you read, especially that which comes from the fountain of speculation and innuendo, known as Armando Salguero.


  12. I don’t understand how everyone on here thinks they know the Miami Dolphins. What I read here is ridiculous, just wait until next season and then
    ‘criticize. There are plenty of bad organizations out there, with all sorts of stories. Plenty of bad teams and plenty of bad reporters too. They need a story so they invent it.

  13. everyone is ragging on the fins but maybe these guys really don’t have the ability required to turn any francise around. Forget hiring out to those that don’t want it …give it to the in-house guy or women that does.

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